Mate,who are you?

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chapter 10

Elizabeth POV:

Nicklaus start walking I was too tired to even argue and moved with him to the garden while we were walking many people passed us all bend their heads in respect but I can see the questions in their eyes I only sighed and contain to move looking around me the house is still the same nothing changed it’s as if 4 years didn’t pass why my life have to be this hard shit when we reached the garden I saw kids surrounded with other children Addison and Alison standing with Andy at back he didn’t look scared but more murderous Andy is special he is cute calm and loving but if you try to step on his line he turns to be the cruelest of his siblings Addison and Alison is standing in front because they are alphas so they feel the need to protect Andy the weaker than them in ranks they were arguing with some kids suddenly one of the boys fighting with them grabbed Alison hair this when Addison lost it he took the kid hand and flapped him to the ground and said threateningly “dare to touch her again and I will kill you” the kid looked at Addison threatening eyes and start to cry werewolf mature faster than human so if my kids is now 3 years their mentally is like 5 or 6 years but in my kids case they are even more mature due to their witch blood so when speaking to my kids is like speaking to 7 or 8 years old kid but that side of them only show with me or when they are threatened I run fast and called Addison all the garden looked at me Addison turned t and looked at me then he run with his siblings to me hugging my legs I bend to their height and hugged them Andy was the first to speak softly in my ears so no one can hear “mummy we did as you said but the anklet in our legs is problem Addison and Alison can’t keep the spell much longer they need to rest so I tried to cast the clocking spell on them but it rebelled at me and I felt so much pain casting it so I give up and now I am nearly out of energy and the spell will break soon” I hugged my kids tighter and said “sorry to make you suffer” I looked at their eyes they really seemed tired specially Andy so I smiled at them and said with low voice “remove the spell kids” once I said this Andy was the first to remove it and he fall into my hand unconscious then Addison and Alison followed but they didn’t lose conscious they only sit on the ground panting suddenly I hear an earth shattering growl behind me I looked and saw Nicklous looking sharply at me he stepped forward and said “what happen” looking at the kids I answered looking at Andy sleeping face “nothing it’s effect of the spell being removed I think your anklet really work” but Nicklous didn’t appreciate my sarcasm at this point and said sharply “do you know what I am smelling now little mate” I choose to act stupid and said “should I” Nicklous placed his hand on my shoulder and said “my kids are too smelly for humans don’t you think especially Addison” I only sighed and said “that’s how is it are you surprised I give birth to your heir” “no I am more surprised you got the courage to hid them from me it seem I underestimated you” Nicklous said with chill in his voice that made me shiver the hand on my shoulder kept squeezing I felt my shoulder is going to break I took a deep breath and said “this not a place to talk I need to put the kids to sleep” I looked at Nicklous tiredly and he looked at me suspiciously and said “okay but you got ton of explanation to do” I surrender to my fate and said softly “okay” I carried Andy and said to Alison and Addison to follow suddenly Nicklous bend down and carried Addison and Alison into his arms he placed them on his chest and patted each one on the head then motioned for me to follow I followed after him and sighed my kids didn’t rebel against his hold because their wolves recognize their father smell giving them peace I followed Nicklous receiving countless questionable gazes but I ignored them and kept following until we reached a room Nicklous opened the door and entered I followed him looking around the room it has caramel soft creamy walls that inspire calmness with drawing of birds on one of the walls also three cribs on the side two blue and one pink the two blue is beside the walls while the pink is between them Nicklous went and placed Addison on his crib seeing his face I realized he fall asleep also Alison seem to when Nicklous were going to place Alison I said put her on the blue one Nicklous looked at me questionably so I went to the pink crib and put Andy on it and tacked the cover on him then kissed his forehead “Addison and Alison have to sleep with Andy between them or they will wake up in the middle of the night sleep the three of them will sleep in his crib with him in the middle also Andy may wake up and if he didn’t see Alison and Addison on each of his side he will start to cry and it’s hard to calm Andy when he is upset” I smiled at Andy then moved to Addison and kissed his forehead and moved toward Alison as well while I was talking Nicklous placed her on the crib I kissed her also then looked at Nick and said let’s go.

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