Mate,who are you?

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chapter 2

Elizabeth PoV:

May entered looking for something suddenly she grabbed my hand toward a table were a buildup jock type boy is sitting he was so handsome with green eyes olive skin brown hair sharp jawline straight nose and thin lips once he spotted us coming toward him he smiled when we reached the table he granted “hey girl who might this young lady with you be” May sit in the opposite chair to the boy and pulled me to the chair next to her “this is Anna” she pointed at me “Anna this is Oliver my shitty best friend and the beta of our pack” she introduced him nice to meet you I said he looked at me and sniffed and said “omega” I froze when he said this I expected him to ask me to leave or why I didn’t buy respect to him or May I waited but what he said next shocked me “so that’s why you look so scared rest assured no one dare to bully you for your rank here as I am going to kick his or her ass for it” I smiled at his response and looked at May and she give me a reassuring smile and I decided I like those two people like this in a period of 2 weeks we become best friends May and Oliver was probably the best thing that happened to me in long time beside what I thought was my perfect mate anyways after 2 month of an uneventful life May and Oliver said that we have to attend the king party where he gather all the packs in America and alphas and betas of overseas packs also it’s like a party for mate less people to find their mates it happens every year and no one is allowed to skip although I wanted to skip badly but my alpha said no one is allowed to skip and if you didn’t attend the king will punish you anyway I wasn’t looking forward to it I was afraid to find my mate what if he didn’t accept me as an omega or hybrid what if he fell in danger because of my past many negative thoughts were running inside my head but May god bless her come to my rescue with our dresses and start talking about how she is going to make me gorgeous as I am the nerd type with big glasses sweatshirts jeans sinkers it’s more of disguised look than my normal I have violet eyes white blond hair pale skin lean body with the right curves thin waist short height rounded face small nose full red lips big rounded eyes with feather long eyelashes and perfect shaped eyebrows you can say I am pretty but I hide all of this behind the glasses and clothes also I dyed my hair light brown and I changed my eyes to gray to avoid standing out also the violet eyes is the sign of my coven but this didn’t make me look ugly but tone my looks and derived away the attention anyways May completed her shuttering that I don’t need to worry she will always stay beside me in the party and how it could be wonderful that she could find her mate in the party and blah blah after we finished dressing Oliver car reached the pack house to take us I looked last time at the mirror wearing a black off shoulder mermaid long dress with black heels and silver bag going with it a smoky makeup wavy hair I think I look sexy I looked at May smiling she grain at me in her white short backless long sleeve dress with nude heels and light makeup and eyeliner making hair blue eyes stand out and a bun hair she looked truly gorgeous she come near me and said “let’s go my perfection Oliver is waiting” when we reach down stairs Oliver was waiting he smiled at us and bowed “well hello my beautiful ladies your escort has arrived from 15 minutes did you intend to attend the party in the room or something girls will never change” Oliver sighed dramatically “don’t be a baby Oliver girls need their time and know this queens are never late lets go” May left us and I smiled at her antics Oliver and I followed her he walked beside me and said “you look beautiful” I blushed and said “thank you” then we enter Oliver BMW car ah yeah I properly forget to say golden rose is a very rich pack of businessmen werewolves back to the story we reached the party it was in a beautiful palace like the one Cinderella meet the prince in with red carpet stairs and bodyguards large chandelier many people with dress and suits I entered with Oliver and May we start walking watching people May start commenting about the looks of people the handsome boys and whatsoever I was buying her half mind looking at back of a man I don’t know why but I feel a pull toward him and my wolf start to claw on my mind so I asked what is it Liza but she didn’t answer and kept clawing so I told May that I need to use the bathroom and left I didn’t really go to the bathroom but found a balcony and entered may be I need some air while I was standing looking at the beautiful sky I felt a presence beside me so turned and looked I was meet with the most handsome man that ever walked earth with black deep eyes sharp jaw and feather black hair and large suture I may reach to his elbow if I stood beside him and sword perfect frowned eyebrows with noble high nose he was looking at me as if trying to find something suddenly I smelled the most alluring smell of coffee and rain mixed with some wood and Liza shouted in my mind the most terrifying word to me at the moment “mate”.

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