Mate,who are you?

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chapter 3

Elizabeth PoV:

once I heard him my eyes opened wide and my brows shot upward and quickly I tick my heel and entered the ball hopping he didn’t smell or know me I searched for May or Oliver to tell them I am leaving but as if they disappeared in thin air not even a trace of them were found suddenly a growl shacked the place so I stopped and looked back more panicked ready to flee I turned again to run but he growled again and said “stop” suddenly a hand came around my waist and I felt electricity in my whole body and familiar smell engulfed me a lips came next to my ears and said ’where are running my little mate” I couldn’t help the shiver from how close and deep his voice were but our moment was cut by Oliver “what’s happening here Anna” I looked at Oliver and pushed against my mate chest to free myself but he only tightened his hold on me and said “not so easy love” Oliver came fast ready to snatch me from his arms but my mate growled so loudly and said in very commanding tone “don’t come near my mate” everyone turned to look at scene and I was thinking shit I am doomed suddenly Oliver bowed and said ’my king” I turned and looked at my mate and repeated inside my head king then I heard a chuckle and felt his chest vibrate behind me “yes darling I am Niklous black king of werewolves” my mouth fell to the ground “close that mouth of yours before I fell it with something” I closed my mouth fast and said “could your majesty take your hand of my waist” looking deeply inside his eyes he smirked and said “and why could do that love you are my mate I can put my hand wherever I want” “even if you are my mate you can’t touch me without my contestant so please free me” I said looking him dead on the eye he moved his hands and took a step back “thank you” I said and moved toward Oliver who were looking at us the whole time Oliver “I am going home if you see May tell her that I left okay” he said “okay let me drive you” “okay let’s go” I answered him ignoring the beast glaring at my back although I was showing calm face I was crying in the inside to leave and get away from my mate before I take one step away a similar feeling of being pushed against a chest and electricity running in my body was felt “why are running from me mate” “I am not running I just need to go home” I answered “but this is your home from now on” I turned to look at him again and said “who said so” “me of course and you can’t disobey me” he answered smirking “who said I can’t” “okay little mate no more games listen to me carefully you are my mate mine so you can’t live away or disobey me” he said irritated “no you listen to me I am your mate we are equal am not your slave to obey your command also I don’t care if you are the king to me your my mate without any other titles now could you please move your hand so I could leave” I remarked with as much irritation as he did no one is allowed to look down on me “wow you are a feisty one little mate but what I said is still going to be done” before I said anything he looked at Oliver and said “state your rank and pack” “Oliver miller beta of the golden rose pack” Oliver answered as if he is a robot “is she from your pack” he asked Oliver looked at me first apologetically and said “no she is from the silver moon pack” “okay” he answered and looked a little distance he is linking someone suddenly my alpha appear with his white hair black suit he looks too young for a 50 years old man he bowed and said “my king” and then straight his back and looked “alpha James transfer all my mate things to the palace and inform her parents that she is my mate and is staying her in the palace” “wait wait who said I am okay with this I am going home” I said with anger what hell I have known my mate for less than 15 minutes and he started to control me he turned to me smirking and said “love it’s rude to cut people talk” “and it’s not rude to ignore people” I snapped back my mate ignored me again my alpha cleared his voice to get our attention “excess me alpha she doesn’t have a parents she just immigrated from Canada 2 months ago” once the alpha finished I thought shit I am dead he is going to ask about Canada cold sweat start to form on my back shit my mate looked at me then to my alpha and said “but she doesn’t look Canadian” my mate commented with raised brow “yes this because she is half American her father is American” my alpha explained “okay this explains it this makes things easier just send her stuff” he said and looked at me smirking “let’s go mate”.

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