Mate,who are you?

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chapter 4

Elizabeth PoV:

Nicklaus grabbed my arm and walked so I hissed in low voice “let go of my arm” but he ignored me I tried to free myself but what with his strength he kept taking me through hallways in the palace until he reached an elevator and pushed me in it still holding my arm shit my life is over if he found anything why does my life sucks once the elevator reached a floor he grabbed my arm and start walking through other hallways what’s with this mansion and hallways suddenly we stopped in front of large double black doors he opened the door and I was meet with a very beautiful room although whole room was black but it was beautiful with king size bed fur blanket black sofa a flat T.V and there was walk in closet why I am surprised no clue he is the king of course he has something like this suddenly someone cleared his voice “so little mate what is your story” I turned to him and said “and why do you care although” I answered calmly I were screaming in the inside “you are my mate of course I care” I sighed and said “nothing I am Anna Wilson my father is American and my mother is Canadian I have no siblings and transmigrated here 2 months ago and I am omega but you smelled that already and lastly I am 17 senior in high school anymore questions” “where are your parents now” “none of your business” “why did you leave Canada because I want to” “so now stop with the questions what now” suddenly I found him in front of me his hands found my waist and electricity shoot through my body he pushed me to his chest “now little mate” he whispered this near my ears sending shivers through my whole body he start kissing my neck licking the spot he supposed to mark me on making me weak in the knees “stop ....stop” I said panting but he closed my mouth with a hungry but gentle kiss licking my lower lips asking for permission but I stubbornly didn’t allow him so he chuckled against my lips and suddenly bite hard on my lower lip making me gasp from the pain opening my mouth he entered my mouth exploring every inch on it shit my mind is blank I didn’t realize any change till he broke the kiss and placed me gently on the bed before tiring my dress. Blinking my eyes to prevent the tears from falling it’s not the time to breakdown looking around me I teleported to an ally in New York thanks god no one is here I took a deep breath and grabbed my bags and went to the main street took a cap to start a new chapter of my life leaving behind my biggest heartbreak and love.

Nicklaus Pov:

Opening my eyes and looking beside me finding an empty cold space beside me sighing and standing from the bed entering the closet and wearing shorts and shirt and jumping from the window to the forest and start walking for some time looking at the sky then standing behind a tree removing my clothes and changing into my midnight black wolf with blue color tips at end of my fur and running getting some anger frustration desperation longing form my chest has been my routine for the past 4 years without my mate the love of my life who I didn’t even know if she is alive or dead “my mate is alive” Zack my wolf said “if she is alive where is she” I said back to him I have been searching for her for the last 4 years but it’s as if she vanished like thin air I still remember the night she left I got from my meeting late I was so tired and Anna was avoiding me for some reason when I got outside I meet a female beta from the pack visiting us she start flirting with me and I want to be laid so I took the chance anyways Anna is asleep now and it’s not the first time Anna is Omega she is weak and she will not give me a strong heir she is my mate but she can’t be my queen I don’t know if it were mistake that she is my mate I am the king of werewolves I need strong queen beside me and Anna is fragile for this that’s was my thinking when I finished my business with the chick I went to shower suddenly I felt a bang in my chest that I fell to the floor and Zack start to hollow inside my head “Zack what’s happening to me” I asked through hard breaths “she rejected us” “who did” I didn’t understand first “Anna you morn she rejected us” “why did she see anything” I run fast outside and wear my clothes and went to the door but found it opened a bit so I grabbed the handle and push it open fully once it’s open I smelled her smell at the door steps her beautiful flower and baking warming smells “shit she saw” I muttered I run to my room expecting to find a crying Anna or broken things to hear sniffing but nothing there were nothing I stood outside the door preparing myself thinking maybe she cried herself to sleep how I am going to fix this shit I opened the door slowly and entered the room were pitch black and quite I entered further in the room but nothing I looked to the bed but there was no one ’where is mate” Zack asked maybe she is in the bathroom I thought I opened the bathroom door but no one is there at this moment I forget I was a werewolf with supernatural skills of hearing and smelling that I could have found that she is gone in the first second but no my mind was not ready to accept she is gone.

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