Mate,who are you?

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chapter 5

Nicklaus Pov:

I start running to the closet but all I found were my clothes and some clothes and gifts I got for her but all her papers and the rest of her clothes are gone I called her name but she didn’t answer “her smell is gone Nik” Zack said “what do you mean” I smelled the room what hell how is her smell gone I went outside the room and linked my beta and all my warriors also all the alphas in America in 5 minutes my beta and warriors were in front of the mansion I stood in front of them as they all bowed “everyone my mate is missing I want you all to search the whole territory bring her unharmed if anything happen to her you know what will happen Jackson” I looked at my beta “call all the airports and train stations ask if she left the country” “yes my king” “now everyone get to work” I entered the mansion “our mate is gone” Zack said brokenly “shut be Zack I will find her and when I do I am going to tie her to the bed it seem I give her to much freedom” my thought in that moment were that I will most probably find her in the next 2 hours or something but these two hours become days then the days stretched to weeks but I didn’t even find a clue about how did she leave the territory also if she is still in country or left her name didn’t appear in any reservation whether it’s airports train stations or anything she didn’t appear in any where the hell did she go she is like a ghost who disappear without a trace I know I made mistake I know I cheated I know I am a shitty person but I am her mate how can she leave me like this I am the king how the hell did she do this she even erased her smell from the whole mansion as if she is saying you didn’t even deserve to save my smell how is my mate so cruel I know I made a big mistake and she can’t forgive me easily but why did she rejected and left me she could have confronted me cried shouted cursed me but why did she has to leave I feel as if I am broken and I shatter and break the more she is away from me but I promise the moment I find her I will show her how much I changed and I will never let her leave again never she is mine and will forever be mine I thought once I finished running I returned to my room showered and went to eat breakfast in the kitchen alone after I finished I entered my office and start working after like 4 hours my beta came rushing to my office he banged the door and said “I found her’ I raised my head from the papers I were reading slowly and calmly “who did you find” “who do you think I found your mate” once he finished speaking I a rained him with questions “what where show me” I shouted standing up he brought file to my desk “she is in France Paris but this not the whole surprise I want you to stay strong and sit and read this file and tell me what are going to do” I looked at him what will be so shocking that Jackson want me to sit for I sit on the desk and start reading the file first thing I saw is a picture of my mate looking as beautiful as she were always but the name written beside it is different it’s Elizabeth Valentinis I complete reading single mother of 3 twins what hell I cursed from did she get those kids I completed reading she have 2 boys and 1 girl Andy Addison and Alison all of them are 3 years old I got a feeling when I read this but I want to make sure I complete reading until I come to picture of the children suddenly tears start to gather in my eyes from anger sadness loss everything the children were smiling in the picture so happily I know they are my kids how do you ask well one of the kids is the excite replica of me and the girl look like me also but the other boy look like Anna but with white blond hair “shit Anna did you think you were going to hide my children from me forever Jackson prepare the plane where are going to France also bring some warriors and call the packs in France tell them to be ready if we needed help” “yes my king Jackson” said to me and left I looked at the picture of my kids and mate and said “I coming for you little mate wait for me”.

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