Mate,who are you?

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chapter 6

Elizabeth POV:

4 years it has been 4 years since I run from my mate and it’s been 3 years since I birthed my bundles of joy who I found about 3 weeks after I left I start vomiting and feeling nauseous so I went to the doctor and found out that I were pregnant in a month at the beginning I didn’t know what to do but it didn’t take me a day and I made my decision to give birth to the child and raise him or her away from my ass mate but later I found it’s not only a he or she they are triplets shit three kids in one go was my first thought when I know but it didn’t decrease my resolve to have them one a bit instead it increased my excitement as werewolf and an alpha mate I stay pregnant for only 6 months but how I am going to give birth to my children without a pack doctor as I present myself in France as human and choose a place where werewolves are least found and livid there so I followed up with a doctor in one name and give birth with another doctor in my real name Addison is oldest with 5 minutes and Andy the youngest Addison and Alison looks like my shitty mate but Andy looks exactly like me even with the white blond hair and purple eyes all my kids have magic Addison and Alison are both alphas and can control one element and cast some simple spills but Andy is different story he is more witch than wolf he is a warrior like me and a strong witch also he is the weakest physically compared to his siblings so they intend to keep him close to them at all times specially Addison as the oldest and the strongest of them he is the heir of his father title as the king of alphas Alison is an alpha but not as strong as Addison suddenly I hear my room door opening and feeling the bed shift feeling a weight on my chest and head rubbing on my chin with hand on my hair playing with it and soft voice saying “mummy wake up were are going to be late” then I felt a kiss to my checks but I didn’t wake up “Addy she is not waking up what now” “I don’t know” Addison answered so Andy raise from my chest and said “if mummy didn’t wake up the tickle monster will attack” suddenly I heard giggles and felt hands on my belly I start laughing and saying “stop stop stop i am awake okay okay i am sorry” I opened my eyes to my angels looking at Addison to my said looking back at me with his black hair and eyes sharp features like his father and Alison beside him look almost similar to Addison but with green eyes like my father who I didn’t expect any of my children to get anything from and then I looked at the pouting mess on my stomach he so much like me that I feel I am looking at a mirror if it weren’t for his father nose I could have said he is me “okay don’t pout angel I woke up” I raise with him in my stomach and kissed each one of them and they start giggling and Alison spoke “first mummy hurry we are going to be late for the our first day in the daycare” “okay okay” I said and placed Andy on the bed “let’s take shower my fairies” “yes mommy” they all said together sometime this freaks me how can they speak in the same breath but I love them anyway they are the best thing my douchebag of mate give me after I finished washing them and feeding them and made their lunch boxes I sit them in the living room and went to my room and took a shower wear my clothes combed my hair put light makeup and finally looked at the mirror I didn’t change from 4 years even after giving birth it only showed my curves more I raised my hair in a messy bun and went downstairs to my angels I entered the living room “okay angels lets go” they jumped from the sofa and run to me I carried Andy to my chest forgot to say Andy is so attached to me I didn’t differentiate between my kids but they know because Andy is more witch than werewolf he tend to stick to me more than his siblings I took Addison hand in my right and Alison on the left and went outside I moved to my car and placed them in three kids chairs in the back buckled them then went to my seat and started the car I drove them to the daycare and returned home to work when I reached France I was going to work but as I got pregnant and staff I start using the money in my account which continues more zeros than I can count but I hate using money I didn’t work for as my father is the one who opened this account for me I never used it before but I were pregnant and wouldn’t work so I had no other choice I finished high school while I were pregnant once I give birth I enrolled in a college online I graduated this year during college I worked as computer programmer and I still work like this I become so famous between tech people but I didn’t go public to protect myself and my kids I entered the house opened my laptop and start working after 4 hours it’s time to get the kids I closed the laptop and went outside to the car and drove to the daycare stood in front of it once the door open and kids start coming Andy came running to me yelling “mommy” I took him to my arm and carried him to my chest “did you have fun baby” I asked “yes mommy” “where are your siblings” .

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