Mate,who are you?

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chapter 7

Elizabeth POV:

“where are your siblings” I asked worriedly “there” I look to the place Andy is pointing at and saw my children surrounded by kids speaking to each other cheerfully as if they felt my eyes they turned to me and smiled then said goodbye and came running saying “mommy” they hugged my legs and looked up at me I kissed their forehead and took their hands “how was your day” “it was fun” Addison said “we made a lot of friends also” Andy said when we reached the car I placed them in their chairs and buckled them and went to the driver seat and start the car “how about we celebrate your first day of daycare and go to the mall and buy each one of you a gift eat pizza and ice-cream” I asked them “yes please mommy” they answered together again I chuckled I don’t know why but I have a sinking feeling that something is going to happen today I looked at the rare mirror at my happiness and thought what could go wrong it’s just a feeling I place it at the back of head and took them to the mall after we finished shopping and they eat I took them to the car they already to sleepy and slept in our way back I didn’t know how I were going to carry them they always do this to me I sighed and stopped in front of the house I carried them one by one to the their bed room with blue and pink walls and two white and pink crib I placed them on the crib kissed each one of them and went out again to get their toys I got the feeling that someone is watching me so I turned around to see who is there but there was no one maybe my imagination once I turned again to get the things from the car I felt sting on my neck so I turned my head quickly and placed my hand on my neck there were a man standing behind me and caught me before I fell once his hand touched my skin I felt a familiar electricity and I fall unconscious. Feeling like there are a drum in my head and fire in my eyes is the first thing I felt when open my eyes looking to the ceiling waiting for my head to calm down suddenly I realized that it’s not my ceiling what hell where is the hell I am the kids once I remembered I was kidnapped I jumped of the bed feeling dizzy but I don’t care where is my kids I tried linking them but something was blocking me shit so I tried using magic to locate the kids but I fall to ground my body is weak for such spell I forced myself to calm down and called “Liza” “ELI” came Liza weak voice I became more worried “Liza did something happen to the kids” I asked with cold sweat rolling my back my eyes start watering “don’t cry ELI nothing happen to kids they are safe” I breathed a sigh “then what happen” Liza sigh heavily “it’s him ELI” “who is him” I asked not sure what’s she is talking about although there is small voice in me telling no it’s not him there must be someone else Liza answered with a small voice “its Zack and Nicklous” I fall to ground breathing heavily why does it have to be him what does he want “the kids Liza he will take the kids” Liza growled in my head “no he can’t those are our pups who said he have rights” “I have to warn the kids” I sit on the ground closed my eyes and brought my hand near my mouth I took a deep breath then collected my last bit of energy this way can only be used by watches so only my kids will receive it I casted the spell and told my kids to not use any magic expect for the clocking spell on them that hide their smell and never use or show any sign of being werewolf and if anything happen send her message using this way and to stay safe after I finished I lied in on the bed panting heavily as if I ran a marathon “what now Eli” Liza asked “nothing Liza we got no choice but to wait and see what he want but I want you to promise me that you will be strong” she sighed again “I will try my best” “that’s enough” “Eli you have to remove the clocking spell you have almost spend all your energy” “I can’t Liza what if anyone recognize me and how I am going to explain the changes to the douchebag” I kept panting trying to steady my breathing but even thinking about staying in the same space with the douchebag I can’t breath after about 30 min I stopped breathing hard and stood up with support of the bed then I tried walking toward the door I attempt to open it I placed my hand on the handle but at the same time the door opened.

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