Mate,who are you?

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chapter 8

Elizabeth POV:

I placed my hand on the handle but at the same time the door opened stood in front of me in all his glory looking the same as if 4 years didn’t pass my source of pain I instinctively took a step back looking at him with surprise not because it’s the first I saw him from 4 years no because of the emotion showing in his face first he looked surprised then it change to love passion obsession and lastly he looked hurt when I stepped back who is this person in front of me if I were in different situations I could have laughed at him after the surprise suspended I took a deep breath and looked at him he still standing at the door threshold looking at me longly when I saw this look I felt like I was suffocating who are you looking at with this longing eyes you cheating dirty mate I looked at him disgustingly and said with cold voice “what do you want” he looked surprised I talked he entered and closed the door I took another step back looking at him with disgust but I was given an adoration look I was tempted to look behind me to make sure he is looking at me suddenly his adoration turned into anger and he said with granted teeth “sit on the bed” I looked at him with are you crazy but he didn’t take the message and completed “now” I didn’t move and looked at him with mockery did he really think that I will follow his order “don’t order me around I am not one of your bitches and state your business or let me leave” once I finished he took big steps toward me and I kept backing till I hit the wall he placed his hands on each side of my head and growled at me his eyes changing color from his deep black abyss to red showing his state of werewolf king he said with deep voice means Zick is on the surface “never speak of leaving again you are not allowed to step outside this room without permission do you understand” I looked at him coldly and said “I won’t say it again I am not your bitch to order me around exmate” I hissed reminding him of his states in my life he took hold of my arm and throw me on the bed and stood in front of me at foot of the bed crossing his arms over his chest and said “as matter of fact you know that for your rejection to work I have to accepted it and also since you were pregnant with my kids at that time your rejection pounced and doesn’t count so my little mate your still mine” I was truly shocked I didn’t know shit “Liza why didn’t tell me” “you were pregnant I feared for the kids and your safety” I looked at Nicklous calm expression and said “it doesn’t matter my mate dead 4 years ago” once the words left my mouth I felt ping on the chest but I didn’t show anything and looked at him his eyes was shooting fire from anger I feared for my life so I backed to bed headboard he came beside me and said looking down at me and said “I don’t care about what you think the truth are one you are my mate and queen also the mother of my hidden children let’s about them shall we” I was surprised by his words and said “who the fuck is your mate and queen hahahah” I laughed shallowly “am I not too weak to be your queen no no what were the exact words oh yes I can be your bitch but not your queen and who the kids is yours didn’t you say you don’t need a weak offspring take the surprise they are all human as you know as an omega there is a chance to get human children sorry my strong ass exmate wrong address I am not your mate neither they are your kids” I moved to the foot of bed and stood up and said “since we are finished here I am leaving” I moved but turned to look at him again and said with pure sarcasm “don’t search for me again too much disgusting memories I remember when I see you” I moved one more step and he yanked my arm and throw me to bed again and sit on top of me straddling my body I looked at him with surprise then it turned to anger “son of bitch move” I twisted my body to make him free me but who am I fighting after all he is the king he bend my arms above my head with one hand and the other turned me chin forcibly to make me look at him and said threateningly “don’t dream of leaving Anna you have no right to hide my kids from me I missed a lot in their life what right do you have to deny me the rights to see my children ha I made a mistake I know that but don’t you think 4 years is enough punishment” I laughed again and said with no emotion at all “punishment is given to someone alive to regret their mistakes but to me you died 4 years ago as for the kids they don’t need your cheating ass in their life you were died for the last 4 years and you are still dead and will remain like this to me” I looked at Nicklous to see his reaction expecting anger but what I saw is so weird that I didn’t know how to react he looked so hurt that his eyes turned red almost as if he will cry his jaw with clutched with so much force that it look like adding even an ounce of force will break his jaw he kept looking at for a minute then he broke into smile and looked at me and talked with tone that I never heard him use before “listen Anna you will not leave here nor will I allow you to run again as for the kids I don’t care if they are human or alphas as long as they are from I don’t care as for what happened 4 years I can’t express how sorry I am” he bend down and hugged me to him speaking softly “I love Anna I don’t care about anything else you are my mate queen and owner of my heart whether you accepted or not doesn’t matter because although you are saying that I dead you still show hurt this means you still have feelings for me and I promise you this I will win you back” he chuckled then completed “and we have a long time with us at least 200 hundred years so prepare yourself little mate”.

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