Mate,who are you?

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chapter 9

Elizabeth POV:

I looked at him as if he grown two head and said “are you stupid or just crazy I have told you I don’t have a mate and who is going to live with you for 200 years I won’t even stay for 2 hours move I am going to leave” he chuckled but this time darkly and said to my ears “Anna love you do you know about the binding ritual right” at this point I stopped functioning shit did he say binding this an ancient ritual that only strong wolf can do if his mate rebelled against the mating bond or run away it bind the rebel to her mate not allowing her to step away more than 10 meters he can feel every emotion even sometime read the mind of his mate if the mate contain to rebel she will start to weaken and maybe go rouge or crazy and in favorable case they die shit no he can’t of doing it I looked at him ferocious and said “if you really dare to do it I won’t forgive you for the rest of my life” Nicklous looked calm and answered with most ease and smirked “don’t aggravate me to do it then and behave” “son of bitch who will behave am I your dog or something” “you still has a nasty temper Anna” Nick commented dreamy “get up son of bitch do think even if you do the binding ritual I will care I will still leave and take my chances I better die or become a rogue than give in to you so fuck off” I expected him to be angry but what I get is a smile then he looked at me with petty “what about the kids how will you take care of them if you became rouge” “this none of your business I know how to take care of them so back off” he chuckled darkly again as if he is mocking me and said looking at my eyes with intensity “are thinking of using magic to break the ritual” I looked at him with surprise how did he know I can use magic as if he could read my mind he said “I know you have a witch in your side since you ran away” I looked at him relieved he doesn’t know “what witch I don’t know any witches” he smirked at me and said then explain to me “how did you leave the mansion without alerting anyone and erased your scent” he looked at me expecting to answer but I didn’t know what to say so he sigh dramatically and said “then hear my explanation you teleported outside the mansion also you removed your scent as punishment and before you deny it you smell like human and my mark is not visible” I looked at him with fear shit how did he know all of this and how stupid am I forgetting to change my scent fuck him I don’t care I am still safe so I looked at him and said “so” he smirked again and said so “I gifted you with a nice anklet” “what anklet” I moved my leg and felt a thin metal around my anklet I looked angry at nick he only smirked again and said “let my elaborate for you what it does since I know you could break the binding ritual I asked a strong witch to make an object that works like the binding ritual meaning you can’t move away from me without permission I only removed the part of turning crazy or rouge also death to extreme pain and for your information the kids is wearing ones too so if you tries to take them I changed the part of extreme pain for them to sleep they won’t wake up till they reach the safe distance from me the other function is that it rebels magic so no witch can cast any spell on you or the kids it will cause the witch sever pain and it may even cause death so my little mate I did all my homework don’t you think” I looked at Nicklous with hate he fucking bind me to him and is using the kids as leverage I can break the anklet I am sure but how will I explain that shit Nicklous seemed to like looking at my reaction as he stood up and looked at me adoringly and stretched his hand I looked at him and then looked at his eyes I avoided his eyes and stood up on my own he sighed and moved in front of me then gesture with his hand to the door I fixed my clothes then smoothed my hair and moved to door he came and opened the door for me I stepped out and looked around we are in the mansion I sighed and turned my head to the side and said in tired voice “where is the kids” Nicklous didn’t answer so I looked at him he smiled and said “when you talk to me you better look me on the eyes” “who want to look at you” I scoffed “they are in the garden let’s go” he put his hand on the small of my back and pushed me slightly I hissed lowly “move your hand” he looked at then smirked as if I didn’t say anything and also encircled my waist and pushed me to his chest and said “get used to it mate”.

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