A Royal Reunion

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Chapter 7


It’s been 8months since I seen my sister. The last day we spoke it got really heated. Her being in a coma is making me contemplate and regret my actions of that day. Had I just been a good mate and sister none of this would’ve happened. I watch as Scott changes the boys. What did he do to deserve such a disobedient mate who made him miss out on my pregnancy journey and for what? Selfish yeah that’s what I am selfish. Tears filled my eyes and for the 5th time today I began to weep in sorry.


I was changing the boys when I heard Liz crying again. Her sisters accident has really effected her she regrets everything she has done, she couldn’t have known that this would happen.

“Baby please don’t cry we will go to Jasmine in 2 days” I said placing the boys in there cot “I can’t do it scott I need to leave like right now she needs me” she cried. I went over to my weeping mate pulling her head to my chest “ I’ll get Dan to drive you to the airport your bags are already packed I’ll join you in 2 days” I said to her trying to calm her down with the mate bond. The boys were getting there injections in the next 2 days so one of us had to stay but seeing her like this meant that I had to stand up as a father and a mate.


I just have to leave Scott can look after the boys for the remaining two days before they also join me in Italy to be by jasmine side. My phone began to ring I let go of Scott and took my phone out of my back pocket the caller ID showed that it was Henry.

“Hey Henry how are you?” I said into the phone.

“Hey liz the doctors are saying that liz might be able to be woken up in the morning” he said

“Ah that’s great news I’m actually coming to Italy tonight I just know that I have to be by jasmine’s side right now” I replied walking into my room to pack the last items of my suitcase before heading out to Dan.

“That’s great news, well I’m just leaving the hospital to sleep your mot— Luna belle is going to stay with jasmine tonight” he said nervously. Well well looks like the same lady who binned us at before wants to step up

“you know they have been a really big help these last few months I think you should at least give them I chance” he said.

“Yeah we will have to see my car is waiting for me Henry I’ll see you soon” I said before hanging up. They have got to be kidding me jasmines has always been the kinder hearted and more trusting one but hell they don’t know what they are in for now. I closed my suitcase and exited my room.

“Hey babe how is Jas” Scott asked as he fed Noah. I walked over to them “they are going to try and wake her in the morning which is good news” I said but Scott knew there was more “and...” he said smirking “Well Henry says that my birth family are really close with him and jas now and that I should give them a chance” I rolled my eyes before walking over to Edwards who was fussing in his cot. “ they are your family but it’s a marathon not a sprint my love” he said kissing my forehead. We heard dan honk from outside “I guess that my cue” I said kissing my babies. “I’ll see you soon baby” I said going on my tip toes to give Scott a kiss “ I pumped some milk and popped them in the fridge daddy” I said before blowing a kiss and walking out of the door.

“Danny boy” I waved as I walked towards the black SUV waiting for me. “Hey Luna”he said carrying my bags into the boot “come on I thought we were friends now you can call me liz” I said playfully punching his arm “ so how are you feeling about seeing the Italian royal family” he said smirking to me as he drove us to the airport “ I am only there for jasmine, I don’t care about them” I said looking out of the window “well I do hope they don’t try anything or upset our Luna because Scott would kill them starting a war between Italy and France—“ I cut him off “don’t worry I can handle them besides I’m going to duck and dive from them as much as I can they are going to want me to be out of there hair real soon” I said looking back at the road. After about 30 minutes we arrived at the airport I flew on a regular plane so that Scott could use the jet for him and the boys in 2 days.

“Oh gosh how I’ve missed flying commercial ey” I say as i border the packed plane as people pushed past me without excusing themselves. I breathed in as I took my seat this is only a short flight liz you are going to be fine. I guess I spoke to soon when a lady pushed past me smacking me with her bag before squeezing into the seat next to me “sorry my—-princesssa Martina” she said when she locked eyes with me “uhhh I’m not that person” I say looking at her weirdly. She grabbed my hand and her eyes went white. “It really is you oh the princessa has returned the king and queen are going to be thrilled. I pulled my hand away from hers “I don’t know what you are talking about lady but I’m Elizabeth and the king and queen didn’t want me so it’s there loss” I said before getting up to use the rest room. I just had to leave that situation “miss you can’t use the toilet until we have taken off please take your seat” I young flight attendant said to me I walked back to my seat I took a deep breathe before reuniting with the crazy lady. “ you must now princes— Elizabeth your parents didn’t throw you away but actually you were snatched at birth by a witch, see I was one of the midwives who delivered you which is why I can smell your wolf and know it’s really you” she said smiling and holding my hand again “ a witch?” I said confused as hell “a curse was placed on your family to have any girls born to the king and queen to be taken away, the heir to the throne must only be a male” she said sadly “so my parents knew about this curse” I asked her “yes they only found out after your birth but as for your sister she was hidden from your mother she was told that she was having a boy she was concealed during the pregnancy by a spell” she said to me still holding my hand .

So my parents really wanted me. I’ve always grown up to hate my birth parents thinking that they threw me and my sister away when in reality I was stolen at birth and my sister concealed from them. “So what happens to the spell now?” I asked her.” Well we don’t know but when I heard your sister was taken I’ll all the medical staff were called in to find out what had happened to her which I why I’m on this flight too” she said to me before her eyes went white again. “ you had a child recently” she said smiling at me “yes I had twins” I smiled back at her “oh how wonderful, how is your mate?” She asked me “ we are still getting to know each other but he’s a fantastic father to our sons” I said to her. We chatted the whole flight.

4 hrs later

We landed in Rome the capital of Italy after chatting the whole flight me and Mary decided that we would travel to the hospital together. After all she knew this place better than I did so I’m glad she was here.


I was so glad to have bumped into the princessa my actions at her birth were unforgivable I worked with the witch to kidnap the baby although at the time I didn’t know i had flashbacks of that night a month after it happened showing me helping the witch she had put a spell on me but because I’m half witch and werewolf those memories came back to me. The real reason I was here was to come clean about past events.


we arrived at the hospital but the whole wing that jasmine was staying in was heavily guarded by armed officers we couldn’t get through no matter who we were. I called Henry to tell him that we needed to get through. After a few hours of sitting around they were finally moving but it wasn’t for us behind me walked in a tall tanned green eyed man with dark locks which looked like my natural hair colour “Elizabeth?” He said staring into my eyes “yeah who’s asking?” I said before realising that this was my young brother “prince Marino.... and your brother” he said smiling at me “Well then I guess you can get us through” I said with a straight face. Brother or not these people were strangers and I needed to see my sisters so small talk really wasn’t about to happen. “Follow me” he said also giving me a straight face we followed him to the room at the end of the corridor since shifting I have been able to smell wolves from a mile off I could smell jasmine and another wolf in the room. We entered the room “hello mother” Marino said before kissing the regal looking lady who I could feel was staring at me. I couldn’t take my eyes of my sister she looked so peaceful with all the tubes and machines around her “ she’s making good progress” the regal lady said trying to get eye contact. I just continued to stare at jasmine “you know you are going to have to look at me sooner or later I’m your mother” she said slightly frustrated at me ignoring her. “You know what lady you lost all rights for me to call you mother when you abandoned me. My sister is in this position because of you lot had she stayed she would’ve been fine” I said angrily still not making eye contact “you will not speaking to my mother like that” Marino said but Luna belle motioned for him to be silent “oh yeah and what are you going to do about it” I said squaring up to him although I was half his height “ Enough!” Belle said “I’m sorry for all that has happened but you must know that you were taken away from me we searched for you for many years and we’re still searching for you when your mates pack cake into contact with us you are my child my first born that will ever change” she said with her voice breaking. I still made no eye contact which I knew was hurting her she then walked out of the room sniffling I knew that she was crying “You know what you’re a real bitch” Marino said making me scoff “nice to meet you too brother” I smiled at him making him also leave. I was left with Mary. “I told you everything you shouldn’t have acted the way you did as a mother I thought you would at least be more understanding to queen belle” she said making me regret what I said to belle. “You know what my sister is lying her nearly dead and all these people want to do is upset me more well they can all fuck off for all I care” I exclaimed taking a seat near jasmine Mary kissed her teeth at me before also exciting. I burst out crying after she left I knew I could be hurtful at times but seeing my sister like this was causing all my sadness to turn into hate and anger.

“Oh my sweet Jasmine please wake up for me I can’t do this without you” I spoke to her known she could hear me.


I arrived back at the castles and stormed into maximus’s making everyone in the room to take there leave. “What’s wrong darling” maximus said to me “our daughter hates me.. us she needs to know that this wasn’t our doing she thinks we gave her and her sister away I love all my children...” I couldn’t continue as I began to weep. Maximus Hugs me “ I know darling, we will reconnect with her just like we did with jasmine” he said before the phone rang. “Take the phone call I’ll be fine” I said to him composing myself. After a few minutes maximus came towards me “that was the pack investigators I turns out the spell that the witch put on us is still ongoing... if the girls return to Italy they will be harmed” maximus said making me jump off my seat. “Our daughter is in danger we must go back to the hospital!” I exclaimed running out of the office as maximus followed me.

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