A Royal Reunion

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Chapter 8

Maximus and I hopped into my car and I drove fast to the hospital whilst Maximus mind linked the boys to get them there too. They took my babies once before this wasn’t going to happen again I swear it.


my eyes began to flutter I tried so hard to wake up but after so many failed attempts I gave up. Until I heard Elizabeths voice she came for me. She held my hand which gave me the strength to finally open my eyes fully. I stared at her and she stared back at me her eyes filled with tears. “Oh gosh Jasmine!—— I’m going to get the nurse” she ran out of the room.

Someone came through the door at that moment I expected it to be Liz but it was a white haired lady with black eyes she looked frightening like the devil “w-wh-at are yo-u ddd-oing in here” I stuttered. “You survived” she said with a smirk “one sister survives the other dies” she laughs disappearing as liz walks into the room the nurse behind her. “Hey Jas are you alright?” She asks me I stare at her scared for her life. “Liz you need to go home like right now it’s not safe for you here” she screams at me “LEAVE NOW!” She screams.


my sister screamed at me to leave I trusted my sister something was wrong so instead of questioning her I made my way out of the hospital running whilst trying to call Scott. “Hey liz are you okay” Scott says over the phone “hey— something is wrong here I must come back home—it’s not safe for me here” I reply to him panting as I run out of the hospital and crossing the street without looking “I’m going to be——“


“Liz, Liz come on hun you’re scaring me LIZ!” I say to her there was a car horn sound in the background and a scream. With that I fell to the floor feeling pain all over my body. I wasn’t injured which meant that my dear mate was the unfortunate party the pain was too much as I led there I mind linked Dan to come in to the house.


we were near to the hospital when the vehicle in front swerved out of the way randomly before I could even move out of the way we collided with a pedestrian making them crash onto the windshield and go over the car and land on the floor behind the car. “Maximus I hit someone” I cried out panicked getting out of the car. “It’s her—-it’s... it’s our daughter” Maximus shouts. “Call an ambulance” he shouts. I fall to me knees crying I made my daughter meet her fate. “Hahahahaha” I hear behind me “ you made that easier for me, one daughter survived which means another will meet her fate. You killed your first born” the white haired lady said to me. My wolf was going crazy “witch! Witch!” At that I sprint at grab the witch by her throat lifting her off her feet “how ordered you to put a curse on my family” I shouted at her she whimpered at me begging for her life. I let go of her slightly so she could give me a name “ you know the saying keep your friends close and your enemies closer?” She said smirking I tightened my grip around her neck “don’t play with me or I will snap your neck” I shouted. “How else do you think your children both females disappeared at birth?.. who is the only person who delivered them? For a curse to work the newborn must be touched by the one who wants to create the curse” she gasped as I kept my hands tightened around her neck “wh-what do you mean, I never saw them they said Mary said they died” I said confused “ahh Mary you’re midwife right” she said hinting to me “ no she wouldn’t” I hissed at her “wouldn’t she I mean she was the only one there during both births and the only one who confirmed there supposed deaths” she was cut off by a huge growl i through the witch on the floor turning to where the growl came from it was Mary in her wolf form “you stole my life I was supposed to be the Luna until you showed up” she screamed “Mary I trusted you why would you do something so horrid” I cried at this point Maximus went in the ambulance with our daughter so it was me and her but the boys were nearby I could feel them. “The only way that I could truly get my revenge was to take away your first born” she laughed “Marino would’ve taken that spot and would be heir to the throne due to my first horns death” I replied to her confused at her statement. “ haha oh what you think the moon goddess would allow the second born to take the throne whilst the rightful heir lived. If you did or didn’t know they were alive?” She laughed “I don’t understand” i said to her “your sons would both be killed if found out that they are not the the heir to the throne and because I am your right hand lady me and my good for nothing husband would take the throne finally getting my revenge on you my queen” she laughed “you really thought this one through didn’t you?” Anger filled me I wanted to rip her throat out my head began to hurt like someone was trying to mind link me

“Use the red knife on the floor to kill her it will break the curse along the way”

My sons and about 30 warriors began to circle Mary and I “it’s come to an end dear Mary” I said to her smirking “ you kill me the curse lives on” she laughs turning her back to me. Without a second thought I grabbed the knife and jammed it into her throat beheading her “you son of a bitch, you picked the wrong mother to mess with” I say as I throw her head to the ground.

“Elizabeth is in the hospital boys I want you there” I say “warriors you can go back to the pack house thank you” I say before heading towards the witch lying on the ground “hey I should hate you but the crown thanks you for your efforts.... how did you mind link me your a witch” I ask her confused “I’m part werewolf” she laughs “your daughter is going to be fine.. both of them you must make her drink this so she can wake up before midnight or you will lose your heir” she says handing me a small potion bottle “hey thank you for all your help if you ever need anything I’ll be here for you.. you are always welcomed in my pack” I say shaking her hand. I look at the clock it’s 11:45 I must run to the hospital.

I arrive at the hospital Maximus and the boys are sat in the room with Elizabeth who is in a coma. “Boys keep Jasmine company for me will you” I say to the boys. “Maximus the spell has been undone” I cry “ belle the doctor says she won’t survive and that we should say our goodbyes” he cries “Max— What about a potion that will save her” I say shakily. Witchcraft is forbidden within the werewolf community but it’s the only choice I have “ as king I forbid this” he says before walking out he was angry at even my suggestion. I said this so he would leave and that I could give her the potion without anybody knowing about it. It’s now 11:57 I pour the little liquid in her mouth I close my eyes waiting until it’s 12am I here a beeping sound and doctors and nurses run in “she’s trying to wake up” they say before leading me out of the room.

It’s been an hour now as I frantically wait. “Alpha, Luna you’re daughter is awake she has lost her short term memory so be mindful when entering” the young doctor says before leaving. We enter the room

“Mom... dad what happened to me” I was shocked that she called us that what did this potion do to her.


I woke up wanting my parents by my side. They came in and stayed by my side. “Hunny what do you remember?” My mum asks me “I was hit by a car that’s all I remember” i say“what about before that?” My mum asks me holding my hand “I was at the castle with you and father and my brothers and Jasmine” I reply to them confused.


she had forgotten everything but remembered us as her family. This potion wiped away all the annomosity and hatred she had towards us. I was glad that I had my daughter back but she doesn’t remember her children and her mate. We could keep her away from him and to ourselves after all she is to take the throne in a weeks time then she can do what ever she pleases. Marino runs into the room asking for us to come quickly. Mother Jasmine seems to have forgotten all about her past, they way she behaves is as though she never left us” he says smiling “Elizabeth is the same, I’m going to need you to keep her mate uhhh Scott away from her just until the ceremony she needs to fulfill her duties” I say excitedly giving Maximus a hug I had finally got my family together nothing is going to ruin it for me.

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