A Royal Reunion

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Chapter 9


we landed in Italy me the boys and my beta. I still couldn’t get a hold of Elizabeth but I knew that if I reached the royal kingdom I would find her.

When we reached the kingdom we were met by an army of wolves I noticed one all black wolf who was larger than the rest I knew that he was royalty. “ well well look what we have here” he laughed whilst shifting into his human form he put on his shorts it was king maximus. “ I don’t know what’s happening here right now but I’m with my children your grandchildren he spat at the floor and looked back at me “ those aren’t of my blood and you are trespassing unless you want me to rip you apart I suggested you leave now” he said with dark eyes. I looked at Dan who was just as confused as me what the fuck is happening right now. More to the point where is my mate. “Where is she?” I asked whilst handing Dan the twins. “ my daughter no longer needs you, you’ve been rejected dear Scott” he said whilst lauhing. “ you’re lying I want to see her” I demanded “ oh no you don’t you are on my territory now, boys dealing with him” he said before grinning and walking away. The other wolves circled us and growled “ I have my children with me I’m not going to fight you let us leave” I said to them. I looked at Dan who was visibly pissed and noded to him we were out numbered and I wasn’t going to drag my babies into this.


“Henry this doesn’t feel right” I said to Henry. Elizabeth has lost her memory she doesn’t know about her children and her mate. She needs to know I’m starting to see the evil side to my family. “Babe I know but what can we do I’m well out of my depth I’m french... should we leave I mean we could tell Scott everything” he asked me. That was a good idea but I’d just finally found my family am I ready to let them go just like that. After spending the last few weeks with them I have learnt that my parents are toxic my brothers had been abused by them all there lives.


“we are going to head back to France if they want a war we will give it to them” I exclaimed whilst boarding my flight home. I will get my mate and kill her parents for ever crossing me.


Hi guys I hope you have enjoyed part one of a royal reunion xoxo

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