A Royal Reunion

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Jasmine and Elizabeth are sisters who reunited 10 years ago after both being placed in care at birth. They only information about them was that they were sisters and had no living relatives other than those who adopted them. Elizabeth is older by 3 years she didn’t have an easy upbringing unlike her sister who was adopted as a baby by a billionaire family. After finding each other they moved to London to live together and start there new life as sisters. But fate has other plans for these sisters as they discover who they are and where they come from as well as finding love on the way. WARNING: STRONG LANGUAGE AND SEXUAL CONTENT

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1

Bleep,bleep” the pager goes “ shoot that’s me, honestly can’t even finish my sandwich” Elizabeth grunts making her way to A&E. “liz,we are going to need you to join the air ambulance team” the lead doctor orders me. After finishing medical school I had an extreme passion critical care just last year I joined the London air ambulance service i loved it so very much but duty called and I returned back to A&E duties instead but I was sometimes sent out on air ambulance duties like today.

I made my way to the changing rooms to put on my heavy gear and made my way to join the alpha team. “Liz, it’s good to have you back babe” John hugs me. John is the pilot on alpha team and a dear friend “I’m glad to be back son” I reply. I was the only female on the alpha team, standing at 5ft2 they really made me look petite they were all 6ft plus but they never made me feel inferior. “ lizzieeeee” Paul shouts “ ayyyyyyy P” we meet to do our secret handshake before hugging “ we missed you capt” Ray says from behind before also hugging me. Paul was the other on board doctor and ray was the specialist paramedic.We all laugh together before a tall tanned handsome man with dark locks and the must amazing dark blue eyes walks in wearing another pilot uniform. This must be the new co pilot of alpha team “hey guys” he says before his eyes meet mine. He was so handsome he looked very well put together he must be one of those posh pilots we get who went to a fancy aviation school. “Hey I’m liz” I say not taking my eyes off him I shake his hand and give him a little smile. John coughs “liz is one of the best doctors that the air ambulance has seen in many years and she is our captain” he introduces me making me feel superior. “ don’t worry I’m on of the boys” I say before high fiving Ray as we all laughed I looked back at this fine art piece “what’s your name hun” I say still keeping my laughing face Wait did I just say hun way to friend zone him good liz are you ever going to find a man.

“I’m Scott, captain” he replies sharply still showing no emotion making this whole thing awkward the radio goes off which I am so thankful for right now

“dispatch to Alpha zero one” a voice goes

“Alpha zero one to dispatch go ahead” I reply

“We have an RTC on the M4 6 casualties have been reported 3 in critical condition calling for air ambulance support” the voice goes

“Copy that Alpha zero one on route” I close the conversation “show time boys let’s go” I shout we all run to grab our bags and helmets oh how I’ve missed the adrenaline. After a short 15minutes we arrived. The scene was absolutely catastrophic it was a lorry and 4 car smash up both lanes were shut off and there were firefighters,police and ambulances everywhere. “Hey guys, we have a 28 year old female 8 months pregnant who is currently stuck in vehicle one we are going to need to deliver the baby whilst the firefighters cut her out” the female paramedic says “Ray I want you on that one” I say sending Ray with the paramedic. Another paramedic walks up to me and Paul “hey we have a 51 year old male who went through the windshield he was impaled during impact” the male paramedic says “Paul I want you on that” I says sending him away with the paramedic. I look around to see a car turned to the side with the whole front hanging off the road I look at the front to see a massive drop the firefighters are now all surrounding the vehicle there is no access to the patient on board “ hey we have a 24 year old female stuck she is stuck in the drivers side we are unable to communicate effectively with her we are unsure if she is alone in there. “I need to jump in” I announce begging to climb the car “no no no the firefighters say trying to grab me it’s already to late I’m half way up there. The car starts to rock “STOP my patient is in here and it is my duty to save her” I shout ordering the figherfighters to step back and focus on getting the car to stable positions I manage to get into the vehicle. I can see the driver she is unconscious I shake her


I watch from the helicopter as liz climbs into the car risking her life. “ wowza liz just loves to live life on the edge” John laughs. “Surely she cant do that” I responded filling with nervous for liz to come out of there safe. “Mate she will be fine she’s amazing at her job, which is why she is captain” John says. I feel calmer knowing this information oh I really hope my new captain is safe.


“hello there hun, can you here me” I shake her she is responsive to my touch and she quickly tries to get herself up “ hiya, my name is liz what’s yours sweetheart” I say “my baby, my baby”

She shouts frantically I look to the rear to see a car seat Which is still strapped in I look over to see a small baby fast asleep I turned to the panicked mother “what’s your name sweetheart, we are going to get you out of her” I say trying to calm her down. “Jess, please is my baby okay” she cries “she’s fast asleep the little munchkin” I say smiling at her she smiled back. I saw that she had a huge cut to her head and her leg was broken judging by the way she is holding her shoulder she has dislocated it. I climb back out of the car just enough for everyone to see me. “ we have a female and a baby on board, injuries to the driver are bad she won’t be able to climb out we really need to turn this vehicle ASAP boys” I say before going back into the car after 5 minutes the car start to rock before falling into a more stable position and we manage to get mother and baby out of the vehicle and mother onto a stretcher. “ hey jess can you hear me” I shout shaking her shoulders with no response I check her pulse “she has arrested” I announce before begging CPR we took her onto the air ambulance I was joined by two paramedics who swapped with Ray and Paul as they still worked on there patients. We landed back at the hospital I was still resuscitating Jess when we arrived in A&E we filled in the doctors and nurses before departing.

Paul and ray were back at the hospital at this point. Ray and Paul were both covered in blood i was sweating and had glass all over my uniform we reunited with Scott and John back at base “you look rough” John says “I got coffee” Scott walls in carrying Costas for us all “ my hero” I say placing my hand on Scott’s shoulder he jumps at my touch I look back at him stunned at his reaction. “Umm I’m going to check the helicopter” Scott says before sprinting out of there. What a weird man I say before heading to the changing rooms to get cleaned up.

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