A Royal Reunion

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Chapter 2

It was staff pub night so we all changed into our regular clothes I wore high waisted denim jeans and a belt with my t-shirt tucked in I had been hitting the gym hard this year and my ass was looking really big so I wore my really short leather coat to show off my new improved assets. I know I’m being a bit slutty but I’m 28 years old virgin and I have never had a real boyfriend I’m getting desperate now i teamed the outfit with some black and white hi top converses I closed my locker and headed out to meet the rest of the crew. There were 2 other females paramedics I sat with. We drank and laughed and chatted with all of the crew members. But all night I had this weird feeling that someone was watching me. I assess the room to find out what this was and low and behold non other than Scott staring right at me with his dark blue eyes. Fuck has he been staring at me all night like seriously

I decided to walk straight to him I saw that he was very nervous trying to look away from me as I marched to him. “ hey” I say sitting down next to him “hey” he replied before taking a sip from his beer. I smile “so how long have you been on alpha team” I asked staring at him “ around 5 months” he replied not looking at me “I used to work full time here and it’s unusual that they bring new people straight onto alpha team, who did you kill?” I smirk. “ I guess I’m just really good at what I do” he replies still not making any eye contact. I find him very weird but intriguing I like him “heelooooo” john drunk luv shouts before barging his way onto my seat pushing me onto Scott I felt oddly comfortable in his grip like a tingly feeling. He held me for what felt like hours before I pushed myself out of his grip “sorry John gets like this sometimes” I say whilst smacking John “ I’m gonna take him home” I say smiling at him whilst trying to get John up and out of this pub before his wife kills him and me. “Umm do you need a lift I don’t drink so makes me the designated driver” I laugh “umm yes why not and I can help you with this big bear” he says taking a hold of John. He mood switched he went from being ice cold to all confident and talkative. We arrived at Johns house, Becky who is johns wife was waiting for him outside “thanks liz I got it from here, we will have a proper catch up soon hun” she says whilst dragging John inside. I walk back to the car where Scott was waiting for me. So what’s your address I’ll put it on the sat nav I said before being pulled into a kiss from Scott. I quickly pulled myself off him but I had this weird feeling to jump him then and there we went into a full snog I was straddling him at this point in the passenger side his hands where on my now large ass. “Wow .......ttthis is way too much for me” I say trying to get my breath back “ that... was amazing” he says staring at me. I rushed back into my seat “ummm so where do you want me to drop you off” I quickly said trying to get my shit together he grabbed my hand “I’m going to tell you something that is probably going to sound insane” he started off I stared at him waiting for him to continue “ I have waited for you all my life... mate” he says “umm mate are you friend zoning me “ he replied heat rushing to my cheeks “NO!...the British call mate friends I forget you are my destined werewolf mate” I cut him off bursting out with laughter “werewolf are you taking the piss” I laugh but he replies with a growl which instantly shuts me up. “I am a werewolf and you must be too” he says “ I AM NOT A WEREWOLF!....are you fucking insane” I shout. He becomes frustrated and begins saying something in what I think is french. “English please Scott” I says “ I am king alpha Scott of France alpha king of the mightiest werewolf clan of the whole world” he says with his voice raised I ca never cope in bad situations which is why I resort to laughing. Here I am laughing at Scott but I oddly believe what he is saying. See a few years back a lady came to me and my sister claiming that we were some sort of long lost royalty but the weirdest thing was when she left she turned init a dog. We had to go to therapy to get over it but she must’ve been a werewolf if what Scott is saying is true. “You must be Of royal blood as well if you are my mate” Scott continues with frustration at me laughing. “Who are your parents” he asks which suddenly makes me sad he notices my mood change and he also looks sad for me I clear my throat “um I was actually brought up in care, I have a sister that I reunited with about 10 years ago she’s the only family I have really” I say filled with sadness he takes a hold of my hand “I’m your family now sweetheart” I stare at my hand in his hand I feel tingles all throughout my body like electricity. “You feel that too don’t you” Scott says with a huge smile across his face. “I don’t know why’s going on right now but I need to get home so where shall I drop you off” I say turning my car on and driving “why don’t you drive to your house I can run from there” he says “Are you insane it’s late and you don’t know how far you would have to travel and I would feel bad so please let me do this” I raise my voice “I’m a werewolf it’s no trouble and I’m your mate I need to make sure you are safe” he replies gently. I drove to my house he was still holding my hand which oddly felt comforting. We got to mine and jasmines house which was a detached house it had a big drive and I could already see jasmines BMW parked up the lights were off so i knew she was already in bed I mean it is 2 am right now. Well this is me I say getting out the car Scott also comes out of the car pulling me in for another kiss he put me onto the bonnet of my car. The kids felt magical but I only met him this is insane that I feel this way about a practical stranger “okay big boy I think it’s time for you to go on home now I say hopping off the bonnet of my Audi and going to my front fort I tun around to see a wolf near my car I should’ve been terrified but I felt more safe than ever before and on that note Scott was off with the wind. I went straight to my room and into the shower thinking about tonight’s events I was so glad it was the weekend and I wasn’t going to see Scott until Monday when I have composed myself thank fuck.

Jasmines POV

My alarm goes off at 5am every morning so I make my way out to go for a jog I turn into my wolf ready to have the best run. Since reuniting with liz I have done well to hide my wolf. She doesn’t know about the supernatural world I did well to make her forget about that time we saw Clarissa who was also a werewolf she came to visit us to tell us about our royal blood. My adoptive parents tragically died in a car accident the year I met liz so I couldn’t go back to them for answers I did my own digging and I couldn’t find anything the best way I could get answers was in France were all werewolves resided.

2 hours later I return home in my human form. I smell a werewolf as I walk to my front door. “Hi I’m Scott you must be liz’z sister” a very tall handsome man says from behind me “who are you and what do you know about liz” I turn to my wolf form hoping that liz doesn’t hear all of this “wow steady on I’m her mate I only found her yesterday” he defends himself but he was still in his wolf form “ wait your and alpha” I was shocked I quickly tuned into my human form I was still wearing my shorts and vest I picked up my jacket and zipped it up “how come you know about your wolf and your sister is oblivious to our world” he questioned me. Because he was an alpha I was obliged to answer him truthfully “well I was adopted by werewolf’s I have always known what I am but liz was brought up by humans she know nothing, but I spoke with my family....who said she can only get her wolf once she meets her mate” I answered him.

“Scott what are you doing here” liz comes out the front door wearing her night dress only. I turn to my sister and back to Scott.


I finally saw my mate again she looked freezing cold wearing only a skimpy night dress “ hey, beautiful” I say walking straight to her and wrapping my warm coat over her. Being her mate I wanted to keep her safe and well before meeting her I never behaved this way so this was all new to me.

“What on earth are you doing here! Jas get inside” she said angrily. “Yes captain” jasmine responded walking straight inside. I was hurt that my mate was angry with me “ please leave right now... you can’t just turn up to my house unannounced that’s totally weird Scott” she says. “please... you are my mate I can’t stay away from you” I say reaching for her hand before I could take a hold of it she slaps my hand “I want you to leave right now Scott” she said handing me my coat back. I look at her with sad eyes as I take my coat and make my way out of there house.


what an absolute weirdo I have had enough of all this werewolf and mate business I will not be taken advantage of I am a strong independent woman and I certainly don’t need him not like this anyway. “ you know you should really give him a chance” Jasmine says from the kitchen. “ he is super creepy you will never guess what he says he is and what I am to him” I say to her “ what do you mean” she questions me. “Well he said he some kind of alpha king to werewolfs in France, what a lunatic” I scoff.


Fuck royalty oh god so what Clarissa was saying about us being of royal blood must have been the truth. Alpha kings can only have mates of royal blood oh gosh. “Liz I hava to tell you something but it’s going to sound crazy” I say to her motioning for her to take a seat. “It can’t be crazier than what Scott had to say” she scoffs. “Well actually Scott is tight he is a werewolf and so are we” I said waiting to see her reaction as always she started to laugh “ why is everyone fucking with me... I Elizabeth Moon am not a werewolf” she announces “yess! You are... we are” I say “prove it” liz continues laughing thinking I’m crazy I take off my jacket and prepare to change to my wolf form. Liz falls of her chair screaming “ WHAT THE FUCK JAS” she screams whilst holding her know dislocated shoulder. I quickly turn back to my human form “oh shit I’m gonna drive you to A&E” I shout rushing her to my car and zooming to the A&E.


Jas is a fucking werewolf this is insane I can’t be that how couldn’t I have known. Im in so much pain right now as I sit in the waiting room to the A&E I work at. I was in so much pain it all went away when someone familiar grabbed my good hand. “Hello again sweetheart” low and behold guess who it is none other than than crazy lunatic that keeps calling me his mate. But I’m always surprisingly relaxed when he’s around. “What happened?” Scott asked “jas turned into a dog” I reply “shhhhh” jas says from the chair next to me Scott is sat on the other side of me in fits of laughter “ddddog” he says still laughing “we are werewolf liz” jas says angrily

“Elizabeth Moon” Georgia says Georgia is one of my colleagues. I stand up as jas and Scott both get up “NO I want you both to stay here” I say to both of them “sweetheart I can help with the pain look” he takes my hands and all the pain is gone “yeah I think he should go with you too” jas says sitting back down. “Hello stranger” Georgia says frowning at me before noticing Scott walking hand in hand next to me. “Girl you never told me you had a fine looking man” she whispers to me “ I didn’t to until 24hrs ago” I replied sounding delusional. After about 1 hr I was fixed up and ready to go home. Although i was no in a sling and off work for 4 weeks “fuck sake where is jas “ I say in my head “you have really got a foul mouth young lady” Scott says smirking at me “there is no way you heard me that was legit in my head” I said shocked at what just happened “I can mind read, I’m a werewolf after all” Scott says. I think about all the bad things I’ve probably been thinking and he’s heard “don’t worry love I do well to mix my business” he says “fuck off is he listening to me right now” I say in my head head again “yes” he replies smirking at me “you cheeky so and so” I smirk back going on my phone to book an Uber since jas has obviously ditched me “you are not ordering an Uber whilst I’m here I can drive you” Scott says. “No way I don’t want to be a burden I’ve kept you long enough” I respond “you are not a burden you are my mate and I’d do anything for you” he says staring to my soul. This was awkward so I turned away “ why are you fighting this” Scott asks noticing my awkwardness “I’m super insecure so I hate when people stare to long” I reply “you have nothing to be insecure about you are absolutely gorgeous” he says I can feel the heat rushing to my cheeks I probably look like a tomato right now but oh well. “ and you are my beautiful tomato” he says “i really need to stop doing that” I chuckle. He takes my hand and lead me out of the hospital and to his car. They gave me so many painkillers that I knocked out in Scott’s car.


I look over to my mate who was sleeping peacefully in my car. Oh she’s beautifully I pull into her driveway and carry her to the front door and knock. “Hey don’t you have keys ” jas opens the door “shhhhhh, where’s her room” I say to Jasmine whilst holding my mate she is so small and light that I didn’t even feel like I was carrying anything at all. “Upstairs and first room to your left” jas says smiling at me. I walk into her room and place her under the covers I move her hair out of her face and look at my beautiful mate one last time. My phone vibrating snaps me out of my staring. I walk out the room and take the phone call.

“Hello” I say into the phone

“alpha king Scott we have managed to find out some information about the girls you asked for” Dan my beta says through the phone

“and?” I reply

“Well It looks as though they are related to alpha king Maximus and Luna Bella of Italy” Dan says

“Related how Dan” I ask

“They are the girls parents” Dan responded

“They have two brothers it looks as though Elizabeth is the eldest child, I think it’s because she was female that she was taken away but it’s still unclear. And jasmine is a twin to Prince James of Italy” Dan responds

“Good work dan I’ll be flying home tonight I have some good news” I end the call

I knew she was royal but this is too good to be true my beautiful mate was princess and next in line for the throne.

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