A Royal Reunion

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Chapter 3

8 hours later

Elizabeth POV

I wake up to an excruciating pain from my shoulder I was in an unfamiliar place it felt like an airplane but that’s insane. “Hey good your up” I hear a familiar voice say. After hearing that I quickly get my self up and seated only to realise that I’m actually on a plane “what the fuck” I say standing up way to soon and before I knew it my head was spinning and I was falling.


“Shit” I say whilst catching her and placing her back into the lounge chair on the private jet. We were on our way to France to my kingdom. I spoke with jas who felt that it was a good idea to take liz to France seeing as she would be off work anyway with her arm and all. I told jas about the new information regarding her family so she said she would fly with us so we can find out more about this. “Oh god she is an aneamic when we land we must get some iron supplements for her” jas said shocked at seeing her sister suddenly faint. “I’ll get that sorted we should be landing in 20 so Buckle up” I ordered her “yes sir” she saluted next whilst laughing. I liked jasmine I think me and her are going to get along just fine.

9hrs later


I wake up to sun light shining directly on my face. That’s weird the sun never shines on me from my room how weird. I realise what is happening and quickly get myself into a seated position whilst analysing the room. Which looked like a palace what the fuck what is this place. Look to the side table to see some iron tablets and water I take them and drink the water and when I feel ready I slowly get out of the humongous bed with my arm still in the sling I’m wearing a silk black high dress. How did I get into this I don’t even know but where is this place and how did I get here was what I was more worried about. I see my suitcase which I didn’t pack I opened it up to see all my clothes in there so I change into something more comfortable.

I’m now wearing an Adidas T-shirt’s and Adidas gym leggings which was hugging my body tightly. I must be in danger so I need to be prepared to run for my life at any moment so I wear some comfy trainers. Walking to the window. I find that I am at least 5 floors up so no jumping out of windows today. I open the tall door to find two men in suits sat on a table near my door. “Ms Moon—“ I cut them off as I started to sprint down some stairs they all chased after me but I had a good head start I am now on the first floor I can see the main door but before I got to it I hear a voice but I sounds like it’s in my head and like Scott “what the fuck is this” I shout “ I want to go home now” I shout and from the corner I see Scott walking fast and angrily towards me he throws me over his shoulder I began kicking and screaming “Scott I swear to god I’m going to deck you put me down now” I shouted all the men chasing after me bowed there heads at us “what the fuck is this shit let me go now!” I shouted before being through back into the bed I escaped from. Scott was now on top of me restraining me “calm down now liz this isn’t worth it” Scott shouts at me. I don’t know what happened but I was suddenly calm “hhhow... did you do that” I asked shocked at how quickly I was calm “I’m your mate just by touching you I can make you feel safe,calm and not in pain” he replies whilst getting off from on top of me. “You kidnapped me Scott this isn’t normal where am I and where is jas?” I ask him I am not sat up facing him. “Jas is downstairs with my sisters, you where very weak so I let you rest you fainted two times your iron levels are extremely low, as your mate I must do everything to make sure that you are safe and well” Scott says coming to sit next to me on the bed. I quickly hop of the bed “I don’t want you near me” I say to him. “Please stop fighting this it’s going to make you sick” Scott says I do feel really lightheaded like I’m going to faint “I don’t feel so good” I say before collapsing again into Scotts arms.

12hrs later

I wake up with an IV in my arm and someone holding me hand. It was Scott who was sleeping next to me. I felt surprisingly comfortable with him so close to me. This mate thing is starting to make sense now. “Hey beautiful” Scott says smiling at me whilst looking to sleepy “how are you feeling babe” he asks me “I feel amazing thank you for staying with me” I really cuddling his naked torso I feel the electricity again and so does he backside her captures my lips with his and kisses me passionately “ I’m so glad I found you” he whispers before giving me a peck. He climbed out of the bed and towards the IV “I’ll get the doctor to remove that for you” he says before walking towards the door “I AM a doctor I’ll do it myself” I say making him stop and turn to me “why don’t you let someone else look after you?” He asks as helps me remove the IV “ I am the best doctor I prefer to do this myself scott” I reply looking at his face and to his now swollen lips from all the kissing we had just done he smiles as I turn away he pulls my face back to look at him before kissing me “ Elizabeth Moon, I think I’m falling for you” he says making me blush uncontrollably I push him out of embarrassment. “I’m going to take a shower” I say as he helped me to stand up. “ we will have breakfast downstairs I can finally introduce you to everyone” he says before I went into the shower.

I exited the toilet with a towel wrapped around my body. Scott was sat up in bed with his laptop on his lap. He stared at me as I made my way to my suitcase to get some clothes to wear “I unpacked your stuff into the closet there are some extra clothes i bought for you yesterday” Scott said “you bought clothes for me” I shook my head laughing “you could just say hey liz your sense of style is appalling so I’ve bought you some better clothes” I said to him “I ...Uh ... it’s not ...” Scott stutters “I’m fucking with you Scott thanks for the new clothes” I winked at him before going into the closet to find some clothes. I feel heat rushing to my cheeks when I realise that he had also unpacked all my underwear I grab my lace black bra and pants set and a floral rap dress I can still feel Scott staring at me and the toilet felt so far away. So I don’t know what got into me but I dropped my toilet revealing my naked body but before I could strap my bra Scott was behind me helping do it before kissing the back of my neck “thanks” I say turning around and pulling up my pants whilst still staring at him “I can’t wait to fully mate with you” he says staring at my half naked body. I quickly cover myself with the dress “shows over hun” I wink at him before walking towards the door “do you even know where you are going beautiful ” Scott says smirking at me “exploring lord knows it’s gonna take me hours with how big this place is but I’m bored” I smile seductively before shutting the door and making my way around the house or shall I say castle this place is huge.

Walking towards what looks like a lounge area I hear I familiar voice it’s jasmine “where the hell have you been jas?” I ask her angrily “what? You were the one who’s been sleeping for 2 days” she replies I then notice a handsome young man that jasmine is sat on. I march over to her dragging her off his lap and pulling her skirt down “you perv” I hiss at him “excuse me?” He says I then notice a great big hickey on my sister collar bone “omg you’ve branded her?” I was shocked and angry all at the same time but I dragged jas out of that room she was kicking and screaming “HES MY MATE!” She screamed at me before taking her hand back and running back to him “YOU DONT EVEN KNOW HIM! Jas we are leaving right now” I shout at her. “I’m staying here” she hugs this strange man again. This makes me even more angry so I go to drag her again but the strange man pushes me to the ground “don’t touch her” he shouts “no Henry she’s my sister please” jas cries. I am filled with angry I get up “you touched me you will regret that” I screamed before punching him making him fly across the room I run at him but I’m stopped by big arms holding me back around my waist. “Let me at him the son of a bitch, I’ll kill you!” I scream before being picked up and taken out of the room. I watch my sister crying I am starting to feel bad all of a sudden.

I am now seated back in the room I’ve been sleeping in “wow you are strong” Scott laughs “it’s not funny, he put hands on me as I said to you before I’ll deck anyone who does shit like that” I replied visibly pissed off at what has just happened Scott pulled me into his chest and just hugged me I calmed down almost instantly. “If Henry wasn’t my cousin he would be already dead” Scott said whilst keeping me to his him chest I pulled myself off of him “your cousin? Seriously your cousin is my sisters mate fuck me it’s a small world” I laugh this is a nightmare I say to myself. “Do you not like being here with me” Scott said his eyes filled with sadness. I realised that he can read my mind and I say horrible things in my head. He sits on the bed “oh babe, it’s just overwhelming I know that I feel something for you but it’s just all too much and too fast for me” I say kneeling down. I capture his lips in a kiss to reassure him “your promises me breakfast” I said trying to make him smile “let’s go” he says picking me up and leading me to breakfast. Everyone in the room stands up and bows there head at us I look at Scott and say in my head knowing he can hear me am I supposed to be doing something because I feel rude right now “no just stay as you are” he whispers and smiles at me I smile back at him whilst following his lead to my seat. Everyone is staring at me I’m now embarrassed because I see jasmine and her mate not giving me eye contact noticing my sadness Scott takes my hand making me happier instantly. “Henry, liz felt provoked by you early on you shouldn’t have put your hands on your Luna or soon to be Luna” Scott says with a voice of authority “you bitch!” Jas screams at me as Henry tries to calm her. I let go of Scott’s hand and excuse myself whilst wiping the tears from my eyes. I take my self outside the castle I sat on the bench just outside the castle before bursting out into a cry. “I’m sorry” jas says from behind me, she then came to me and cuddled me. “I accept your apology but I want to be left alone for a moment all of this is getting to me” she nodded and headed back in. “Oh baby please don’t cry” Scott said as he sits next to me and pulls my head into his chest I instantly calm down from his touch. “ I found out some news” Scott begins with “about?” I ask “well it’s about your birth parents you and jasmine are princesses of Italy you my love are the next in line to the throne” Scott informs me

“I think I’m going to be sick” I say rushing to the toilet. I’m royalty the thought of being mates with one was difficult already I don’t want people bowing down to me or walking on egg shells around me. I have a job that I love so much I can’t give that up to be a full time royal that does nothing I just can’t. I freshen up and leave the bathroom Scott sits on the bed looking sad. “I know you hate this but I love you so much and I can’t lose you I will give up my title if it will make you happy” Scott says with sorrow in his eyes “ I love you Scott and this is your life I won’t make you change for me, ever but what about our jobs back in England you know how much I love being a doctor?” I say sitting on the bed with him holding his hands. “You can still be a doctor we can hand in our resignations I will sort that out for us I don’t want you to ever worry about life when you are with me” Scott says hugging me I hold his face in my hands before pulling him in for a kiss. We kiss more passionately than ever before we fall back into bed and I straddle him his hands on my bare ass cheeks under my dress. He pulls on the knot that is holding my dress before I know it my dress was know on the floor and I was know Only in my underwear he spins me around still kissing me passionately he is now on top of me. He took off his top to show his rock hard abs. He begins kissing my neck and collar bone “this is going to sting for a few seconds” he says before digging he wolf teeth into my neck just above my collar bone marking me as his. The feeling after all the stinging was bliss “I-I-I am a virgin” I say to Scott in between kiss “ are you sure you want me to continue” he says leaning up to look at my face “yes! Yes I love you Scott” I reply “ I love you more than anything beautiful” he says before I knew it I felt pressure on my lady parts that was it he was in me that wasn’t so bad than he starts to smash in and out of me I scream in pain first but that quickly changes to moans this felt amazing he spun me around onto my stomach still smashing into me I felt my self shake so many times in complete bliss after 20minutes of pure bless he let go and filled me. He lay next to pulling me closer into his chest before kissing me again. “You know this year I turn 30 which meant that if I didn’t find you I would have to give up my title because I would be seen as weak but since you’ve come into my life I feel complete stronger even” Scott says kissing me again. “I want to see my wolf Scott I still don’t believe I can turn into one but I want to try” I reply looking at his dark blue eyes “I will help you we can try after lunch how does that sound?” He says “amazing I love you” I say before kissing him one last time.

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