A Royal Reunion

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Chapter 4


It’s 5am I watch my mate fast asleep before getting ready for my morning run and training. I promised to train liz yesterday afternoon but we spent the whole day in bed just really getting to know each other and have loads of sex. But today was back to business alpha king has a busy schedule always.

After my run I met up with bobby my best friend and gamma and Dan my beta. “Hey son you look cheery today” Dan said noticing how happy I am since meeting my love. “Honestly boys I’m having the best time with my mate she really is amazing” I replied. “Aww you lucky bugger I can’t relate” Bobby says making us all laugh. We start training we do that for 4hrs before I head back in time for my lesson with liz.

“Hey stranger” liz says from our bed whilst keeping her eyes closed “morning beautiful, you ready for your lesson?” I ask after kissing her.”oh how I regret planning a training session” she groans I just laugh and head to the toilet to freshen up. Listen enters the toilet to brush her teeth and freshen up ready for the lesson we both strip and get changed into fitness clothes it’s a very hot summers day so I wear shorts and a t-shirt. But my sexy mate chose to wear some really short Nike shorts and just a sports bra. Absolutely not, her body was only for my eyes not my whole pack “ liz your sexy body is only for my eyes” I say to her whilst looking at her ass which by the way is an amazing round beautiful ass. She rolls her eyes “ this is all yours baby” she tried to seduce me to forget about the main issue although it was working “ come on baby let’s go” she drags me out to the indoor gym. We spend hours just training liz is in pretty good shape but she is still so out of touch with her wolf making this all very difficult. We decide to go outside and take a walk as it’s now late in the afternoon and it’s a lot cooler outside.


“Okay liz we are going to try and help you regain some control over your wolf” Scott says to me as he takes a few steps back.

“Just stay nice and calm and think about your wolf, ask her to show herself” Scott tells me

After 5 failed attempts I noticed hair on my hands and feet which weren’t the before but now the pain really started “ahhhhhhhhhh, Scott help me” I scream as my bones begin to snap.


I couldn’t watch as my mate screamed for me but she was doing it she was shifting init her wolf form for the first time I was proud of her after watching her suffer for 5minutes a magnificent white wolf stood before. Gone was the 5ft2 blonde green eyed mate of mine she was now this white wolf that was at least 6ft tall now but that was still way short considering mine which is 7ft5. She ran through the gardens I got jealous and also shifted into my wolf form we ran and played together as the sunset and the moon rose. I helped her shift back into her human form her clothes ripped apart and she was now stood in front of me stark naked luckily I took off my t-shirt and shorts before shifting so I gave her my t-shirt. “That was amazing thank you so much for helping me baby” she squealed jumping and straddling me her face was buried in my neck she pushed herself up and gave me a kiss “I am absolutely shattered however” she said yawning. I laughed whilst carrying her back to our room.

Elizabeths POV

it’s been 3 weeks my time off work is coming to an end. I have been having the best time with Scott but I just missed my old life too much I decided that on Sunday that I was going to fly back to London and back to work with or without Scott I know it’s selfish but that’s my life a life that I built for myself I wasn’t going to drop it all for someone that was going to reject me like everyone in my life. Jasmine quit her job and decided to start her life with Henry here in France. But Sunday was the day I wasn’t going to tell Scott because he would just lock me up here so in two days I was going to go back to London.

“Morning beautiful” Scott says before kissing me. Oh god how can I leave him he’s just the best, I’m so selfish but I had to figure this whole thing out still it’s been 3 weeks only you can’t just up and leave a job especially one that you spent 5 years in university than 3 years of blood sweat and tears I was or am good at what I do. Since shifting I have managed to control the mind link so Scott could no longer read my mind making this whole thing easier. “Morning babe” I say smiling at him. “Hey, umm I never really asked but where are your parents” I asked realising that I knew nothing about him but he knew literally everything about me.” They died when I was 18years old which is how I became alpha king” he replied looking sad. I cuddled him “I’m so sorry” I said kissing his head. After a couple of minutes of cuddling we decided to get ready for the day. Today I was meeting the other ladies of the pack to sort of become comfortable with my position although I knew that I would be going back to my life in 2 days so I wasn’t bothered.

I went down to have breakfast with the ladies. It’s been difficult being friends with them so I just stuck with jas although they were friendly with her but ice cold with me.” Morning ladies” I says walking in they all stood up and bowed there heads at me which I absolutely hated them doing. There was a huge chair at the head of the table and one dark haired lady who looked around my age motioned for me to sit in that seat. I looked for jas before sitting but she was sat with some of her new friends laughing and looking happy. I took my seat it was next to the ladies who have been making me feel like an outsider. “ hey how are you all” I say smiling at them. A blonde lady scoffed at me “what you think because you are the kings mate you can actually talk with us” she said in a very strong accent “excuse me” I say to her “you know the only reason why you’re here is because the king needs you to gain full control of the crown, after that’s done you will vanish just like his parents” she said smirking at me whilst the other girls laughed at me “his parents died?” I reply to her. “Died? How convenient that they died the day before he was crowned the alpha king, Scott can’t think for himself he never has so my father and I have helped him along the way. He is promised to me and I WILL get him” she laughs at me. “Wait who’s you’re father and what does he have to do with anything? “ I question her. “ my father is Justin the previous kings right hand man we looked after him when his poor parents passed away WE control your mate don’t you worry I’ll get my Scott back” she says. I knew Justin was someone that Scott looked up to he saw him as a father figure but he never mentioned this bitch to me. I was pissed off about all this shit so I shot up off my seat “ you should stand when i do so bitches and bow to me” I said as everyone began to stand and bow to me including these bitches although it took Justin’s daughter a long time to bow and when she did I excused myself motioning you jas to follow me which she did.

I stormed through the corridors trying to make my way to my room to pack I’m not here for this shit I’m going home today. “Hey hey hey” jas says running after me “what’s wrong hun?” She asks me holding my shoulders she was taller than me making her feel superior “ I’m leaving jas you can either come with me or stay here your a big girl now” I announce “what? Scott would never allow this” she replies “ he’s out for most of today I will skip out he will never know. You will not say anything to him do you hear me jasmine” I say to her. “I got you sis, but what’s brought this on” she says as we walk to my room. “That girl um Justin’s daughter says that she is promised to him and that Im just a prop for him to get full control of his crown. “what Rebecca I knew she was a bitch, I’m going to kill Scott” she says angrily “don’t worry I’m leaving fuck all this shit I’m not a dickhead they will not use me” I say to her. I begin packing my bag I finished within 20 minutes and got changed I wore a cap and sunglasses so that I wouldn’t get caught. Jas said she would drive me to the airport

“I love you jas look after yourself okay” I say to her whilst giving her one last hug before getting off the car and heading for my flight. “Hello Elizabeth” a man says from behind me i turned to see a 7ft tall man with dark eyes and hair “umm who are you and how do you know my name?” I ask before three black wolves emerge from behind him. “Your worst nightmare” he says before knocking me out.

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