A Royal Reunion

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Chapter 5

6hrs later

Scotts POV

I arrive back to our room to find all of lizs things gone. I look around the room frantically before mind linking the whole pack warriors.

“Has anybody seen liz today” I say

“No sir shall we send a search party for her” Dan answers me

“Shit Luke and his man have been hot on our heels do you reckon they found out about her” Bobby adds

Luke is a rouge and my fathers brother he has hated my family ever since my father took the throne and he wasn’t too happy when I received the throne after his death.

“ nah he couldn’t have known unless we have a mole, bring jasmine to the office” I order before shutting off the mind link. Fuck how did this happen right under my nose, I fall to my knees from excruciating head pains it must be from what liz is feeling. Angry filled me before I stormed off to my office.

Elizabeths POV

I woke up with severe head pains like I had been hit over the head. When I realised that I actually was hit over the head I sit up fast I was in a dark room. I couldn’t get up I realised that I had been tied up to a chair. “Fuck” I say trying to untie myself. “What a foul mouth you have” I tall man walks out of the shadows he looked terrifying as though he was the devil himself. “Who the fuck are you? Where am I” I shout at him. “You my love have been kidnapped you made it easier for us however you ran away from your mate best chance to take you without anybody realising” he smirks “please let me go I don’t feel well Im going to faint” I say feeling so dizzy it must have been my anaemia again “get Danielle to see to our guest” the man says before disappearing into the shadows again. My eyes started to shut again. I wake up in a white room what looks like a hospital I try to get up again but I’m tied up again “hey hun you’re okay my name is Danielle what’s yours “ a sweet voice says. I look up at her she was a petite brunette girl her face covered in bruises “are you sure I’m supposed to be the patient you look rough Danielle” I say making her laugh she held her stomach in pain “why am I tied up” I ask her. “Luke my master has you hostage I wish in could help you but he would just beat me again” she says with a pained look. How long have I been asleep” I say as she sits me up but I’m still tied up “you have been here 4 weeks” she replies “ 4 WEEKS!!” I exclaim. Before noticing that my stomach had a little lump on it no fucking way I can’t be “you are 6 weeks pregnant Elizabeth” she smiles at me. What is going on right now. “ please can you let me go I don’t want anything to do with this I was running away from him he doesn’t even care about me” I plead to her “tsk tsk tsk... you my dear are staying here until you deliver that baby in your stomach” the dark devilish man enters the room. He slapped Danielle ordering her to leave before coming over to me leaning down to me “ go to hell” I say spitting at him. “You bitch” he slaps me I could feel my cheek heating up from his slap “nobody is coming for you so you my dear are staying here” he laughs at me. “Look I don’t even care about Scott I don’t even want anything to do with them just let me go I’m going back to England anyway” I plead with him “I mean I could do that but I could also use you for ransom” he says before picking up the phon “shall we call your baby daddy” he says dialling some numbers the phone than began to ring as he had it on speaker phone.


It’s been a month without my mate I can’t continue like this I can feel her pain on my cheek she must’ve been slapped this aggregates me and before I could do something my phone rings “hello” I say into my phone “Scott” a familiar voice says “get off of me! Scott they have taken me his name is Luke!” She screams quickly before the call is ended. Fuck he has her he’s dead. Before I could prepare my rescue mission Dan mind linked me

“Sir the king and prince of Italy are here jasmine has told them everything they are here for Elizabeth” Dan says

“Luke has her he’s just called me, tell them to prepare there army for a war” I say before shutting off the mind link.


2 weeks ago

it’s been 2 weeks since I heard from liz I knew something was wrong so I called her work and out neighbours in London who said they haven’t seen her. This wasn’t like liz I tried to speak with Scott but since he found out that I helped her escape he has shunned me and Henry.

“ Henry I am leaving for Italy today I need to find my birth parents and tell them about Elizabeth I haven’t heard from her and I’m getting worried” I say as I pack my bags “you know I can’t leave the kingdom whilst the king is in this state” he replies. Ever since liz left Scott hasn’t been himself but I heard on the grapevine that rebbecca the bitch was closing in on him I mean this was her best opportunity with liz out of the way. Henry drove me to the airport and I made my way to Italy to meet my family. When I landed I made my way straight to the palace which I knew that the king and queen were staying at when I reached the main doors I wasn’t given access but after putting up a fight they took me to the place chambers they kept me there for 5 hrs I told them who I was they didn’t believe me but after a few more hours my twin brother came down to the chambers “ hi you say you are my twin? Let’s find out than shall we” he says staring at me he has the same dark hair as me with light brown eyes he looked like me but just a male version he took a hold of my hand my wolf shouted out “brother! brother!” His shouted out “sister!” Holy crap this was all too good to be true. “Come with me he dragged me all the way up to court there sat the Queen, king and the other prince. “Mother father this is my twin sister my wolf says so” he announces as everyone stares at me. My mother gets out of her seat and marches to me “this can’t be marrissa?” She says joy filling her “I am called jasmine now”

I say smiling back at her before she hugs be “I had two girls but they said that neither of them survived birth” she says cupping my face “yes you had another girl who is 3 years older than me her name is Elizabeth, that’s actually the reason why I came here I believe that she is being held hostage in France” I say my father stands up filled with angry “no child of mine will be taken hostage we will send out a search party for her” he says before coming over to hug me. My other brother comes over as well “sister?” He says tears filled my eyes before I gave him a hug as well. I spent the week there searching for my sister I told them about everything that had happened we decided that we would go to France.

2 weeks later


“King maximus and Queen Bella how may I help you” I say to them “we are here to collect our daughter it seems as though you haven’t got a grip of your own kingdom” king maximus says “I have control of my country we know where she is I was just sending my men to go and collect her before your arrival” I answer him “if you will excuse me” I say standing up “me and my sons will accompany you” maximus says before also standing up “fine” we all shift into our wolves before heading for Luke’s territory outside the city. We arrived there with about 200 other wolves some Italian and some french we were met by 50 rouges we battled and took them all out now to get my beautiful mate.


after the phone call Luke left the room in a huff after I’d given everything away to Scott I knew they would be coming for me but I had to leave before then I couldn’t face him and all his lies. “Danielle please untie me we can go together I can help you I promise” I say to a panicked Danielle “I’ll help you if you help me too” she says before freeing me. We leave the hospital wing of the property we stop at the sounds of alarms “we’ve been attacked Luke is going to come back we must run now”she says looking around “let’s go through here there’s a secret passage that leads to the forest” she says pulling me with her we climbed and crawled for what felt like hours we pushed open a door and Danielle exited first than pulled me up. “I haven’t been outside for 10years” she said as she admired the night sky. “Come let’s go this way” I say pulling her towards the airport we were a long way away from the pack house but close to the airport. At that moment we were surrounded by wolves shit Luke’s found us. “Iiz” a familiar voice says a dark haired an blue eyed wolf walks towards me. Fuck it’s Scott I feel light headed and before I could reach the floor Scotts wolf breaks my fall I can feel Danielle putting me on his back before Scott begins to run with the wind.


There she is my beautiful mate oh how I have missed her my wolf is going wild he wants to protect her even more than ever she faints at the sight of me I break her fall taken her on my back and straight to the kingdom.

I lie her down on our bed before I put the covers over her I notice a small bump. It can’t be she pregnant with my pup I was filled with joy I covered her with the duvet and left her to rest.

8hrs later

Elizabeths POV

I wake up to a familiar room “fuck” I whisper he’s got me locked up again this can’t be happening I get up with urgency to leave him again before he returns I put on one of his jumpers and before exiting low and behold stood right in front of me was my mate “where are you off to beautiful” he says with a smile. Anger filled me and before I knew it I raised my hand and smacked him “ what was that f—-“ i cut him off with another smack using the back of my hand. Now he’s mad he grabs a hold of my hand his eyes darkening I try to take my hands from his grip smacking his chest he picked me up and threw me on the bed “your girlfriend told me everything, I want you away from me right now I’m leaving you son of a bitch” I scream at him. “What? You are my one love you know this I can’t, I WON’T live without you baby” he says tears filling his eyes. His sadness rubbed off on me and now I was tearing up. “I was leaving you before Luke captured me just because you rescued me doesn’t mean I’m staying” I say getting up and heading for the door. He pulls my arm making my fall onto his chest cupping my face “I love you so very much liz you can’t leave me” he says sadness filling his blue eyes “oh yeah watch me” I say getting out of his grip and running through the corridors.

I ran so fast heading for the door I see jasmine sitting in the lounge “jas help me get out of her—“ I stopped talking immediately after seeing 3 men and one women who looked so regal one of the men looked like a male version of jas which was insane. “ liz come and sit down hun” jas says to me “no I have to leave this horrid place immediately” I exclaim. “ theses are our parents” she says after saying that I feel Scotts presence behind me. “What? .... how?” I reply to her shocked “Well Scott discovered that we were of a royal bloodline then making the discovery that we are the children of king maximus and Luna Bella of Italy—“ I cut her off “so you knew all of this and never told me. You are my sister how could you be working with this maniac” he I question her she stands up walking towards me I take a step back making me bump into Scott “you know what fuck this shit I’m leaving” I grab jasmines car keys and sprint out of the castle jasmine and Scott chasing after me but since shifting I have become super fast I hop into her jeep and drive off heading for the airport again this time I’m going to go home and never look back.

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