A Royal Reunion

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Chapter 6

At the airport I booked my flight to London which was departing in 20 minutes thank god. I headed to my gate. I looked like a mess wearing Scotts t-shirt and some pj bottoms I only took my passport and bank card I put it in my bra before leaving the room lucky I did so I left my phone in jasmines car. I boarded the flight and after a short 2 hrs I landed back in London luckily there were so many taxis waiting I hopped in one I was off to my house. I called a friend from medical school who lived in Scotland jas didn’t know her so I knew it would be safe I got home and packed up everything I owned and put i into my car I called for removal men to get everything else and bring it to Scotland.

8 months later

My stomach was huge as I waddled my way through the hospital I was going on maternity leave tomorrow which was Friday I am due on Monday, I lived with Nina for 2 months before finding a house and a job in Edinburgh. I managed to keep away from all the mess that happened in France. I met a witch when I first moved to Scotland who helped to conceal my bond so that Scott couldn’t find me and the rest of my family.

“Push liz” my midwife shouted “I-I don’t think I can do this.... it hurts so much” I huffed “you are doing so well hun you got this I can see the head already one final push now liz” she shouted. I pushed with all my might and 2 minutes later they were here two boys. Oh I forgot to say I found out 4 months ago that I would be having twin boys I know crazy right. I was now a single mother to two beautiful boys they looked like there father with dark hair and bright blue eyes they were just perfect and mine.


I returned to London and back to join the alpha air ambulance team I knew that would be the best way to find out where liz had gotten to. The day she left I flew to London to find out that she had moved out and left the city I spent the week looking for her but with no luck I went back to France. I found out why liz was upset with me to begin with it was what the bitch Rebecca said to her about us being destiny. It turns out her father Justin who I saw as a father figure was manipulating me all these years he was the reason my parents died he worked with Luke my uncle to destroy the crown. And since meeting my mate liz I had full strength which is what they didn’t want I killed both of them and banished Rebecca. Jasmine moved to Italy with Henry to resume her title of the princess of Italy. The family were still heartbroken that there eldest daughter wanted nothing to do with them, I made a promise that I would sort everything and bring her home with my child. She is now around 8/9 months pregnant so I had to find her and meet my child. “Ah Scott mate where have you been” John said high-fiving me “I had to go back to France but I’m back now is liz around” I replied to him. “Ah mate she feel off the face of the earth around the same time you did but she returned around 8 months ago she wanted to be referred” he said sipping his tea “umm referred where to” I asked him “uuuuhh somewhere in Scotland... Edinburgh I think” he answered. My mate is in Edinburgh I must go to her she is due to have my child soon. “Hey John is there anyway you could get les from team B to co-pilot for me tomorrow I have to go to the french embassy for my work visa” I asked him “sure thing mate” he replied I shook his hand before heading back to the hotel.

“Dan get the jet ready we are going to Edinburgh” I mind linked Dan

“Edinburgh sir?” He questioned

“Yes that’s where liz is” he replied

After a couple of hours we landed in Edinburgh I could smell her. I haven’t smelt her since she left me which I found weird because I could always smell our sense her ever since mating with her. She hadn’t rejected me I was thankful than I felt so much pain she must be in trouble or in labour oh gosh I have to get to the maternity hospital. After about an hour we arrived at the only maternity hospital in the city oh I really hope she’s having the baby here . “Hi I’m here for Elizabeth Moon” I asked the reception lady “who are you?” She asked “uh her partner ” I responded “yeah she’s in room 11 “ she replied I walked down to room 11 and took a deep breath before entering. There she was my mate fast asleep. There were two cots next to her it can’t be my mate had twins I got closer they were twin boys they looked just like me. I picked up one of my sons who was wide awake “hello son!” I said quietly “Scott!” Liz said shocked at seeing me there she tried to sit up but was in visible pain. “No no no hun try and rest” I said going closer to her “I missed your beautiful face” I said to her “you aren’t mad at me?” She questioned “why would I be some horrid people filled your head with horrible things that weren’t true but I sorted that out for us” I said whilst holding one of our sons “oh I’m so sorry Scott I’m such a horrible person” she cried “shush shush you have nothing to be sorry about” I leaned in to kiss her

Elizabeths POV

He kissed me whilst holding one of our sons I still haven’t named them. He looked so handsome he had a beard and shorter hair now looking even more handsome than I remember. Maybe it’s the mate bound but I felt relieved that he was here with me I never want to leave him again I needed him. I cupped his face with my hands and leaned in to kiss him there they were the tingles I felt whenever we touched or kissed. “ please done leave me again” he said to me before kissing me again.

After 3 days me and the boys were discharged oh by the way we named them now Noah James-Moon and Edward James-Moon we decided to combine our surnames seeing as we weren’t married. I was so very happy I wanted to stay in Edinburgh with my little family but that all changed with one phone call my whole life came crashing down.

“Liz hun sit down I have something to tell you” Scott said looking sad. I placed Noah in his cot and headed over to sit next to Scott. “What is is babe” I asked “ it’s jasmine she’s—-“ he began “she’s what?” I questioned “she was involved in a car accident and... she’s in a coma” he said “ what!!!!” I raised my voice remembering how horrible I was to her the last time I saw her “ we need to go to her” I said frantically “she moved to Italy after you left... will you be okay with seeing your birth family again” he asked. I had no choice I had to be at my sisters side “it looks like we are going to Italy” I say to Scott looking at Edward fussing in his cot.

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