Mateless soul

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All Rain wanted was a family to love and care for but what she goes through to eventually get her love and disaster awaits at every turn. What is she and will she be able to change the destiny surrounding her or will it change once again?

Fantasy / Romance
Mary Brakefield
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*Hello everyone I am new to writing stories so please excuse my bad grammar. I will try to describe the characters as they are introduced and I will add different characters if someone feels a pull like they should be in the story also. Cover picture was something I found on google. It is not mine and I am not trying to put a copy write on anything but will let you know if it isn’t mine. This is a work of fictional characters that shift and twist within their own reality. Please feel free to comment and I hope that you enjoy.*

Rain is a tall young woman at the age of 20 with shoulder length brunette hair with slight red hues running throughout. She stands above her girls at 5’7 with an athletic but curvy build. She was raised by her grandparents when her brother got sick and have always been closer to them but they are both gone now and she considers herself an orphan. What will happen when she faces the world? Only time will tell....
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