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Kimana Greenway, is a woman going through the world like anyone else. Trying to find the right path for herself, her career seems to finally settled down. Co-owning a veterinary clinic isn't as simple as one would think. Her dream finally coming true, and her life settling into a routine that she's never been able to escape from. Doing the same thing, each week, is soothing, it makes her happy. Or does it? What happens when a family friend dumps more responsibility onto Kimana and runs? Who's left to help her when she really needs help? Maybe it's a patient that comes to her rescue. *This is a rewrite of 'A Sanctuary'

Fantasy / Romance
Lillianne Young
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Chapter 1

“I’ll be back in an hour, I’m going to lunch.” Sticking my head into Kyle’s office as I slide it on. Reaching for my braid I pull it free from it’s confines of my coat. Kyle looks up, his glasses sitting low on his nose as he goes through to finish up some kind of paperwork.

“It’s that time already?” With a nod I rest my hand on the door frame.

“Yeah. Are you only working half of the day?” He pulls his glasses from his face, dropping them carefully on the desk and leaning back in his chair.

“Yeah, Maya wanted to go to dinner with her parents tonight. You know how that goes.” He rolls his eyes and rubs at his face making me laugh at him. Maya is his longtime girlfriend, or pain in the rear as I like to call her.

Not that there isn’t anything wrong with it, but she can be pretty needy and somewhat of a control freak. Kyle seems to like her a lot, of course I’ve noticed a few more arguments as of late. So who knows what is going on in that front.

“I wish you luck my friend.” With that as a parting message I turn heading towards the door. Releasing a heavy breath I rub my eyes, my keys clinking together in front of my face. An emergency call came in late last night and I had been forced to come in at an insane hour, three thirty.

Typically the clinic opens at seven in the morning, one of the few downsides to having an emergency line. With it being my week to handle emergency calls, I got stuck with the strange wake up calls. It isn’t long before I am sitting in my truck getting ready to drive home to grab the lunch that I wasn’t able to remember in my rush to not be late.

Kyle and I met back in veterinary school, and have been friends for some time now. We both talked about owning our own practice and set out to create the one we work in today. Since we opened close to three years ago, we’ve garnered quite a bit of a loyal clientele base.

Making it easy to stay busy between emergency calls, regular check ups or the small mishaps that occur day to day. Getting onto the road I head towards the small fixer upper house my brothers had managed to find on the market. Since I was still in school I didn’t really have the extra money to rent a house.

Sure I could’ve gotten roommates, but I don’t really like to live with strangers - call me weird. Since the house is very small, and needed a lot of work done my brothers were able to work out payments for a great price.

Lucky for me it was just barely livable, and I had spent so much of my down time with my brothers helping to get it into a better state. Don’t get me wrong, the place still needs a lot of work. That didn’t stop me from working night and day to keep the progress moving forward.

Between fighting with the house, school and attempting to get my own practice it’s been a struggle that has left me feeling mostly satisfied. Since I focused all of my time on being an adult or at least getting ready, I didn’t do much socializing.

So while most college students spent time going to parties and going on dates, I went the complete opposite way and now I’m left with little to no social life. So now I spend most of my nights sitting at home alone, trying to figure out the next step for my life.

Like with the practice, since I had only three years as an intern with a local veterinary office it took some time to build up our client list. Of course now both Kyle and I are looking to move the business in different directions. He wants to focus on small, and large pets, while I want to incorporate exotic animals.

So now I am left wondering if it would be smart to sell off my part in the practice to start another clinic that focuses on more of a variety of animals. I glance in the mirror and look at my droopy eyes.

Last night’s wake up call left me with less than four hours of sleep, which isn’t the worst but not what I prefer to run on. Between that and the hairs that seem to be going white on top of my head makes me feel like I’m a lot older than my birth certificate says.

I’d say that I have the classic Native American skin, deep chocolate hair. Honey hazel eyes, and the typical rounded jaw, and high cheekbones completes my looks. My parents love promoting our Native American heritage. We have the classic Native American tan, the light brown and red tones, my family and I are on the darker side of the spectrum.

By the time I get to my house I just want to grab my lunch and go back to bed. Sadly that option isn’t even a plausible thought. Since Kyle is only staying until I get back I am left running the place by myself, and the two other employee’s working today.

It’s going to be a pretty long day to say the least. At least I’m lucky enough to love what I do so it makes it a lot easier to drag myself into work. I’m happy to have some help today.

The practice isn’t all that big, currently we only have five employee’s. Two veterinarians, Kyle and myself, two assistants, and one desk clerk. Sadly our desk clerk is on maternity leave and with luck will be back by the end of the month. I head straight for my kitchen sighing as I remember another thing that I have to worry about.

When I first got the house the heat worked, of course it was already a decade old, and since I’ve had it since my second year in college the heat isn’t exactly the youngest. A few days ago it was kind enough to crap out in the middle of the night.

I was lucky enough to have a wood stove and a slight stock pile of wood left over from a nasty blizzard I had stocked up for. Finding the number for a local HVAC company I give them a call even as I pull open my fridge and pull out the paper bag I had prepared for lunch.

Dumping the basic contents of a peanut butter and strawberry jelly sandwich, a small bag of chips, apple and a piece of candy. I start the long and drawn out process of trying to set up an appointment with someone. Finding time between my busy schedule I know that it’ll have to be on the weekend mid afternoon.

As it would appear in the early morning is when I’ll be having a technician come out. Lucky me, I’ll have to update Kyle on what is going on, I’ll be late to work Saturday I guess. Sitting down I stare out my kitchen window and wince at the unkempt lawn, I shake my head.

Everywhere I look I see something else that I need to do, and yet it seems like there aren’t enough hours in the day. Biting into the apple I just stare blankly around the pretty simple kitchen, thankful that it at least works, unlike the heat.

I drop my head on the cool counter thankful for the slight reprieve in the throbbing migraines I have managed to acquire. Opting to sit for a few more minutes before I am due back at work seems to be the best option for me.

I’m really happy that the weekend is already really close. The clinic is open six days a week, and brings home a good paycheck. Sunday is the one day we all have off, my last day for emergency calls is Saturday thankfully. I once again lift my head rubbing at my face, standing I turn the sink on to cold.

Splashing cold water on my face, resting my hands on the edge of the sink I just stand there for a moment. Letting the water drip from my face. Blowing out a slow breath I grab my dish rag and wipe the excess water from my face. I really need to get back to work before Kyle leaves.

Stepping into the bathroom I touch up what little makeup I do wear, mascara, chap stick although sometimes I’ll go the extra step and put on the rest of my makeup for a night out. Eye shadow, eyeliner, lipstick, I have to admit that my nights out are typically with family.

Rolling my eyes with that thought, I really need to get some kind of a social life. It’s pretty sad that I call being social having a family dinner with my family. After locking my house I get back in my truck and head for work once more.

The ride back to work is spent debating what I want to do about the practice. Maybe I should talk to my family, see if they have any advice. Because I need to be realistic, I don’t have the kind of money I need to put into opening up another practice.

I really don’t know what I’m going to do with this one. Pulling up to work I check the time, thankful that I made it five minutes before Kyle is due to leave. Getting out of my truck I lock it, and head inside. “Hey, welcome back Dr. K.”

I looked over at Ellie, my assistant who volunteered to run front of the house. I smile at her, with a nod. Most everyone I have ever met has given me a nickname, either Kimmy or K. No one really likes to say my full name Kimana.

My brothers both share interesting names, Machakw which everyone just calls him Mac for short. And then we have Abooksigun, or Abe, he hates his name. I find it really funny how my parents decided to name us all after animals, Abe a wildcat, Mac a bear, and then myself a butterfly of all things.

It’s kind of funny my siblings and I share these really interesting Algonquin names, and my parents are Kathleen and Joseph. Doesn’t that earn some odd looks, introducing yourself and then your kids, it’s quite a tale to tell to everyone.

“Thank you Ellie, has Kyle left yet?” She shakes her at me, before she can answer the man himself walks from his office.

“I’m heading out now tell Kimmy-” Kyle stops as he turns the corner and spots me. “Never mind, I got a call from Jesse, he’s got a cow down can you go take a look?” I’m really glad that I hadn’t taken off my coat just yet.

“Yeah, did he say anything else? How long has the cow been down, any symptoms?” I turn walking with Kyle back outside, listening as he fills me in.

“Said that she was down when he checked this morning around six thirty, as for the symptoms she was acting strange, kicking at her belly, stumbling around.”

“So far it sounds like grain overload.” Kyle nods in agreeance, he stops at his car, talking to me over his hood.

“It’s Jesse we’re talking about so it’s not all that far fetched. I’ll see you later.” Giving him a wave as I unlock my truck and get in once more. Letting Kyle pull out before me I wait to get on the road. Thinking about the other times I have been called out to Jesse’s ranch.

It’s a beautiful place, but the man doesn’t exactly know what he’s doing when it comes to cows. Jesse used to be an English college professor. I applaud the man for following his dreams. I just wished that he would take offered advice.

The man is as stubborn as mule, having to learn the hard way. Sadly the hard way oftentimes leads to bills. As long as I’m not the one paying for it, I really don’t care.

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