The Third Pack

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A werewolf in a school, An animal bullied, People missing, Are the werewolves finally winning? Will this be the their big break?

Fantasy / Humor
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Chapter 1

"Jane Crawford," called a stout woman is a ridiculously hideous pink dress.

"Here!" said a girl, her long virgin black hair wrapped in a messy bun. This, if you haven't noticed yet, is Jane Crawford. She was what you would call a werewolf. Although she was brought by a human family, her werewolf - y features were hard to miss. Her razor - sharp canines were the least attractive thing about her but she was used to the judgmental stares.
Now, you may be wondering why a werewolf would be going to a human school. I mean, don't they have werewolf schools? Let me answer that for you; no, they don't have werewolf schools.
Anyways, Jane was in her class right now, lazily raising her hand to let her teacher know she was present and alive.
"JANE!" exclaimed Mrs. Erin. When there was no response from Jane, she stalked toward her desk. The student's eyes followed the teacher. No one, and I mean no one, slept in Mrs. Erin's class. Jane was bound to get in trouble.
Mrs. Erin stood at Jane's desk, watching her sleepily play with a pencil muttering gibberish. "JANE!" she yelled again.
"Oh? Oh!" said Jane, snapping out of her daze.
"Oh. Mrs. Erin, didn't see you there."
"Of course you didn't! You were sleeping!"
"No, I wasn't!"
"OK, then why didn't you answer me when I called you?"
"I was . . . um . . . I was . . . daydreaming?"
"That's worse!"
"Sorry." Jane muttered, not looking very sorry.
Mrs. Erin scoffed and continued her class.
The bell rang at at 10, signaling the end of class.
'Alright, just a few more classes to go.' Jane thought.
Right when she was walking toward her Chemistry class, a bony shoulder pushed past her. "Um . . . Jane, you look hideous. Are you sure your not human? Oh wait." said the owner of the bony shoulder. Jane looked up. A tall girl with her flowing blonde hair tied in a long ponytail peered at her. "Go away, Georgia." Jane muttered under her breath. She wasn't up for a challenge. Not after Mrs. Erin's class.
"And if I don't?" the girl, Georgia, asked.
"Listen, please don't get on my nerves."
"Oh, I didn't know animals had nerves."
"Pretty ignorant of you."
"What did you say to me?"
"Oh. I forgot only animals had an amazing sense of hearing."
"Oh no you didn't."
"Trust me, I did."
Huffing and muttering something under her breath, Georgia walked away.
"Why do you do that to her?" asked a short boy, his blonde hair a complete mess.
"She asked for it, Daniel. I told her not to get on my nerves but she did."
"That doesn't mean you do hurt her."
"Daniel, please. I'm not in a good mood."
"I don't care."
'Daniel, you know what happens when I get mad."
Daniel, was in love with Georgia even though she didn't like him back, and often, his decisions and judgments got in between his love for her.
"Daniel, I'm warning you."
"Oh, so you're starting to threaten me now?"
"I'm not even trying."
When Daniel didn't stop pestering her, anger started to boiled in her blood. 'Telling humans I am a werewolf was my biggest mistake. I've never judged them but they judge me. I never made them pay but I will.' Jane thought.
"Daniel, last chance. Stop pestering me or, I promise, you and your girlfriend will pay." Jane warned.
"She's - what? - She's not my girlfriend!" stuttered Daniel. "Daniel, 10 seconds to leave me or you'll be very sorry."
"Try me."
Daniel looked at her skeptically. A smug grin implanted in his face made Jane want to slap him.

Jane hesitated.
"I'm afraid your time has run up."
Daniel looked scared. He didn't expect Jane to really lose her temper.
A loud growl echoed through the hallways of the school. Frightened gasps, screams and the occasional 'Help!' filled the school. A girl fell to the ground in fear. A few were quivering and shaking. Daniel fell down, unconscious.
"Jane Crawford, meet me in the Principal's room now."

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