A Short Story Series

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This book has different parts to it. It consists of different short stories I've written throughout time. The series consists of fantasy, SciFi, action, and horror. Please enjoy this short story series.

Fantasy / Scifi
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Diving in the Sea

While I was diving in the sea, I found a sunken ship. It seemed like it was there for years. The ship looked like it was from the Battle of Midway. It was a big, metal battleship and had some weird symbol on the side. I was so amazed by such an old ship I found at the bottom of the sea.

I decided to take a closer look and go inside the ship. When I got inside, I saw crushed jars, cannonballs, and a lot more. Some bones were lying around from soldiers, I believe from the Battle of Midway. The search around the battleship was astonishing because I felt like I was part of the battle. I also found a chest that belonged to the captain, I would believe.

It was coming to the end of the day, and I had to get back to shore. Before I left, I grabbed a small piece of the ship that looked like an ancient coin. I came up from the ship at about 5:30 at night. I took off my swimming gear, put them in my backpack, and put on my actual clothes. Instead of stopping to get some food, I ran straight home. When I came running in the house, my mom asked me why I was breathing so hard. I told her that I would tell everyone at dinner.

At dinnertime, I promise, I told everyone why I came in running. I explained that while I was diving in the sea, I found a ship from the Battle of Midway. Everyone stopped eating and listened as I explained the adventure. All the details were so in-depth that everyone stared in amazement and shock.

I finished the end of the story after 25 minutes of telling it. After I finished the story, I showed them the piece that looked like an ancient coin. My whole family stared in amazement at the piece of metal. I told my mom that I was going back tomorrow to investigate more. She thought that I should bring my waterproof camera to get pictures of the ship.

After dinner, I went up to my room to put my backpack together for tomorrow’s adventure. Mom came in and gave a gift for no apparent reason. I opened it and saw a brand-new underwater camera to take pictures with. She told me that I could take as many pictures as I wanted to and she would print them out. I gave her a really big hug, told her good night, and went to bed.

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