Demonic Desires (Becoming Lust Trilogy 2)

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Chapter 5

“How was your trip to Earth, Commander?” Esha asked in Lust’s portal room. She stood from one of the velvet couches and bowed her head, handing me a glass of Passion Delight.

I handed it back to her, raising my brow. “Did Eros ask you to give me this?”

She blushed softly and nodded her head. “I shall tell him you arrived.”

“He already knows,” I said, walking out of the building and staring into the dark maroon sky. “You’re free for the rest of the night, Esha. Go enjoy yourself.”

After she parted ways with me to head to Chastion, I made a bee-line toward the castle. Lusts were still whispering about my crowning, and I didn’t have the energy to confront them for it. All I wanted was to lie in Eros’s arms and relax tonight.

Sathanus, Javier, and Samantha had been on my mind since I left Earth, haunting me like a fucking nightmare. I stepped into the house and walked up the hundreds of stairs to our bedroom. If I could—

“Dani, Dani, Dani...” Eros shut the bedroom door, as if he had been waiting for me, and shook his head. Eyes full of sin, full lips parted in pure delight, an alluring scent of cinnamon apple, he stepped closer to me and stared into my eyes.

I swallowed hard, completely entranced by his beautiful black orbs. They showed me every single one of his wants: to lock me in our bedroom, to pick me off the ground, to tug onto my hair and thrust himself deep down my throat. Every single one... crawling into my mind, fusing into every particle of my being, becoming my desires.

He curled a finger around a strand of my hair, pulling on it softly, and inhaled. “Why do you smell like Trevon?” he asked, his voice a domineering kind of tense. He grasped my horn, tugging my head to the side and placing his mouth on my exposed jaw. “His scent is all over you.” He drew his nose up the column of my neck, lips brushing against my skin.

I shivered from his touch, my toes curling. “I could ask the same thing about Lucifer.”

“You’re mine, Dani.” His hand snaked around my throat, and he squeezed lightly. “Mine to bend over our bed.” He spun me around and placed a hand on my back, pushing my chest onto the bed. His fingers curled around my hips. “Mine to touch.” He plunged his hand into my jeans, rubbing them harshly against my panties. “Mine to make cum when I want you to cum.”

I grasped onto his wrist, arching my back and pressing my ass against his hardness. His fingers moved in quick circles around my clit, making me clench. Heat warmed my core, and I closed my eyes. “Eros, don’t stop.” His fingers moved even quicker, pressure building in my core. “Eros... Eros... I’m going to—”

He pulled his fingers off my core, and I whimpered. “Don’t do this...” I tugged his wrist toward my clit, yet he didn’t move.

Instead, he grasped a fistful of my hair and pulled me closer to him, his lips against my ear, those tortuous fingers just hovering over my clit and teasing me. “I do what I want with you, Dani.” He chuckled deeply into my ear. “You should know this by now.” He turned me around to face him, wrapped his hand around my throat, and thrust his finger into me.

My demon stirred, begging for me to kiss him. Just one taste, that’s all she wanted. We weren’t that greedy. We could hold back from taking all of his soul. My heart raced, and I watched his lips part. Unless he tasted too good, then we wouldn’t be able to control ourselves, then we’d take all of him and savor every single...

Eros pushed my head to the side and stepped closer to me, pressing his cock against my stomach and letting me feel it grow. God, it was so big, so damn big. He ran his nose up the side of my neck. Pure ecstasy ran through my veins, every time he’d pull his fingers away and waited for me to settle back down.

We could’ve been there for hours—I didn’t know, nor did I care. The scent of cinnamon and Delights and apples was enough to keep me teetering on the edge. Nothing could ruin this moment...

But then he brushed his fangs against the crook of my neck, and I gasped, my eyes shooting open. All I could see was fire, lava, a kingdom of ash and of heat and of... Javier standing in front of me with those sinful maroon eyes that made me want to devour him all over again. I would be lying if I said that I didn’t want to taste his lips, to taste his licorice and his wrath again.

I slammed my hands hard into Javier’s chest, my vision slowly starting to come back to me. Instead of Javier stumbling back, Eros did, his brows drawn up in confusion and in fear. He placed his hands on my forearms, trying to calm me down.

“Dani,” he whispered, all his lust disappearing. “Are you okay?”

After shaking my head to rid myself of that damn disgusting man, I inhaled Eros’s cinnamon, my body relaxing.

Cinnamon. Cinnamon. Cinnamon. I loved Eros and his cinnamon.

“You enjoy my licorice too, Dani,” Javier said in my mind.

I shrieked and shook my head. No. No. No. He wasn’t really there. He couldn’t be. Javier was dead. Javier was long gone. I killed him. I was sure of it. I cut off his horns, as Eros told me to do, and sent him off into the pits of Tartarus so he would burn for eternity.

Eros wrapped his arms around my body and pulled me closer to him. “Dani,” he murmured against my neck. He grasped my hand and placed it over my parents’ ring. I rubbed the cool, smooth texture, and took a deep breath. “It’s me... Eros.” He paused for a moment. “You’re okay, Dani. It’s me.”

He parted his lips to say something else, then pushed them back together. A moment passed, then two, and I had the urge to blurt out every single thing that had happened since this morning, but I didn’t.

How would Eros react to me dreaming about his brother?


Thanks to his parents constantly putting him down and making him seem as if he wasn’t a true incubus... he already felt like he wasn’t good enough. What would he think when he compared my dreams of him to my dreams of his brother?

I parted my lips, unable to get any words from coming out of my mouth.

“What just happened?” Eros asked, pulling away from me. “You had that same look on your face you had when you killed Javier, that same look of... insatiable desire.”

My eyes widened. “No,” I said, shaking my head. I did not desire a dead man and I did not desire his brother. Ever. I hated Javier for what he did to Trevon, almost as much as Eros hated him. I shook my head again, trying to convince myself that what I was thinking was true. “Nothing’s wrong. I’m just...” I took a deep breath, my shoulders rolling forward. “I’m just stressed out about everything. Sathanus. Biast.” Javier. “Trevon and Maria. Being crowned commander.” I gazed up into his eyes. “What if... what if Lust doesn’t accept me?”

Eros lips turned into a frown for a split moment. “Lust already loves you because of your father.”

“But I’m not my father,” I said. “I’m a half-angel, half-demon hybrid leading one of the most powerful kingdoms in Hell. What if everyone thinks I’m not fit to rule?”

He ran his fingers through my hair, near my horns, and made me hum in delight. “You’ll be fine, Dani. Nobody will find out about you. I will make sure of it.” He pressed his lips to my forehead. “Tomorrow we meet with the other commanders to officially announce your crowning and then we’ll continue your training.”

My eyes widened. “Other commanders? Even Sathanus?”

“He won’t hurt you. If he comes within five feet of you, I’ll have his throat.”

I hesitated but then nodded my head. Eros would protect me. He protected me from all the darkness so far, he will protect me with this too. But... he couldn’t protect me from the demon inside me, and he couldn’t protect me from the truth.

Eros tugged on my hand. “Let’s go lie down.”

“I’ll go to bed soon.” I pulled my hand away from his and smiled. “I want to go read Dad’s journal to clear my mind.” I paused for a moment when his eyes flashed a deeper black. “I promise that I’ll be back up.”

After pressing my lips to his, I walked to Dad’s office. I hadn’t had much time to read through our family journal yet, but I had taken it from the library and locked it in his desk. I sunk into Dad’s chair and pulled it out.

A thick layer of dust covered the maroon leather binding. I took off my ring and stuck Mom’s pendant into the heart-shaped key slot. With a low click, the book unlocked. After putting the ring back onto my finger, I blew out a deep breath.

Part of me wanted to go upstairs with Eros and worry about this journal tomorrow, but I couldn’t. I didn’t want to dream of Javier again and I didn’t want to daydream of him either.

Once I opened the book, I aimlessly skipped through the first few pages. I should probably talk to someone like Dr. U had always suggested, but who could I talk to? Not Eros. Not Trevon. Not Kasey. Not Luci. Maria didn’t like talking about Javier, so she was out of the question. The only people I had down here were Mom and Dad... I drew my thumb over my ring... and they weren’t even here.

After shuffling through some pages of Dad’s journal, I stopped at one labeled Beliel’s Prophecy. Unlike all the other pages, this page had been torn out of another journal and stuffed into this one. The off-white paper felt brittle, the handwriting a strong cursive.

Beliel’s Prophecy

Beliel, the first angel to have her wings seared off by God, fell from the Heavens above. Though nobody ever saw her again, she carved her prophecy into a stone in Wrath, claiming to have seen the future as the first fallen angel.

The stone reads:

Three demons will rise from the ashes:

The Devil, The Beast, The False Prophet.

God will call them the Triad of Sinners,

We will call them the Unholy Trinity.

Under them, Hell will rule the Earths,

And Heaven will fall to ruin.

And, as soon as I read those words, my stress went through the damn roof. Being a Commander was more than I bargained for.

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