Rebel's Imprinted Mate

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When you are running, from life. It’s rare to find your destiny.........! But sometimes destiny have its own way to find you.......!☆Rachael Santiago, most powerful stoicheiódis (Greek word for elemental)in ace history.with her ability control four elements of earth. Air. Water. Fire. Lighting. She known as lethal weapon, with her special gift and darkness to kill mercilessly as mafia queen. Nobody dare to challenge her.......until Now.----xxx---"How can be a women so heartless"he hissed whilst showing disgust .I smirked turn toward bar and refill my wine glass. Take a sip and look straight in his eyes. I don't know why I allow him to talk , and disrespect me. 'Cuz If someone else dare to even look in my eyes. He's dead game by now.' But I can't see myself harm him. God knows why?.... maybe I want someone dare to challenge me?......maybe I enjoy this game."Look who's lectured about me being heartless " I laugh bitterly.He take a threatening step towards me and about to lunged at me. I raised a hand to stop him. His body forcefully hit wall behind him with loud thud!.....and sank at wooden floor. I step toward him like predator about to attack his prey. He try to stand to his feet , it's useless 'Cuz I know how hard I hit him with my wind ability' "Be careful next time councilman cullan" I take last look at his stagling self . I feel hurt?for him?...don't know why I feel th--

Fantasy / Mystery
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" Beginning "

When you are running, from life. It’s rare to find your destiny.........!

But sometimes destiny have its own way to find you.......!

😊 Prologue 😘


A small figure running in darkness of alleyway, a girl, fifteen year ol’, panting unable to take breath, body trembling like leaf, cheeks strain from tears, running like river. A gun in small shakey hands ,as her life depend on it.......actually it is.

Let me introduces myself , I’m Rachael santiago. Daughter of Raphael and Vanessa Santiago, my parents ,council members of secret society of aces, and owner of Santiago groups of companies .

Ace or charmed or gifted, you name it. Its a society of the supernatural humans, humans who born with superpowers.

Each families or as we said Clan’s members having different and unique gifts from others. We have our gift from birth , we can feel it within us , but due to incapacity of human body to control such extreme powers, we able to control it, after majority.....or when you cross eighteen age . Right?....I think the same. But not any more

Breathing heavily, i drop on my knees and pull my body against nearest wall beside dumpster , for supporting my worn out self and try to hide from my intruders.

I have no where to go, but daddy said me to run as far as I can, and soon he came to find me. He give no answers of any of my questions when he hand me a gun and said use it to save myself. we all are in clan mansion’s backyard, when we attack by rival clan , cuz they want something from

I heard footsteps , they are near me. I panicked , thought what can I do now?. My dad taught me self-defence. But how can a small girl like me fight against two well build men. But I know, I have to. I’m out of choices now.

One of them step near dumpster, I hold gun tightly. and leaned further in wall. I know I have to do something now. He take another step and about to turn in my side, I ran out from shadows kick his knee hard and pull trigger. Bullet shoot in his shoulder , he screamed and loose balance for a moment, dropped on ground . I took that opportunity and run towards another one, shocked from my sudden attack, shoot in his knee exact. Thank God daddy trained me well, otherwise I don’t stand a chance. And start ranning in different direction from them. my knees are about to give out, but I manage to reach near road but stay hidden in shades, in hope to find some help.

I saw a flashlights in distance , and soon a car come in view. I know its a last chance of my survival ’cuz I have no more strength to run. And sooner or later they found me.

With last bit of strength I run. Out from shades towards car. I , reach in middle of road and wave my hands in universal sigh. I know its crazy to stand in middle of road , and top of it in front of running car, mommy told me this....but I’m desperate now. When car about to slow down , I heard a gunshot.

And feel something wet, liquid dipped from my shirt, and unbearable pain in my chest . I drop down in middle of road on my knees . I look down and touch wet spot where my heart is.........Blood.

My blood. My eyes wide in realisation, and head start to spin, I drop on ground as darkness start to engulfed me.

But I’m able to sence commotion near me, car screeched sound, several gun shots, someone’s shouting ,screams. Soon two strong arms picked me up against something hard against my cheeks and start moving.

I lost all my energy but still,

Just one last thought before darkness full taken over me- ‘I want to live’

I step back in my consciousness and feel terrible headache ever, sound of machines beeping and dreadful smell of medicines isn’t helping either. My body is numb i can’t feel anything. No pain. Sound of machines and smell of medicines indicate i’m in hospital room. How can I get their? Who took me to hospital? And why can’t I feel anything, I remember I shot in heart. I should be dead by now. Shouldn’t I?

Sound of heavy metal broke my trails of thoughts. I shoot open my eyes then close it instantly. I’m weak, from exessive blood loss. I can’t even stand a mere contact of light. I feel someone’s near my bed and talking something.

" ...... take her with you....home ”

" you......can't Mr. King..... you are not ...... legal guardian "

" what "

" ..... her .......... dead "

I don’t understand what they are talking about. But I heard men voice.

Are they talking about me. But why? Where they are taking me. I don't know these voices. Who they are? Why they are helping me. A mere stranger. Or they knew about gifts, and want to take advantage of my powers.

What if they are same clans people's from whom I running. Who attack my home..... home....mommy, daddy , Derek.

Where is my family, daddy's said he will found me when everything alright. But why he's not here . Why I'm still alone. what am i lost?...or worst kidnapped.

With that thought I feel my heart beats madly in my chest. But if I'm really kidnapped and never found my way back home.

I want to go home. I want my mommy and daddy. I want to go back to my clan. Where are you daddy? Please find me fast.

I lost in my thoughts when i heard a woman’s voice said “ yes boss ” before I lost in darkness again....


Hey guys....

‘Ace’ this is beginning of my new story.

I hope you enjoy, so show your support and like.share.comment !. ....and follow for more updates.

Luv u😘 all


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