Son of the Moon Goddess: Spin-off to Secrets of an Omega

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Chapter 9: Mine


I sat behind Grayson, with my green eyes staring at the back of his head intently as the events of the day played back in my mind. I could not, no, not at all, get the feeling of lingering sparks out of my mind. In fact, could swear that the tingling feeling was still on the surface of my skin as the feeling of static bounced across every inch of it, teasing me.

Admittedly, I was quite tired, and after a few more minutes of just staring at blond hair, I felt my eyes slowly droop closed, but then open wide as soon as I heard the sounds of loud snoring next to me. It was then that I remembered the idiots, Tweedle-Dee-and-Tweedle-Dumb, sitting next to me. They, took up most of the three seats with their tall, bough bodies, leaving my limbs dangling uncomfortably over the edge of the multi-coloured, dusty blue chair. This was why it irritated me that they both needed to sit next to me, despite the two empty chairs next to Grayson. I somehow find myself coming up with the theory that they were purposely irritating me.

I let out an irritated huff, and then forcefully tried moving them up by pushing my waist hard against Leroy. He remained motionless for a few seconds, and then began to make a few shifts here and there and uttered another few snores as his arm wrapped tightly around Dylan. I was about to try harder and had my hip lifted slightly in the air, ready to make impact with Leroy’s side, when I realised that Grayson’s crystal blue eyes were curiously watching me.

I scowled at him, despite the strange, unknown blush creeping on my face, and said, “What the hell are you looking at, Little Human?”

He took in a deep and heavy breath before saying, “I was going to ask if you wanted to sit next to me instead of those two idiots. However, if that is your attitude towards me, you can carry on with your little hip dance over there.” He then turned around and shook his head in annoyance. I on the other hand just stared at him, frozen and very confused. In fact, I was so confused and shocked that I ended up finding myself in the chair right next to him without even knowing how I ended up there. By then he had his own eyes closed and I could not help but notice how long his dark lashes were, how clear and smooth his skin was, how perfectly his nose was sculpted, and how plump and soft his lips looked. My eyes kept on flickering between his facial features and I could not help but feel as though, with every flicker of my eyes, the electric feeling between our skin began to ignite. Grayson shifted uneasily, and then he froze. His eyes then flickered open and glanced towards me. This time, however his eyes looked different. They replaced the soft, quiet eyes of the naive Grayson I had known so far. Instead, they were replaced by eyes which oozed dominance, authority and power. They were now reflecting his potent aura. His eyes, however, carried something else as well, something possessive. As I stared into them, it felt as though I was being captured and thrown into a cage. No, I was definitely right. Grayson’s eyes had me trapped in a silver cage- inescapable, suffocating and deadly. He then leaned in closer, not ever saying a word, and began making the electric feeling grow stronger. I gulped hard and practically gasped for air as his fingers made contact with my own and sent involuntary shivers up and down my spine.

Grayson was now mere inches away from me, staring at me with eyes darkened by desire. I was sure my own eyes matched his, darkened by my own desire which was now tugging at my stomach and chest causing a pleasant hot, stinging sensation. Grayson then moved his fingers from my own, up my arm and around my waist, and it was then that he uttered a word that made me remember exactly what these ‘symptoms’ meant.


I did not move a single inch as the wolf part of me repeated exactly what he had just said. I did not even dare to take a breath of air, despite the feeling of suffocation creeping up on me. Instead, I just stared at Grayson wide-eyed as he stared at my lips. He was about to lean in closer and claim my lips with his when, in a panicked hurry, I pushed him away from me, stood up and hurried back to my previous seat, never once daring to look up and be consumed by the blue orbs which now looked at me in concern, shock and confusion.

My heart was beating so fast and so loud that I could hear it throbbing in my ears. My cheeks were so hot that I was sure they resembled the colour of blood and I could not stop the shaking of my hands as I realised the depth of the situation. Firstly I had found my mate, which was exceptionally rare, considering that the Moon Goddes, Alpha Rose, no longer created mate bonds. Instead she allowed wolves the freedom to love who ever they chose and could voluntarily be mated together by special request. This, however, was not the most shocking part of the situation.

The most shocking part, was that my mate was a human.

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