Son of the Moon Goddess: Spin-off to Secrets of an Omega

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Chapter 1: Grayson Lupus-Titan


“GRAYSON LUPUS-TITAN! IF YOU DO NOT GET YOUR BUTT DOWN HERE THIS INSTANT, I WILL THROW YOUR PHONE INTO THE TOILET… AGAIN!” This was all it took for me to shoot up out of bed and make my way downstairs faster than the speed of light.

“Mom!” I yelled as I gently stroked the smooth casing of my phone as though it were the most precious thing to me. “Why do you keep on doing this. This is the fifth time this year! Everytime you throw my phone away or in the toilet or break it with a hammer, I need to re-add my contacts, download all of my textbooks again and worst of all… I have to explain to everyone why I need their numbers again.”

My mother, however seemed unphased by my statement. This was the hundredth time I had given this lecture to her, and clearly, they were not working.

Soon, the footsteps of my father could be heard, and my ears peeked up in anticipation.

“Finally, someone with sense. Dad!” I yelled.

My father made his way into the kitchen, took one look at the phone and my mother’s face, and decided to turn away. Traitor.

“Sense huh?” My mother said sarcastically. “Get dressed for school Grayson, your sister Rachel was going to have to walk to school all by herself. Thank goodness your father was awake and went to go drop her off. Honestly Grayson, why do you keep on waking up so late?”

I stayed silent. I did not want to have to admit the reason of my constant lethargy to my mother, especially because she was an alpha… and the Moon Goddess. Having to admit that I needed to train day and night to keep my place as number one in physical training, battle skills and hand- to – hand combat because I was human and not naturally as strong as the wolves, would be useless. My mother did not understand a thing about weakness… she had never been weak once in her life.

I had been trying to ignore the fact that I was a human in hopes that everyone else would forget it too. However, it was slowly taking its toll on my body. All I could do was hope that it was all worth it, that my mother would keep our deal that we had made all those years back.

Once I had gotten dressed, I made my way back downstairs, grumpily bid my parents farewell and began walking to school, but not before being yelled at, once again, for not walking my sister to school.

“Stupid Rachel. She’s a damn werewolf and the daughter of the alpha slash Moon Goddess so who the hell is going to kidnap her? The wind? A squirrel? Red riding hood…” I continued my rant, occasionally running my fingers through my soft blond hair, messing it up in the process.

When I arrived at school, my scowl turned into a smirk as I located my two closest friends.

“Leroy, Dylan!” The two tall, heavily muscled brunettes looked up from their phones and smiled as they both nodded at me in acknowledgement.

“Hey soon to be birthday boy, and soon to be alpha!” Leroy said, his blue eyes flashing as he chuckled.

My eyes widened and I shushed him and so did Dylan. Luckily no one seemed to notice his words. Instead, people greeted as they passed me or nodded in acknowledgment.

“Really Roy, you need to stop blurting out everything like that.” I heard Dylan say as I neared the two. I nodded in agreement.

“Exactly, you’re the only two people in the whole school who knows about it. Shut up!” I yelled.

Leroy looked up, pondered for a moment, and then said, “Your sister knows.”

I was about to lose it with him. Really, I was.

“Leroy, I didn’t ask who did or did not know- you know what- just shut up okay. Just put both of your lips together tightly and keep them like that for the rest of the day.”

It wasn’t that Leroy was an idiot. On the contrary, he was practically a genius and was first in the class. Leroy, however lacked common sense, and had the tendency to be very annoying. He was, however, a really great friend. In fact, Leroy was the first friend I had made when I had gotten here. He always stood up for me every time others made fun of me for being a human. Dylan became a friend of mine a few years after. He was a new student since his parents decided to move to this pack from their previous one. He was quiet and shy but acknowledged me when I greeted him on his first day. Thereafter he stuck to me like glue, not even caring one bit that I was a human. I would like to say that Dylan had invited himself into our friendship group because he thought I was cool- I’m sure that was a factor- but really, what had sealed the deal for Dylan was Leroy whom he had fallen head over heels for the second I introduced them. They had become the ultimate “they both like each other and everyone knows except for them” of the century.

“So, has your mom said anything about tomorrow?” Dylan asked. We had begun walking to my locker so I could pack my bag.

I shook my head no.

“The last time I heard about it was eight years ago when she said that she would give me my werewolf magic on my thirteenth birthday. I never asked her about when she didn’t though- I mean, maybe she thought I was unworthy because I was still a kid. But tomorrow I’m turning eighteen and I’m sure she will give me my powers then.” I then looked at Leroy and Dylan who froze as they saw the intensity emitting from my blue eyes. “Do you guys think I’ve proven that I’m worthy?”

Both of them nodded vigorously in agreement. Leroy then leaned his arm against Dylan’s shoulder. Leroy’s eyes widened at the sudden contact, but he quickly recovered.

“Of course you are Grayson. I mean, you’re second in the class, you rank first on all physical training exercises, you’re captain of the hand-to-hand combat team, captain of the athletics team and you’ve managed to go from being shunned, to being one of the most popular guys in school. Alpha Rose is definitely going to give you your powers tomorrow, I am certain of it.”

Leroy offered an encouraging smile and so did Dylan.

“Thanks guys.” I then checked my watch, panicking as I realised that I needed to run across the whole school for my next class. “Damn it, I’m going to be late if I don’t start moving.”

And with that I ran off, almost bumping into the bunches of tightly grouped high school students. Completely ignoring Leroy and Dylan who yelled out after me.

Hopefully, they were right though. I had proven myself worthy enough, and tomorrow I was going to get my way whether my mom liked it or not.

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