Son of the Moon Goddess: Spin-off to Secrets of an Omega

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Chapter 2: Desire and panic


I sat in my office with my hands in my head. I had been getting awful headaches for the past few days and I could not understand why. Maybe I was just overworking. However, was that even possible for a Moon Goddess?

Suddenly I was brought out of my thoughts as I heard the sound of familiar footsteps and smelled a pleasant, rich decadent scent which I had come to adore more and more over the years.

Soon Deamian made his way to the door of my office, peaking his head from the doorway with a bright, mischievous smile plastered on his face.

“Did someone forget to take lunch again?” He asked walking into the office and placing a bag of food from the local café on my table. I smiled at him and said, “Always, how else am I going to get you all the way over here to my office?”

He chuckled and made his way to chair where he pulled me up with a hand, lifted me up and then sat down with me in his lap, facing him. He then placed a sweet kiss on my lips and ran his hand up and down my back, causing involuntary shivers up and down my spine. It was then that I looked back, making sure he closed the door.

“Why do you always do this everytime you come into my office?”

Deamian shrugged and said, “Because the kids complain when we’re all lovey dovey at home, remember?” Ah yes, I’d forgotten that the kids had a strict “No PDA” policy when we were around them.

Deamian then began kissing my neck and down my collarbone to my shoulder. He always knew how exactly to rile me up with his touch. Slowly I began running my fingers gently through his hair making him growl lowly and his fangs elongate. He always loved it when I did that.

“Careful Rose, you don’t want us to have another incident.” He whispered devilishly against my skin. My face soon became a shade of scarlet as I recalled us almost getting caught while we were otherwise engaged in “intimate activities” just the other week.

“Oh my gosh Deamian, did you really need to bring that up now!” I said getting up off of him, suddenly remembering the absolute embarrassment I had felt just a few weeks ago.

“Oh, come on Rose, you didn’t have to move!” He whined out like a child.

I shook my head and folded my arms. Even though Deamian and I had two children one in highschool and one only about 10 years old, we were still quite young. Thirty-three to be exact. Of course I would have liked to have kids later on in life than we originally did- not that I was complaining- but I could not find it in myself to abandon the orphaned Grayson that day we had met him after the “incident”. He was so determined and so like me that I knew I had to protect him for as long as possible. Rachel, on the other hand was completely Deamian’s fault for making me pregnant accidentally. Again, I was not complaining, because I absolutely adored my children and loved them no matter what.

Slowly I made my way to my door with a pair of keys and locked it, which was in fact, against my absolute “open door policy”. Could you blame me? Deamian practically had my legs wobbly by just a few touches and I was sure this was not where it was going to end. When it came to situations such as theses, Deamian had me wrapped around his finger and I became a prisoner to my desire which I felt towards him, and he was the jailer.

I then sat back on his lap and placed my lips back on his hungrily. He returned my kiss with just as much passion and soon, our tongues were practically attacking each other, fighting this fight of dominance I had never quiet found out how to win with Deamian. Deamian then growled lowly, lifted me up and set me down on his table with so much force that a few items had fallen to the ground. It was always like this. Passionate and impulsive with unending, inescapable desire knitted into our very movements. Love, however, was the most potent ingredient to our touches. Deamian began tugging at my clothing and I did the same to him. The moment was growing to be more and more heated and the scent of want and desire was rich in the air and the room was beginning to fill with growls and heavy panting. That was, until the whole situation was disrupted by the loud ringing of my phone which I had discovered, had also fallen on the floor.

“Don’t get that.” Deamian said as he pulled away from me breathlessly and began to attack my neck with bites and kisses.

“I can’t,” I said as I gently, and reluctantly began to push him off of me.

It honestly took every ounce of willpower to get myself away from him, especially when I was craving him so immensely.

Deamian sat himself down on his chair with the look of disappointment planted on his face as he watched me pick up the cellphone and answer.

“Yes Mrs Taylor?” I answered after seeing that the principle of Grayson and Rachel’s school had called (Rachel had been promoted to high school at a very young age since she was somewhat of a genius).

I listened intently to the voice on the end of the line, slowly growing more and more frantic as she spoke, until finally, I found myself shaking and turning the phone off in a state of panic, with only the impulse to act guiding me.

Deamian asked what had happened as he saw the shocked and panicked wreck I was becoming. I looked up at him, and realised he looked just as panicked.

“It’s Gray.” I said, grabbing the keys as well as Deamian’s arm as I spoke. “He’s been rushed to the hospital. They say he has passed out from exhaustion.”

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