Son of the Moon Goddess: Spin-off to Secrets of an Omega

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Chapter 3: Mother knows best


I opened my eyes to the worried face of my father who sat beside me, eyebrows creased in concern. As soon as he saw my opened eyes, he smiled and said, “Gray, you’re awake!”

At that instant, my mother was by my side. She looked just as worried as my father.

“Grayson,” she began, tears dropping from her eyes and falling against her pale skin, “I told you not to push yourself this hard.”

This was not the first time I had ended up in hospital. In fact, I had had many past fainting experiences and many visits to the hospital. It was yet another downside to being human, my mother could not heal me, because her werewolf magic had no effect on me, which is why I wanted to be a werewolf so badly. I wouldn’t be so weak.

I shifted slightly, stiff from lying in the bed for so long, and cleared my throat. There was a drip connected to my wrist, and I saw two sleeping bodies: Leroy and Dylan. Leroy had his head leaned against Dylan’s shoulder. Yet another reason they needed to become a couple. They soon woke up and moved away from each other embarrassed. My mother just looked at them and smiled with some sort of secret smug. She could probably tell that they liked each other too. She didn’t even need her Moon Goddess magic for that.

“Gray!” They uttered in unison and launched themselves on me. They were heavy (werewolf weight) and squashed my lungs.

“Not. Breathing…” I wheezed.

“Can you boys not kill my son please, especially not on his birthday.”

It was my birthday? I had been the hospital for that long?

I looked up at my mom questioningly and received my answer by looking more closely at her appearance. She was in a pair of different pants compared to last time I had seen her. Her hair was unbrushed, her face, puffy and so were her eyes, with dark circles underneath it. My father looked none the better, with his messy black hair even messier than I had ever seen it. So, the only deduction I could make was that I had spent the night in the hospital and that today, was in fact, my birthday.

I took a look around, staring at the few people surrounding this bed, and suddenly, thought up a brilliant idea.

“Right here, right now mom, I want you to turn me into a wolf. I am eighteen now mom, I have waited so long, it’s time.” As these words left my mouth, my mother’s face paled even more, and she began to shake slightly. Her eyes glanced across the room at the shocked faces, and I knew I had got her right where I wanted her.

She took a deep, long sigh, and the said, with tears in her eyes, “Look, Gray, I cannot change you.”

I looked up, and couldn’t focus on anything, except those words “cannot” and “change you”. It was happening again. She was brushing me off, again, and I could not keep quiet this time.

“What do you mean? Do you know for how long I’ve been waiting? I kept waiting and waiting and waiting for you to finally say ‘Grayson, it’s time, let me change you’.” By now I was fuming, and the heart rate monitor was going crazy. I was certain that my whole face was red and the veins beneath my skin were sticking out. My mother just stared at me, not angry, not hurt, but sad. I should have taken her facial expression, and my father’s wrapping his hands around her arm as my que to keep quiet. I, however, did not. Instead, I continued with my rant.

“… Am I not worthy enough? Am I nothing to you? Of course, I must be nothing. I must mean less than nothing to you, because you can’t even keep the promise that you made me when we first met.” The next words to come out of my mouth were words I wished I could have taken back the second they left. “You aren’t my mother, that must be why.”

It was at that moment that everything fell even more silent, if possible. Even the beeping of the hospital machines became inaudible. That is, until my father let out a low growl and his eyes began glowing a luminous blue colour.

“What did you just say to your mother?” He hissed with elongated fangs.

I gulped as I realised what I had uttered. Leroy and Dylan were now on their feet with eyes wide in shock, yet ever ready to stop him from doing anything rash… as if that would help. The only person who could calm him down when he was this angry, was his mate.

“Mom…” Her face became even more pale and the tears began dripping down her cheeks. She reached out and gently grabbed my father’s hand. He looked back, toward her, and immediately his face softened, and he took a step back. She glanced towards me, with the softest look on her face. It was an expression I had never ever seen on my mother’s face before. She looked so vulnerable and fragile in front of me, as though she were just a tiny little feather.

“I know I have disappointed you, son, but can you trust me? I cannot change you at this stage. And if I could, I would have already done it by now.”

“But why, mom?” My voice was pleading now.

My mother just looked at me, turned to my father who shook his head, and did the same.

“I cannot tell you that yet.”

I shook my head at her, huffed, leaned back into the bed and covered the sheets over my head, showing everyone that this conversation between my mother and I was over. Eventually I heard the sound of footsteps exiting the room and once they were inaudible, I peeked from underneath my blanket to find that everyone had left. Immediately I began kicking the sheets off my body. I pulled the drip from my arm and then began to change into some clothes.

If my mother was not going to change me, I was going to have to find someone who would.

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