Son of the Moon Goddess: Spin-off to Secrets of an Omega

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Chapter 4: Ambush in the woods


Sneaking out was no piece of cake, especially considering the fact that the packgrounds were heavily guarded and the guards new my scent very well. To make up for this, however, I used a secret exit I had learned about. It was through the old basement in the forest. Apparently one of my mother’s prisoners had managed to escape their cage and dig through the ground, forming a very unstable, very dangerous tunnel. Once I made it out, I began walking through the heavily wooded area, hoping that if I carried on walking, I would eventually find some traces of the human world. My goal was to find someone, who wasn’t under my mother’s control, to bite or scratch me so I could turn. It was a tough job since my mother’s number one rule was that no werewolf should ever bite a human. She proclaimed that all turning had to be done solely by her, and anyone who disobeyed her… well let’s just say a fate worse than death awaited. Since most werewolves loved her but deeply feared her, it would be difficult to find someone to do just that, especially when I was her human son. That was why I knew that no matter what, I would need to conceal my identity.

A few hours had passed, and I was still no closer to finding a way out of the woods. My mother really hid us away from the human world quite well and as the thought of my mother made its way into my mind, I could not help but wonder. I wondered whether they had found out that I was missing. I wondered whether they already had caught my scent. Lastly, I wonder if I had broken her heart like others had when they left her, and for a moment, I felt a warm teardrop fall from my eye, right down my cheek and fall under my chin. I quickly wiped it away, and shook my head, telling myself that the only way I could make it out of here without being caught was if I used all of the strength I had gathered from training with wolves and bolted. Yes, I knew I had not the stamina they had, but I was fast enough, and I had kept up running for a few hours. I was, however, apparently not as fast as I thought I was, because in the next few seconds I found myself standing before two large silhouettes which toward over me menacingly. Immediately I went into fight mode, instinctively analysing both males before me. The only way out of this situation, would be to run right into the torso of the one to the left, knock him down and while I am on top of him, kick the one on the right in the shin. It would buy me some extra time to make a run for it.

So I began to carry out my “fool-proof” plan, and slowly, I began to charge into the one on my right. However, my plan was surprisingly not so fool-proof, as when I ran into him, he wrapped his arms around me into a bone-crushing embrace.

“It’s good to see you too, buddy.”


The heavily muscled silhouette, now appearing as Leroy, removed his arms from my body and chuckled. The silhouetted on the left, soon neared us, and was then revealed to be none other than Dylan, who wore an annoyed expression on his face.

“You jerk, you think you could escape without us?” He said, now with the slight look of sadness and disappointment on his face.

Immediately I began to feel guilty and apologised for leaving without saying goodbye.

“Look, I just, I cannot stand being the son of the most powerful being in werewolf history, yet being completely powerless and weak, if she won’t change me, I am going to find someone who will, and I am not letting anyone stop me. I am tired of always being the one in need of saving. I am tired of being weak.” By then I was panting, and tears were streaming down my face in uncontrollable streams.

The look on Dylan’s face softened, and so did the look on Leroy’s.

“Okay, fine, we will support your decision, right, Leroy?” Leroy nodded and crossed his arms over, adamant. “We will, however, be coming with you.”

I was admittedly touched by their decision to help me, truly, I was, However, there was one teensy, tiny problem.

“My mom will track you down and she will find me as soon as she does.” I said.

Leroy smirked and said, “Oh yee of little faith. We already have a plan.”

He then scratched for something in a satchel he was carrying and took out a needle and a bottle of what seemed to be transparent liquid.

“What are those?” I asked.

“These, are what is known as werewolf suppressants. They are designed to supress werewolf magic. I tweaked it up a bit, of course, and now, they completely wipe away any trace of being werewolf for a limited amount of time. Your mom will not be able to track us down, as long as we refrain from attempting to change or attempting to change or help heal anyone. That of course, will undo the effects of this suppressant.”

Yes, Leroy lacked common sense, but again, was nothing short of genius when it came to academics.

He put the items back in his satchel and then said, “Come on, let’s get moving.”

“How did you know that I had left, and do the others know?” I asked. We were now nearing the edge of the woods as the sounds of people and cars became evident and so did a few streetlights in the distance.

Dylan, who was very grumpy as he spoke, explained to me that after the fallout with my mother, they had left but kept a close eye on me. As soon as they saw me leave, they knew that I was trying to run away and prepared everything they needed to join me as soon as they could. It was at times like this that I found myself lucky to have the friends I had.

“So, you’re saying that you ambushed me looking all disappointed and angry, knowing that you were going to come along with me in any case?” I asked, completely astound.

Both of them nodded in unison.

“Well, you would not have been Dylan and Leroy if you had done it any different.”

They had also explained that currently, no one had noticed my absence yet, since my mother had told everyone, including my little sister- who apparently insisted on seeing me with tears in her eyes- to give me some space. I was glad and sad at the mention of my family. I was glad, because even now, my mom was still looking out for me, but sad that I was going against her. I was being selfish. However, if being selfish was the only way to achieve my goal and be strong enough to protect the pack once I became a werewolf, it was worth it.

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