Son of the Moon Goddess: Spin-off to Secrets of an Omega

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Chapter 5: Mira Demetri


“So, Mr ‘Bright Ideas’, how exactly do you plan on becoming a werewolf?” Dylan asked as he took a sip from his chocolate milkshake. He honestly looked worse for wear, and so did Leroy. Cleary they were not used to being human and having no extra energy from their wolf magic.

“I am going to find someone willing and able to turn me.” I said pushing the burger I had ordered aside. It was not that it did not look appetising, because honestly, everything in this human restaurant looked delightful, it was more that I had no appetite. Ever since my visit to the hospital I had felt nothing but sick.

“Someone who is willing and able? Who the hell would that be? Any werewolf would be suicidal to even think about biting the son of the Moon Goddess.” Leroy practically yelled.

Dylan began to hush him and shoved a French fry into his mouth. Thus, began the quarrel between the two lovebirds. It was one which I completely ignored as my focus stayed fixated on someone sitting in the corner. I had noticed her the moment we had stepped into the store and her inquisitive green eyes made contact with mine. She did not look familiar, but something about her gave me the intense feeling of déjà vu.

Her dark, cherry red hair was loose and fell in loose curls along her shoulder and reached her lower back, curling perfectly at each end. She had pale, almost ghost-like skin which stood out against the brilliance of her red hair. She was well structured with lean muscle and broad, yet quite bony shoulders. The radiance of her beautiful smile and the kind essence in her eyes proved to mimic her appearance. Her aura was strong and bold. She had a presence which could not be ignored, even if you wished to ignore it. However, her appearance and presence were the least of my concern. I was more focused on her pointy ears which perked up, as if listening to our entire conversation.

“…right, Grayson?”

I snapped out of my thoughts and was met with the sight of my two best friends, practically clinging onto each other, with flushed faces inches away from the other.

“Do you guys need a room or…?”

Immediately they let go of each other and sat awkwardly with fingers being fiddled with.

“That was not what was said, Gray. I asked whether out of the two of us, I was the strongest human.”

“Well,” I started, as I stood up and began to walk to the table of the red-haired girl, “No need to concern yourself with that. I am the strongest here.” By the time I had finished my last word, I was right in front of her. Her eyes did not look up into mine this time. Instead, they looked down, moving left to right almost in a panicked fashion.

“Do I know you?” I asked as I slid into a seat opposite her.

Suddenly, she stood up, wordlessly and began walking away from me.

“Wait-“ But by the time I tried to reach for her, she had disappeared out the door, and when I ran after her, and peered from the open door of the restaurant, it seemed as though she had vanished altogether.

“Grayson, what the hell is wrong with you?”

Leroy pulled me from the door and looked at me in shock. He had every right to be shocked. This was so unlike me. I was usually shy and kept to myself, however, just now, I had gone up to a random stranger I had never met before and spoken to her. It was almost as though I was being pulled by could only describe as a thread. Little did I know that it was, in truth, the golden thread of fate.

I could not forget about the redhaired girl I had seen in the restaurant earlier on in the day. Even now, as I tossed and turned in my cold, hard, creaky bed. Eventually, I tossed the covers off of my bed and got dressed into a pair of jeans, a T-shirt and a thick jacket and exited the room, leaving my two snoring bestfriends, who were now cuddled up together and shivering on the couch. The air outside was cold. In fact, I had realised that it was colder out here than it was back home. That would explain why the two back in the room were so closely cuddled together. Not to mention they no longer had any werewolf heat left.

I snuggled deeper into my jacket and leaned against the balcony, looking over the city lights as I thought of my mother’s beautiful face, my father’s handsome, playful face and the face of my little sister Rachel who always respected me and always looked out for me, never once making me feel less than her older brother. And as I thought this, I found myself once again, shedding a single tear, however, before it reached the bottom of my chin, it was wiped away clean from my skin by a warm, gentle finger. I looked down to see a pair of green eyes which stared at me in curiosity. They were almost hidden under a blue and white cap from which delicate tendrils of red hair peaked. As soon as I stared into them, I could not help but feel, once again the strange familiarity I felt towards her.

“It’s too cold to be crying out here alone. Want some warm cocoa?” She asked.

I gulped down and nodded, wiping away the rest of the teardrop on my cheek. After she had come out of her room- which I discovered was right next to ours- with a cup of warm cocoa, she handed it to me and said, “I make it a point not to meet the same face twice, however, I can’t seem to stop running into you today.”

I just sipped my cocoa wordlessly, yet not taking my eyes off of her. She now turned towards the city and stared at it, as if deep in thought. It was then that I decided to finally find my voice and speak.

“Have we met before?” I then realised how unclear I was regarding what I truly wanted to find out. “I mean, have we met before today?”

“It’s not likely.” She said staring out into the sky again. “As I said, I make it a point not to meet the same people twice.”

It was now that she was up close that I realised that although she was quite a few inches shorter than me, her facial features told me that she was approximately the same age as I was.

Suddenly she looked up at me, and her eyes became stern, totally opposing the kind eyes I had previously been met with.

“So now that we have met for the second time today, and I have wiped away your tears, given you some of my cocoa and entertained you with a few words, I suggest we do not meet again. With that she grabbed the empty cup from my hand, turned sharply, and then vanished into her room before I could even call out after her. I however, just as the door shut behind her, a name tag dropped from her back pocket and fell from to the ground. I picked it up from the ground and stared at it for a moment. As I held it up, I realised that it was not a nametag, but instead an ID. On it was the face, name and birthdate of the stranger I had just met. Her name was Mira Demetri and she was born just two years before I was. I clutched onto it for a while, unsure of whether to return it or not. I was just about to knock on her door and give it to her, when I suddenly had the strange feeling that I needed to keep it with me. With a sigh, I shoved the ID into my pocket and decided it would be best to sleep. I would return it to her tomorrow.

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