Son of the Moon Goddess: Spin-off to Secrets of an Omega

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Chapter 6: Weightless


I awoke to the sight of a blur of the black material of Grayson’s jacket as he exited the room and closed the door behind him. It was then that I began to notice the loud snores next to me and the feeling of a cool, shivering body against mine. I looked down to see the sleeping face of Leroy and smiled. His extraordinarily handsome face was framed with luscious tendrils of brown hair, some of which fell into his face, covering his tightly shut eyelids. I gently moved the hair away from his eyes and began running my fingers through his silky soft hair. Anyone in the world who saw the way I looked at him would know immediately how much I cared for him.

“Why don’t you understand my feelings?” I mumbled out with a sigh. I then gently removed myself from him, being extremely careful not to wake him up. Slowly, I made my way to the door where I opened it slightly and peaked through the opening I had made. I was curious to see what exactly Grayson was up to out there. Surprisingly, I saw him standing with a cup of cocoa in his hands, right next to the young woman we had seen in the restaurant earlier on that day. I could not place my finger on it, but there was something suspicious about her. No, to be quite frank, I did not like her, no, I did not like her one bit.

Deciding to rather climb back into the warm embrace of Leroy than stay out in the cold, I quickly tiptoed to the couch and got under the covers, wrapping my arms around him. In the morning I would probably make up an excuse as to why we were so close and why my arms were so tightly wrapped around him.

However, despite my loudly beating heart, the heat coursing through my blood and the euphorically tight feeling in my chest which arose every time I was near him, I couldn’t help but feel uneasy about the girl Grayson was talking to on the other side of this door. I honestly hoped that we would never see again after today.

Trying to block out the uneasy feeling and attempting to embrace the euphoric one, I snuggled closer to Leroy, enjoying this weightless feeling of being near him. Being so close to him always made me wonder if we would be chosen as mates if Alpha Rose still kept the mate tradition. Would we have been fated? Would this feeling of weightlessness be even greater, making us both float in our own pool of euphoric ecstasy. At least, that was how I imagined it to be.

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