Son of the Moon Goddess: Spin-off to Secrets of an Omega

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Chapter 6: Werewolf


When I awoke the next day, the first thought on my mind was returning the ID to Mira. So, I literally rolled out of bed and landed on the ground with a loud thud, which seemed to wake the sleeping “not-official-couple” sleeping on the couch. They both immediately flew from each other and hugged themselves with their arms awkwardly.

“I um… it was cold and uh…” Dylan began.

“Yeah no, I um understand you know-”

I shook my head at the two and began to speak, “If you two are done pretending not to have intentionally clung to each other last night, I have some important business.”

Leroy looked up at me confused, and asked, what business I had. It was a question which I chose to ignore, and which they both chose to continue asking as I exited the room and made my way to the neighbour’s door.

As soon as I tried knocking the door, it swung open, revealing the fiery redhead. She had a towel in her hand, which she used to ruffle up and dry her wet, curly hair and she looked up at me in confusion.

“Can I help you with something, guy-I-told-specifically-not-to show-up-in-front-of-me.”

“Um, that would be kind of difficult seeing as we’re neighbours, wouldn’t it?”

She kept quiet, but her questioning look turned even more sour. I then dug in my jacket pocket and presented her, her ID. She took a quick glance at the ID, then back at me, then finally, the ID again.

“Where did you get this?” She asked as she snatched it from my hands and looked at me with eyes brimmed with what I could only describe as fear and panic.

I explained to her that I had found it last night and then began to question why exactly she was so possessive over her ID. In fact, I had realised that everything about this girl seemed oddly suspicious.

“Yesterday, you were listening to the conversation between my friends and I, weren’t you?” She refused to answer me, but kept her green eyes fixed on my blue ones.

“And what if I was?” She spat.

Yes, she was definitely someone suspicious. It now had me wondering whether us being neighbours was a coincidence at all.

It was at this point, that my anger took over me, as well as my panic. I grabbed her wrists and pushed her into her room and kept pushing until her body hit the wall. I was in no mood to deal with any spies.

“Tell me right now, who are you and why are you following us.”

Mira then looked up at me with swirling, luminous eyes and elongated barred teeth, she then growled lowly and I found my hands slipping from her wrists as she pushed back. It was then that I realised that this girl was undoubtedly a-

“Werewolf!” It was Leroy who spoke. Within a matter of seconds, they were both at my side, glaring down at Mira angrily. Mira then began to let loose a few punches which Leroy and Dylan unfortunately were too slow to block as a result of their lack of werewolf reflexes. I on the other hand was used to relying on my human strength and dodged her punches perfectly. I then attempted to land a few of my own and was successful, until she caught my fist with her hand and brought me right up close to her. Our faces were now mere inches away from each other and I could see a mischievous smirk appearing on her face.

“You are one tough human,” She said.

I then took the opportunity to wrap my hands around her torso and brought her closer to me in a bone crushing embrace.

“Well, I’ve met tougher wolves than you, but you’re not too bad yourself.”

“Hey, are you two fighting or about to make out? I can’t tell.” Dylan said, getting himself off of the floor.

Mira’s claws and teeth retracted, and her eyes returned back to their normal green colour as she looked down at the closeness of our bodies. I immediately let go of her and awkwardly scratched my head.

Dylan then held out a hand for Leroy who grabbed it and used it to help him stand on his feet.

“Who are you?” Leroy asked.

Mira sighed and shook her head, “Guess there’s no use hiding it now. The name’s Mira Demetri. I’m a werewolf, but I guess you humans already know that.”

Leroy was about to protest when I sternly shook my head at him. It would be to our advantage if she knew as little about us as possible, and judging by the way Dylan was eyeing her, he knew that too.

“So why are you following us around, Mira?” I asked curiously.

She then looked up at me and said, “You’re looking for someone to change you into a werewolf. I can’t say that I can help you with that, seeing as our sacred deity, the Moon Goddess Rose forbids us from turning humans, and I quite frankly, I am trying to avoid her. I have, however, learned of a person who may be able to help. I have been trying to track her down for the past few months but she always slips through my fingers-”

“Why are you looking for her?” Dylan spoke. His whole demeanour was now filled with a potent sense of hostility, and quite frankly, it was terrifying.

She shifted nervously then shook her head. “I’m not here to talk to you about myself. I am here to ask you for help. I could use a bit more money and judging by your clothes and the things you ordered yesterday, you must have quite a bit.”

I looked at her for a moment as I processed everything, she had told me, and then asked, what I thought to be a vital question, “Why do you need money?”

Apparently, she needed the money to pay people for their intel on the person who could help. I was, however, still suspicious of her and began pacing around the room as I analysed the situation. Despite this girl being incredibly mysterious and suspicious and sneaky, she would be of great use to us, especially considering that we had no plan whatsoever, and she seemed to have everything figured out.


Dylan stared up at me in shock and grabbed my shirt as he harshly whispered, “Are you freaking kidding me? We just met this lady and now you want us to team up with her? Do you know how dangerous this is?”

I understood his concern. Being the son of the Moon Goddess was the equivalent of being the son of a billionaire. I was a treasured jewel to potential kidnappers, especially considering that I was a human.

“Dyl, this is the only option we have so far. Can you please just try to trust me? Have I ever let you down before?” I asked. His eyes began to soften, and he let out a loud huff and then nodded.

“Fine, I will trust you.”

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