Son of the Moon Goddess: Spin-off to Secrets of an Omega

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Chapter 8: Symptoms


Within the span of exactly a day and a few hours I had been able to deduce about three things about these three idiots who were now packing their bags, ever ready to follow me to my next source of intel regarding the famed “Moon Lady”. First, all of them were terribly naïve, except for the nasty little runt I had now gotten to know as Dylan. Second, all three were as close as brothers, however, the two brunettes seemed to be closer than just that. Lastly, they followed Grayson, the handsome, mysterious human, around like a werewolf followed their alpha. To be honest, the three shared a strange dynamic, closely knit by secrets.

“So, are we going to take a bus?” Grayson asked as he zipped his bag up and slipped it onto his back, allowing his muscles to flex with each movement. Admittedly, I found myself strangely drawn to him. There was something about him that had me unable to remove my eyes from him at all, and I often found myself absently staring at him. Yes, he was handsome, probably more than just handsome, but it wasn’t that, that caught my attention. He had a sort of authority brimming about him, as though the world deserved to bow down to him; to lay down at his feet. He didn’t do anything on purpose to show it though, it was just his aura.

“Yup,” I said, popping the “p” sound and moved towards the door. However, before I could even exit it, Dylan’s heavily muscled forearm stopped me.

“Listen here, you little bitch, if you are trying to trap us or lie to us at all, I will not hesitate to snap your neck.” He seethed. With each word he leaned in closer with fiery eyes and flaring nostrils.

I gave a little chuckle as I remembered how week he was just moments ago, and then said, with seething sarcasm, “You? Really? I’m so scared, human.”

I then moved his arm away from me and shoved passed him. Once I was outside, I checked my watch, which had become an instinctive habit over time and began to panic as I realised how late in the day it was- 1 p.m. to be exact. For a person in my situation, with my background and in my shoes, timing was everything.

“You idiots, we need to get going,” I said, dragging each one of the three humans out of the room and hurrying them along. As I did, I couldn’t help but feel what seemed to feel the slight tingly feeling of sparks as my skin touched Grayson. It was so light and so slight that I would not have even paid them any attention if it had not been for Grayson who immediately turned around and stared at our joined hands. We stood still for a matter of seconds, deeply concerned. If fact, it took a full 10 seconds before either one of us uttered a word.

“Um, that wasn’t-”

I, however cut myself off. This was the second time feeling the slight sparks, the first, being during our little fight earlier. At first, I had though it was actually all in my head, but now, seeing that he felt it too, and watching his reaction, I was certain that they were anything but imaginary.

Grayson let my hand go, but never ceased to keep his eyes fixed on mine, as though searching them for something.

“Hey!” A Leroy’s voice broke in, shattering our strange interest in each other. “You just started bitching about how we need to get going, so if you too could stop staring at each other and actually start moving your legs.”

Grayson turned away from me wordlessly and then began walking towards the two boys, leaving me wondering what was actually going on in his mind and what was actually going on between the two of us. All of this did, somehow bring up a feeling of familiarity, as thought I had heard about these types of symptoms occurring between wolves before, I could however, not quite place my finger on it. All I knew was that I needed to try to stay as far away as Grayson as I could possibly be.


Did I forget how to count in the previous two chapters, yes, yes I did. Am I sorry, yes, yes I am. I will fix it soon, do not worry!

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