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Chapter 1

The air was thick and stank. Isabelle sat in a corner, leaning against the cold stone. No light ever came in here, not that she needed it anyway.
Ever since Dmitrij had changed her, she needed no light to see, no air to breathe, and no food to eat. All she truly ever needed was blood.

The hunters who had imprisoned her provided her some, but only enough to keep her alive. The last centuries she had spent just sitting here, in this corner, in a half-awake state.

She had lost track of the time a long time ago, she watched as the hunters changed, as their technology advanced, language changed and how other vampire came and left or got killed. Some would have lost hope, but Isabelle knew deep down in her heart that Dmitrij had not forgotten her. He was out there, searching for her.

The commotion outside was getting louder, she had heard plans about relocating. For days they had been scrambling around.
They had mentioned that she had to be moved into a more modern cell. Ever since she had heard that, she had forced herself to stay as alert as she could. It could be her chance to get out, even though she had no idea how. Isabelle had been a very young vampire when they captured her, she had barely learned the basics from Dmitrij. In theory she should be powerful by now, but she had spent the whole time basically comatose, with no chance to explore her own abilities.
Maybe not getting a full share of blood for so long had kept her from becoming truly strong?

“Jim don’t open the door, are you fucking crazy?!”
Whoever tried to stop the door from opening by calling out was too late. The door opened and bright light fell onto her. That was when her instincts took over and with a sharp hiss, she leaped forward, grabbing the young man who had stumbled through the door and sank her fangs into his neck. She effectively ripped his throat out, just to get his blood into her mouth as fast as possible.
A shot was fired, blasting away half of her face.
But it didn’t matter, as a childe of Dmitrij she didn’t have to worry about healing. His cursed blood ran strong through her veins.
In a matter of minutes, her face had fully regenerated. This was the reason why she was still alive; they couldn’t kill her. Not that they hadn’t tried, over and over again.
“What the fuck!”
The hunter tried to hastily reload his gun, his hands shaking. Before he could finish, however, she grabbed him, pressing him hard against the wall.
Without any hesitation she bit him, savoring the sweet taste of fresh blood. He struggled but it didn’t matter, she was way stronger than him. Slowly the erratic pulse of his heart got slower until it stopped.

Isabelle cleaned her mouth with the back of her hand. Her thirst was finally not burning anymore. She could still drink more but she wasn’t on the verge of dying anymore.

Now that she could think clearly, she scanned her surroundings.
The old corridor was no longer lit by torches, instead, strange glass balls were hanging from the ceiling. Their light was unnatural, almost painful.
A slight groan escaped her, as she crouched down to check what the hunters had on them. Not a single key was to be found, just a weird plastic card, reminding her of playing cards. She kept it anyway, if a hunter had it with them down here, it had to be used for something.

Next was a strange device that was pretty thin and lit up when she pressed on it. It displayed some numbers, she assumed it was maybe something like a date or time. She had seen hunters talk to it before, but how it exactly worked was beyond her.

She put both card and device into the pockets her prison wear had. They had given this to her some time ago. It was an one-piece in an ugly orange. It had been the first time in her life that she wore pants. Unfitting for a woman, especially of her status, but admittedly very convenient right now. Luckily, she had also picked up on the language they spoke now, but her vocabulary was limited. But it would be enough to figure things out once she got outside, at least she hoped so.
With a long sigh she slowly started heading towards the direction most of the commotion had been coming from. Maybe there was an easier way out, but she was itching to punish those who had restrained her for so long.

She looked into other cells, but most of them were empty. One smelt faintly familiar, but she couldn’t quite where she had smelt it before. Finally, she had reached the end of the corridor, just around a corner. The door looked out of place; it was painfully clear it had been replaced just recently. Instead of an old heavy wood door, which she recalled from when she got dragged in, there was a sleek metal door.
She could try to break it, but there was no doubt that, like all the walls and doors here, it was reinforced with silver. Next to it was a tiny slab hanging on the wall. Reminding her a bit of the device she had found. With curiosity, she poked it and it jumped to life. It seemed to have instructions on it, but sadly she couldn’t read it. She frowned if it only was in French. With a sound of resignation, she pulled her findings out of her pocket. First, she pressed the similar looking device against the slab. Nothing.
Annoyed she put it back into her pocket and grabbed the card. Before it even touched the slab, it jumped to green, the door hissing open.
So those cards worked like keys. Making a mental note for herself she stepped through the door into a large staircase. Everything was grey, floor, and walls. The only way was up, so she slowly started climbing the stairs, cautiously, and focusing on every little sound she could hear. There was constant humming filling the air, with some crackles, and the further she got up the more noises added.
The sound of humans, some were speaking, more humming, and crackling. Another door came in view. This one had no lock. But she could hear a lot of hunters behind it. A low growl emitted from her chest as she smiled wickedly.
Today was the day they would all die.

She kicked the door open, not bothering to even check the room, she just jumped on the first human in rage, ripping his head straight off.
Screams arose and filled the air, all hell broke loose. The humans were scrambling to either reach their weapons or run, obviously fully surprised by her appearance.
Isabelle dodged a bullet, ripped the arm of the shooter off and went straight for his heart.

She got shot several times but just didn’t care. Once the fight had gotten heated, her rational thoughts had been fully turned off. Only instinct, rage and bloodlust reigned in her. In trance, she ripped, tore and bit, until no one was left. Her breath was labored not to fill her lungs with air but to suck in the aroma of all the blood around her. She was drenched in it.

No hunter had survived, she had drunk even more of their blood and now felt more than full.
After she had calmed a bit she started looking around. Most of the things were packed into boxes, some of the adjoining rooms were already completely empty.

They were leaving this area; this would have been her second move in shackles. Her first had been from France to wherever she was now. Back then they had been a lot more careful. She probably had gotten lucky with a newbie opening the wrong door.

A sly smile spread on her face as she spotted a locker with a bunch of clothes in it. She had to find Dmitrij and for that, it would be better to blend in. Clean clothes were a good start for that.
She peeled the bloody clothes off of her body and started sorting through the new ones. To her disappointment, she couldn’t find a single dress or even skirt. So, she went for quite tight, blue and sturdy pants. She remembered the hunter calling it “a jeans”. She pulled out a white blouse and put it on. Much to her dismay it was slightly see through, making it possible to glimpse at her bare breasts. But she didn’t find any undergarments in the pile.

Tiptoeing around the corpses, she found a female hunter that had her hair tied up. Careful to not get any more blood on herself she pulled the hair tie from the woman’s hair and tied her hair up in a similar fashion. It was surprisingly easy. The room with the locker also held a mirror, above a weird looking metal furniture. She examined her reflection carefully, her green-grey eyes seemed tired and empty and her auburn hair had gotten pretty long. With a long sigh she started inspecting the metal piece in front of her, after pulling and pushing, it suddenly moved and clean water started streaming out a pipe.

After cleaning herself she turned to find shoes, not bothering to find out how to stop the water. A short search later she found some solid boots, slightly too big for her, but she didn’t mind. For a bit she played with the idea of taking some off a dead hunter, but then chose not to, simply for the reason that she didn’t want to have to clean herself again.

She leisurely strolled through the empty building, finding some other cells but all of them were empty. Not a single hunter was around, except the dead ones of course. After some more exploring, she finally found the exit. Pushing the metal door open she found the sun was setting. It burned on her skin, she hissed and retreated into the windowless building. Now she would have to wait until the sun was fully gone, to continue her great escape. Hopefully no reinforcements would arrive until then.
Isabelle ended up keeping the door open, sitting close to where the sunlight hit, watching patiently how the sun slowly sunk. She had waited centuries, a few more hours wouldn’t change much.
When the night finally was there, she slowly walked out of the building, enjoying the feeling of the wind on her skin, the sounds of nature around her. It was strange how she had missed such simple things. Slowly she raised her hands, starting to twirl and while breathing in the warm summer night. A loud laugh escaped her while twirling.
After a bit she stopped and studied the horizon. Not too far away she could see a lot of lights, probably a city. As much as she didn’t really want to go there, her language skills were severely lacking and she had no idea about the technology or customs of this age, she had to secure a blood supply. Then she could look for Dmitrij, even though she had no idea how she would even start.
Suddenly she remembered something crucial. She was no longer surrounded by silver, meaning her master should be able to locate her. At least her rough location.

There was no a single sliver of doubt in her that he would find her in a timely manner. Traveling would probably take him the longest time.
Humming and with a gentle smile she took off towards the city.

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