Forgive Me Father DAVID

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One night as he lay in bed he heard his mums bedroom door close. After a few minutes he could hear the headboard banging against the wall and his mums moans of delight. He got out of bed to listen. The noises had stopped but he could hear her soft voice releasing the orgasmic volcano and after opening the bedroom door very quietly, he could see his mothers legs was around George's neck. Georges head was between her legs, the light of the street lamp out side illuminated his mothers' naked breasts making them look bigger and rounder than he had ever imagined. Her nipples swollen like dark red cherries! His shaft was as hard as wood as he watched this show of erotica. He had not seen his mothers' nipples for nearly 16 years, but it was the look on his mothers' face, half smile half grimace, she was biting her lip trying to control the excitement. David turned heading for his room, his cock dripping like it never had before.

Fantasy / Romance
Caroline Elwood
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Hawkhurst Close, Kent

David had just turned into a teenager, his mother Mary, an Irish lady from Dublin, the capital and largest city of Ireland, situated on a bay on the east coast, at the mouth of the River Liffey, it lies within the province of Leinster and bordered on the south by the Dublin Mountains, a part of the Wicklow Mountains range. It has an urban area population of 1,173,179. Mary was 33. She stood at 5′ 5″ tall with a slim figure, and larger than average breasts. At a guess, she was probably a double H. Her face was highlighted by her red hair and green eyes. She was a proud house wife to Martin, a mining engineer currently teaching in a college in London. Imperial College is a place where talented people bring their best ideas and hard work to address many of the great challenges in the world. They draw upon the talents of staff and students from all backgrounds and from all over the world. They are an inclusive workplace, seeking out the creative vigour of diversity by being open to all people, whatever their background, experience or identity. They are committed to equality of opportunity, to eliminating discrimination and to creating an inclusive working environment for all and working to ensure that Imperial fulfils its mission to achieve enduring excellence in research and teaching for the benefit of society.” At 45, Martin walked with a stoop from years of ducking around in mining tunnels.

It was on the 15 June 1957 when he came home all excited, he had applied for a job working on the channel tunnel project and his application had been accepted. The money was good but it meant they would have to move to Kent. Martin thought about the prospect of being able to buy their own home instead of living in the old rambling flat in Mill Hill where they currently rented. The two bedroom one bath flat had a large living room and large bedrooms, and the open plan living area provided access onto a south-west facing balcony which could also be accessed from the second double bedroom. The kitchen had integrated appliances

Martin enjoyed Millbrook Park which offered the best of both worlds, with the hilltop views across green fields and fast links to central London. The flat was set within a conservation area in a highly desirable north London neighbourhood where the community of Mill Hill enjoyed high performing schools, a range of sports and leisure pursuits, as well as a vibrant local retail scene, new parkland and winding walkways with natural landscaping. It was a short distance to Mill Hill East Underground Station which provided Northern Line services to Euston, Tottenham Court Road and Waterloo in less than 30 minutes.

David had been Baptised a Roman Catholic, his parents attended church every Sunday and it was not unusual to come home from the after school club to find his parents and the priest on their knees praying.

Martin wanted to take Mary out for a romantic evening to celebrate, He handed her a bunch of flowers, . The ones that are delivered by a florist. He had spent years buying flowers from little grocery store, bouquets for Mary The difference was incalculable. For the price of an ugly sweater she would never wear, Martin knew he could get the kind of flowers that would make her feel like a princess. He cupped her face in his hand and said, ’Whether you like it or not, I’m going to kiss you,″. Martin took Mary to a diner and danced to Johnny Mathis. He remembered being in his late teens and early twenties, remembering the stuff he liked to do? He really couldn’t remember the last time he went to an art gallery or read a Harlequin or watch a creepy foreign film. It was stuff that he used to do all the time but stopped when he grew up and got responsible. So after their meal, Martin decided to take Mary to the cinema to watch a creepy foreign film. The evening was amazing and ended on a high.

Martin and Mary bought a 2 bed terraced house on Hawkhurst Close in Kent, a short walk from the coast and a 35 minute drive to the tunnel. Most people did not even know the road existed, it’s so tucked away - and it had a sea view! ″This is a stunning cottage″ said Mary, ″I know, a two double bedroom former coast guard cottage that is literally a stone’s throw from the sea front. What more could we wish for?″ replied Martin.

This has been lovingly cared for and updated by the current owner and some of the big improvements are the kitchen and bathroom/shower room. Downstairs there is a good size lounge, separate dining room and beautiful cream finish kitchen. Upstairs are two double bedrooms and great size bathroom and shower room. There are low maintenance gardens to the front and rear plus garage which is by the side of the house and driveway.

The family had been living there a few months when, one night David was woken up by the cries of his mother. Yes yes yes, he could hear the bed hitting the wall hard and fast as his mother and father made love. After that he tried to stay awake, he would listen to his mother’s cries as she reached orgasm. He noticed his cock stiffening and before he could stop it he had cum inside his pyjamas.

It was the same every night after that, he would hear her screams of pleasure and he would cum again only now he knew to take a roll of toilet paper to catch it in.

One day he came home to find a police car outside his parents house. His mother was stood by the living room window crying, with a female police officer holding her. The male officer took David by the arm into the kitchen ″I’m very sorry to have to tell you this, but your father has been involved in an accident at work. He was pronounced dead at the scene″ said the officer, speaking softly to lighten the blow. Martin had driven to his work site and before he had the chance to get out of the car, a huge reinforced concrete piece of tunnel had come loose from the crane above and crushed his dads car with him in it.

Many concrete tunnels had been constructed with various tunneling methods to serve as important facilities; their normal operation required appropriate maintenance using advanced technologies of performance and cost evaluation, inspection, repair and rehabilitation but the company was financially broken and cutting corners with costs of repairs. ″Your father didn’t suffer, he would have died instantly″ explained the officer, trying to bring some comfort to David. All he really remembered was being told ″you are the man of the house now, you must be strong for your mum″.

For the next 2 years David lived with Mary, he was nearly 16 when he came home to be told the man with his mum was Uncle George and would be staying with them for a while in the convertible downstairs. George never seemed to go to work and was there when he went to school and was there when he came home but he noticed his mum seemed happier.

One night as he lay in bed he heard his mums bedroom door close. After a few minutes he could hear the headboard banging against the wall and his mums moans of delight. He got out of bed to listen. The noises had stopped but he could hear her soft voice releasing the orgasmic volcano and after opening the bedroom door very quietly, he could see his mothers legs was around George’s neck. Georges head was between her legs, the light of the street lamp out side illuminated his mothers’ naked breasts making them look bigger and rounder than he had ever imagined. Her nipples swollen like dark red cherries! His shaft was as hard as wood as he watched this show of erotica. He had not seen his mothers’ nipples for nearly 16 years, but it was the look on his mothers’ face, half smile half grimace, she was biting her lip trying to control the excitement. David turned heading for his room, his cock dripping like it never had before. His pyjamas and bed were covered in spunk within seconds.

The next day when David came home George was out but Father Mathew was there, ″Ah David″ he beamed ″Your mother and I have been talking about your future. She feels you will make a first class Priest. The church needs young men like you, filled with a love of God and the desire to serve the Lord. I have been paying particular attention to you at St Anthony College, Sister Anne tells me you are good at your studies. I hear you are top of the school in religious studies. Not wasting your time with the girls at break time, going to the library and reading the good book. Your mother has packed you a bag and you are coming with me to the seminary for 3 months to see if you are suitable. So kiss your mother goodbye and we will make a start get you there in time for supper and evening prayer″. David followed Father Mathew out to the car, his mother carrying his bag and pushing a £20 note into his hand. Mary gave him a hug and stood watching as the car drove away.

It took 40 minutes to get to the seminary where he was shown into a room. In one corner was a rail between two walls with hangers on, a small chest of drawers with a crucifix laid on it, and the only other furniture was a single bed and a bed side cabinet with half a dozen religious books spread out.

Life in the seminary was hard, you were woken at 5am, and made to wash your cell down. By 5.30am a mass lasting 90 minutes started followed by a meagre breakfast. Bible classes and other school work continued until 1pm. In the afternoon they went to mass followed by their second meal of the day and then back to school for normal school studies until 7pm. The final mass was followed by supper and a bath then bed. After three weeks of the gruelling regime David went home for a few days.

David heard his mother crying upstairs in her bedroom. On checking in on her he sat on the bed, she put her arms out pulling him down where he lay holding his mother until she went to sleep.

After 2 weeks being back at the seminary Father Gregory told David to come to his cell after evening mass. David knocked on the cell door and waited for a reply. ″Come″ said Father Gregory. David entered to find Father Gregory naked and with an erection, holding a multi tailed whip made of leather thronging each with a knot in the tail . He handed the whip to David and laid face down on the bed. ″You must scourge me of my sins of the flesh″ demanded the Father. David stood looking over Father Gregory, his back crisscrossed with scars ″Strike now boy don’t just stand there″. David raised the whip and brought it down across Father Gregory’s back, ″Harder boy, harder. Scourge me of my sins″ he ordered and so the next blow was heavier. ″That’s good, much better my lad″. After that, David laid on with a will, until the leather split the skin. Father Gregory gave a groan and his spunk showered the lad. ″Now lay on, my sin must be cleansed for the next 30 minutes″ instructed the Father. David laid on with the whip, first the left buttock, then the right one. 10 lashes of leather skimmed each buttock in turn until David’s arm could give no more. ″Thank you David you can go now″. David put down the whip and said good night. ″Good night and thank you″ responded Father Gregory.

After that David was ordered to Father Gregory’s room a few times each week to rid the Father of his sins, some times David was ordered to use the whip, sometimes to use a very thin metal rod. Father Gregory would ejaculate and then for half an hour after, David laid on with a will

On a visit home for his 17th birthday, having been at the seminary for nineteen months, his mother said ″We must have a drink for your birthday″. She poured him a large whisky and one for herself. Almost an hour later his head was spinning, his eyes were closing even before he climbed into his bed. After what felt like a matter of minutes but was actually four hours, he woke to the sound of his mother crying. He went next door to his mothers room, her clothes just dropped where she had taken them off. The room felt chilled so he closed the window and sat on the bed stroking his mother’s hair,

″Please hold me″ she whispered. He put his arms around her, ″No get in and hold me close″ she asked. David lifted the bedding and slid into the bed, the feel of her naked skin gave him an instant hard on which was pushing into the small of her back. He lay there with her, his eyes were heavy, he had, had far too much to drink. His mother had drunk more but she was used to it. He felt her body go limp as she fell asleep. He wasn’t sure how long he had slept for, but he woke up to feel a mouth covering his cock sucking the tip of his organ, her warm moist tongue licking him as her hand gently squeezed his balls. He was shocked and tried to pull away but she came with him holding his balls tighter in her mouth.

Soon, he was not struggling, the pressure in his cock was like nothing he had experienced before, sheer pleasure was engulfing him. He was almost certainly going to cum in her mouth and as he did, she swallowed every last drop greedily. She crawled up the bed on all fours, kissed his lips and then, grabbing his hair pulled his head down onto her breast feeding her hard nipple into his mouth.

She pulled his hand down between her legs and with her hand guiding his fingers, she worked her clitoris. She could feel her heart beating faster, her breathing quickened, her nipples more erect than ever, and her pussy engorged with blood. As her arousal climbed, the sensations increased until she was crying out her orgasm.

The following morning during breakfast neither Mary or David mentioned what had happened the night before. Mary was busy getting ready to visit the Oaks Equestrian Centre, a family-run stable who provided private riding lessons, hacks, beach and forest rides, pony days, and clear round jumping. The centre provides friendly and personal attention to all of its clients, many of whom had become firm friends of Mary. Mary had paired with the horses, making her feel totally at ease and comfortable which allowed her as much interaction with the horses as she wanted. She had invited a couple of friends to join her for lunch after she had been to the centre.

Izzy and Mavis, both a few years younger than Mary met her at the Eighty Bells Country Pub and Kitchen down at The Moor in Hawkhurst. The Eighty Bells sat on the beautiful Moor near the Bodiam Castle. It provided a wide selection of local and national real ales, delicious wines and great lagers as well as seasonal, fresh, rustic country’ food. The atmosphere in the 18th century pub was warm and inviting and during better weather there was the beautiful beer garden which was the main reason Mary loved going there.

That night after another drinking session, Mary called David into her room, ″Where is my cuddle tonight″ she asked as she sat on the black satin bed sheets stark naked. She stood up, took him by the hand and led him to the bed unzipping his trousers, and letting them fall to the floor. Her nipples stood as erect as Davids’ now painfully erect cock, something she had noticed as she pulled his pants down.

″You liked what I did last night didn’t you? She said as she looked up at his face, her hand gently starting to rub his cock, ″Yes″ he murmured ″Then you will want some more″ she teased as her hand fed him into her mouth, pulling his foreskin back as she did so. The sensation he had as her tongue licked him was something he could not resist. She looked up ″You like that don’t you? He did not answer but she could see by the aroused look on his face that the answer was yes. She took his cock out of her mouth, ″David do you remember seeing George with his head between my legs? She asked him ″Yes″ he stifled. ″Would you like to do that if I show you how?″ ″I don’t know″ he hesitated, ″Well you know how nice it is when I suck your cock?″ ″Yes″ ″Well when a man sucks a woman’s’ pussy, it is just as nice. Will you try it if I show you how? I’ll suck your cock at the same time?″ she disclaimed. ″Okay″. ″Lay on your back on the bed″ she ordered. David did what she asked. She sat over him and put her clit over his mouth. she found it with her finger ″Can you see the little spot thing?″ she asked gently, ″Yes″, ″Lick it for me″ she said as she leaned over putting his cock in her mouth.

Nice feelings were ripping through his body, a mild tingle one time and then an explosive full-body rush the next. His tongue came out and found her clit, he could feel from her body that he was doing the right thing ″I see contractions in your pussy″ he said as he smiled shyly at her. Soon enough she was crying out, her pelvis lifting, her rapid breathing and moaning, and then.. A sense of euphoria. Her orgasm was heavy, taking over her entire body making her collapse on top of him. She turned herself around straddling his hips, she could feel his erect cock forcing itself between her legs. She raised her body lowering herself so that his cock penetrated her deep.

As she moved her hips first forward and then back, David tore at her tits. His body almost at the plateau phase, his heartbeat had increased, he was in an altered state of consciousness, ″Arrgghhh yeah″ he murmured to her as he entered into a sexual trance and before reaching his climax via her rhythmic entertainment he felt an insane explosion that lasted five seconds After that, she lay with her back to him as his arms wrapped around her and cradled both her breasts whilst her hand reached behind and held his cock and balls.

When David next went to see father Gregory for their normal session he first asked Gregory if he would hear his confession. David was full of rage against his mother and swore he would touch no more drink. He took his anger out on Gregory’s back.

Now he was in Deal in Kent, he had been Parish Priest for 10 years, occasionally having a relief Priest come to relieve him so he could have a quite break. He would take of his collar and stay in a B&B some where in the country or go and visit his mother. It was 5 years later, Father David was now the Parish Priest at St Lukes Church where he would go on long contemplative walks across the hills or sit quietly by a stream as he contemplated his life which whilst extremely busy, he kept it that way to avoid the feelings of extreme loneliness he felt as he lay in bed at night, day after day.

People, normally women would come to see him to discuss problems they were having in their marriage! It was at times like this he would hear the bed springs going and his mothers cries of delight, his penis would be rock hard and he’d have to excuse himself and go to the bathroom where he would have a wank.

It was when he returned from one of these breaks that he found out his house keeper, Mrs Murphy, who had kept house for the last 3 priests before him had collapsed and died of a heart attack. On the following Sunday’s service he dedicated it to her. He announced he would be advertising for a new house keeper. That evening the door bell rang. He saw it was Kathleen O’Rielly, the 40 year old who had recently buried her husband. ″Come in Kathleen″ he said as he stood back from the door ″What can I do for you?″. He closed the door and led her into the kitchen where it was warm and homely, the kettle was always on the big range.

She sat at the table as he made two teas and put them on the table pushing the biscuit tin towards her. Kathleen was pretty but not quite beautiful. He liked the way she smiled combined with her pleasant manner. ″Now Kathleen how can I help you?″ ″Father since my Michael died I have discovered he did not take out insurance to cover the mortgage and I can’t afford it. I’m not working so they are coming to repossess my house. I was wondering if you would consider me for the job of house keeper? It would help me and

I know the Parish so I might be able to help you with that as well″ David could hear the plea in her voice. He did not realise until after he had said it. ″When can you start?″ ″Oh Father, I was so scared you would say no, if I can move in next week would that suit you? In the meantime I can come in everyday at 6am to do your breakfast before 7 o’clock mass″.

″Okay, drink your tea and I’ll get you some house keys. You have a look around the place and pick your room″. Kathleen picked the room next to his, saying he had only to call and she would come. Kathleen was a good housekeeper, she ran the house, dusting and polishing the furniture and fixtures, Vacuuming and cleaning carpets and took the messages. David came to rely on her judgement in a number of areas.

One day after returning home from the 2.30pm burial service of old Mr McCormack who had passed away in St Teresa’s nursing home, he poured himself a Scotch and took it to his room He closed the door silently, placing the Scotch on the bedside table, hung his jacket over a chair and put the rest of his clothes on top. He got into his pyjamas and laid back on the bed, thinking over the day’s events. ″ Old Mr McCormack, gone. His poor wife″ he thought. Mr McCormack had Parkinson’s, a progressive neurological condition that got worse over the last 12 months

David was startled by the moaning coming from the bedroom next door, he walked to the wall and placed his ear against it and could hear the moans getting louder. He opened her door to see she was laying naked on the bed propped up on her pillows, her eyes were shut, one hand was working an alter candle into her fanny as the other had her fingers massaging her clitoris. As she reached her climax, her body arching as she let the explosion of pleasure spread through her entire body, she lay back and opened her eyes to see David standing there

With his cock in his hand he smiled at her, she patted the bed, ″I’m sorry I don’t know what to do. It’s been a while since I have been with a woman″ he stammered. ″Never mind just lay down and leave everything to me″. Kathleen took of his pyjamas then turned on the bedside lamp as she explained about her body and how it needed treating gently with love. ″I don’t know about love″ he smiled. ″I will teach you″ she said as she leaned forward, her lips meeting his. David had never had a romantic kiss, his head was swimming under her lips, his arms came up around her shoulders and held her to him. Kathleen broke of the kiss and rolled over on to her back. Her double D breasts with their pink nipples looked exactly like his mothers many years ago, he rolled towards her and his head lay on her breasts. He could feel her heart beating as his ear rested there, she took his hand and slid it between her legs putting her clitoris between his thumb and fore finger, ’Massage there very gently″ she instructed. After a while he could hear her breath in quick shallow gasps as she began to writhe under his touch until her hips lifted off the bed. David experimented using different types of touch until he found the method that worked for Kathleen, then he just went with it. Soon, her pussy was dripping in her own cum.

They lay still for a while then she said ″We have seen to me now let’s do some thing for you″, her lips covered his, his hand drew gentle circles round her stomach starting in the middle and getting wider until his fingers were brushing her pubic hair. She cupped his balls, gently squeezing them, he felt his cock stirring as it grew then her hand was gently rubbing him. Her mouth swallowed the full length of his cock as she sucked him, her head moving up to his glans, her tongue running over it into the hole at the end then back down to the base until his glans was pushing against the back of her throat. ″Give me your spunk″ she said, swallowing every drop he gave until he was completely empty. She swung herself onto his body sitting astride him. Moistening her fingers with her tongue, she lubed up her arsehole, feeding his cock into this virgin hole

Moving her body along his entire cock, so that after each thrust, his knob touched her clit, she began to fuck him hard and fast, her virgin arse tight around his rod. Soon she was crying out in ecstasy, begging for more as she orgasm-ed. He was shooting his load up her arse, his cock throbbing and pulsating as he squeezed out every single drop.

The next morning they did not speak, David showered and got dressed in silence.

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