Rietha, the Pirate Princess

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Henriethasia Elize de Seacia Azalia is a beautiful angel-like princess who is cursed to have magical powers. She is no ordinary princess but she's living like a normal one but what will Henriethasia do if she find out that the King Dulcan of Azalia is not her real father? But a pirate, no other than Henry Lucas, the cold-blooded captain, her mother, Queen Anasthasia's true love? What will she do? Will she figure out why she's being cursed too? Here's the story of Rietha, the Pirate Princess.

Fantasy / Romance
Deanna Lingue
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The story beginning...

Once upon a time on an island, there’s a kingdom named Azalia, who lived a fairy-like princess, Anasthasia.

Anasthasia is a composed princess, who always follow rules but that change when one day because of being bored, she escaped the palace. She was at the seashore when she was attacked by some bad fellows due to being the crown princess.

But eventually someone saved her and that is Henry, the cold-blooded pirate. Anasthasia grew fond of this pirate and become friends. Henry, cold as he is become a warm person because of the princess and soon after, they fell in love with each other.

Without even knowing it, Anasthasia left her duties as a crown princess because of the pirate. She always escapes the palace to go see him and her friends for an adventure. Henry also lost his image as a pirate because he was dating a royalty.

But these two didn’t careless of their position as long as they’re happy being together.

Anasthasia knew someday she would marry a crown prince on a close friend’s kingdom as that what’s the family tradition as a royalty it is. But she never thought that day would come sooner than she expected.

She couldn’t do anything on that Wedding day, she’s never been happy on that day, because her family is the one who’s in charge of it. Anasthasia couldn’t help but escaped the palace on that night to meet Henry, the pirate she love.

She’s not going to lose Henry. She loves him so much that she gave her all to him that night. She didn’t thought any consequences at all.

Months went by but she continues to go out to see the pirate, even though she is now married but she didn’t care at all, she never love the man she is married to. Her true love is the one she first meet, her savior.

Until Anasthasia become the Queen of Azalia and her husband as the King of Azalia. On that day, she realized she’s pregnant with a child of the pirate. She was so happy and blessed that she was having a child of hers and Henry’s.

So she decided to meet him in the seashore to share the good news but she was caught by her family’s guard. She knew that her family is suspicious of her as she keeps missing out. She was forced to tell everything.

Except the child’s real father she’s carrying. Worried about her child safety she goes off telling a lie that she went out to cut ties with the pirate because she’s pregnant with the king, which isn’t true, her husband that she never love but her family was so happy to receive the news.

Ever since that day, Anasthasia never saw Henry again as she was forbidden to step outside the palace again. Henry never saw Anasthasia or never received the good news at all that he has a child so thus he continues his position as a pirate and become a captain.

But they assure to never forget their true love.

Years went by, Anasthasia never had feelings for the king at all, she always thinks of the pirate, Henry, her true love but never tell the king about it.

The King, Dulcan Olpheus loves Anasthasia and thought that she loves him too because of the way she takes care of him. The King also believe that the child Anasthasia’s carrying is his child and promise to love the child as well without knowing the truth.

Until the baby was born on a snowy day, an unusual day for a birth in their kingdom, a beautiful angel-like baby girl. A spitting image of her mother, the platinum white hair and the beautiful face but the eyes are just like her father, Sapphire blue eyes.

So Anasthasia named her child, the combined name of her true love’s and hers, Henreithasia Elize de Seacia Azalia but this princess isn’t just an average princess. She has a magical power that the Royal family doesn’t possess so why her?

Some say its a curse because the Queen did something wrong on her childhood but Anasthasia believes its a blessing from the Gods above because her child is made out of true love.

The story of Henreithasia will begin here, as she will wonder the truth behind her birth and why she was given the power.


All characters, locations, etc. appearing in this work are fictitious. This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, locales, and incidents are either the products of my, the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

If you don’t like grammatically error or typos, this is not the story for you. You can quietly leave this book and God bless you. Thank you. Reminder that I just made this for fun and let out my imaginations.


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