Rietha, the Pirate Princess

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Princess Henriethasia

Chapter 1: Princess Henreithasia

~ 14 years later~

The sun is shining in the kingdom of Azalia, still a lively kingdom but outside the palace, in the garden. Birds are heard chirping around. A gentle breeze of wind makes the leaves dance. On that green grass lays a beautiful girl.

The sun radiates her long platinum white hair making it shine like a crystal silver. Her white skin is delicate as a feather could be. She was wearing a pink fleecy dress fit for a princess. She was sleeping soundly and innocently like an angel.

Somehow she was reading a book earlier and fell asleep that explain the book facing down on her stomach. No one disturbs her slumber even her maid who is just standing there waiting for the princess to wake up, even the guard on standby to watch her.

Seconds pass and she is awakened by the sunlight hit her face, she slowly opens her eyes, revealing her brilliant sapphire blue eyes and is greeted by the sun, she quickly block it using her palms and soon realizes she fell asleep.

“Oh, I fell asleep again,” she said to herself. Now that her eyes quickly adjust in the beamed of the sunlight. She glanced around her surroundings and perched up making the book on her stomach dropped in the grass.

She stares at it and look a the title for a while, ‘Fairy tales about a pirate.’ She looks around once more and spotted her maid standing in the corner, “Lice.” She called her name.

The maid looked at her and approach, “Yes, princess?” She response.

“How long did I fell asleep?” The princess asked.

“It’s been half an hour now, princess." Lice, the maid answer honestly.

“Oh.” then the princess thought, ‘That’s shorter than I expected it to be.’

Then a knight in his uniform approach near them, the blonde hair of him and yellow eyes. This knight is not a common knight like the others in the kingdom. This knight is the second-hand of the King, Robert Fort.

“Good afternoon, Princess Henriethasia.” The knight, Robert greeted with a slight bow.

Henriethasia looked at him and tilt her head a bit to reply, “Yes?" Henriethasia can’t deal with formalities at all and she was a bit startled when the knight of her father, Robert called her.

“Sorry to disturb your slumber, princess but your presence has been requested by your majesty,” Robert said looking down at Henriethasia, who is comfortably sat on the grass. Robert is known for his proper words so it is not quite surprising for Henriethasia.

“It’s okay, I’m not sleepy anymore but father called me?” She asked which Robert nodded. ‘Hmm... what does dad need to send Sir Robert like this?’ she thought. Usually her father will order a maid if he wants to call her but to send his knight. This is quite something unusual for Henriethasia.

She rises up from the ground and dust off the remaining leaves on her dress and pick up the book she’s reading earlier and handed to Lice, “Please return this to my bookshelf, Lice.”

The maid take the book and nodded, “Yes, princess.”

Henreithasia smile, “Thank you.” and the maid went off.

“Now,” She look at Robert and smiled to him, “Let’s go meet father.”

They start walking through the hallways. Robert is the one who takes the lead while Henriethasia simply follow him freely while humming a melody.

Princess Henriethasia Elize de Seacia Azalia grew up just like her mother, a beautiful angel. Everyone said she is a spitting replica of her mother, Queen Anasthasia Lily de Seacia Azalia, the fairy-like but the beautiful eyes she has isn’t from her mother.

Anasthasia has pink eyes and hers are like those shimmering jewel sapphire blue. Its kind is unique as a color for an eye. She didn’t know where she gets these eyes from, it is not from her father too. The King, Dulcan Olpheus de Seacia Azalia has green eyes so it’s impossible.

Either way she like these eyes. It gives uniqueness and it’s like the color of the ocean she loves.

Henriethasia stop walking as she saw the blue ocean on that open hallway. She was fascinated by it. She loves the sea and long to see it up close. She only saw pictures of it in the books she read.

She was restricted to step out of the palace ground because of some reasons. She was not certain why she loves the sea so much. Perhaps because it’s blue just like her eyes?

Robert notices that the princess is no longer following him so he look back and saw the princess looking outside through the palace walls so he decided to call her. “Princess Henriethasia?”

The princess looked at him and tilt her head. “Pardon me for this question but what are you looking outside the palace walls, your highness?” he asked out of curiosity. Robert is also a curious man.

The princess shook her head and smiled at him, “Oh nothing.” She said and started walking ahead, “Let’s go and not keep father waiting.”

Robert nodded and walk alongside the princess, who is humming a song. Robert knew that the princess is not an ordinary girl to start with. First, the sapphire blue eyes and then the princess magical powers within her.

Robert admits that he was a bit curious of Princess Henriethasia of why she was given this some kind of enchantment but he keep his curiosity on hand.

They soon reached the ballroom where the King is doing some business. Henreithasia open the large doors and greeted her father with a smile, “Good afternoon, father.”

The king was ordering some maid but when he heard the sweet voice of Henreithasia, he glanced back and slightly smiled at her, “Good afternoon to you Elize, so you’re here.” Henriethasia nodded and kissed her father on the check.

King Dulcan Olpheus de Seacia Azalia is the King of all Azalia and is a busy man but always has time for his family. Dulcan has Brownish hair and green eyes. Handsome as he is, you can’t tell that this man has a daughter.

Henriethasia is close to her father but not as much close to her mother. The King, Dulcan always calls Henriethasia by her second name because he thinks that Elize is more feminine than her first name.

“So father, why did you send Sir Robert instead of some servants to call me?” Henriethasia asked while looking around the ballroom, “You can’t just send him right because he’s your second-hand knight?”

Robert Fort is the king second-hand man who always runs important tasks for the King and he is seen always by the side of him. He is also the personal guard of his majesty, If anything happen, Robert will be there to save him.

“Yes you’re right but the maids are busy for today’s event.” Dulcan answered, the king is also a considerate man and Henriethasia thought, ′Today’s event? Did I miss something? Why is everyone busy today?′

She looked around and the ballroom is dazzling with some decoration patterns and flowers everywhere. Everyone was working doing their tasks. ′What is today’s occasion?′

She turned to her father, choosing up some design but he couldn’t decide so Dulcan turned his head to Henriethasia and asked her, “Elize, what does best suited for your mother?” and that’s when Henriethasia got the idea of today’s occasion.

She was shocked that she almost forgot that today is her mother’s birthday. ‘Today is Mommy’s birthday. Why did I forget such an important day?’ That’s explained why her father is so focused in today. This proves that the King, Dulcan love Queen Anasthasia so much.

“Elize?” Dulcan called her. Henriethasia snapped and looked at her father, she was spacing out of what she was going to give her mother as a present.

“Yes father?” she asked.

“I asked you what’s best suited for your mother?” He said and a guy, who has a very stylish appearance, seemed like a dressmaker, show Henriethasia two designed fabric, “Its for you mother’s dress today.”

Henriethasia scanned the two designed fabric. On the right is a white fabric with an embroidery pattern of blue color and on the left is a dark blue fabric, plain but the cloth is soft and translucent.

The two are suited for her mother and somehow she got a brilliant idea, “The two fabric suits for mother the best.” the king and the tailor looked at each other and back to Henriethasia, who is smiling brightly.

“But your highness we just need one.” The tailor said.

“That’s right, Elize so pick one only,” Dulcan added.

“But father the two designed fabric are both suited for mother.” Henriethasia said and look at the fabrics and the tailor, “Well, Mr. tailor. You can design Mommy’s gown with the white embroidery fabric as a top and the bottom will be this dark blue fabric.”

The tailor gaped open his mouth and seemed how got the idea of Henriethasia. “Oh wow, your highness. I know what you want for the gown now.” He said, “Her highness has such a talent for fashion. You give me a brilliant idea for the gown, thank you.”

“You’re welcome.” Henriethasia smiled at him and then glance at her father. “I did best for Mommy.”

“Yes, you did Elize.” Dulcan said and patted the head of Henriethasia, “Elize is such an intelligent child.”

“Now,” He said and look at the tailor, “Make the dress as what my dear Elize said.”

“Yes, your majesty.” and the tailor bowed and went his way to make the dress.

The King, Dulcan made his way to the couch in the corner to sat. Henriethasia followed him, “Father?” she called and sat next to him, she stared at Dulcan whose head rested on the back of the couch. Dulcan hummed in response and then glance at her.

“Is that all you called me here, father?” She asked, “To pick mommy’s dress’ designed?”

Dulcan thought for a minute and something crossed his mind, “Oh, that’s right.” he said and sat properly, he called Robert to come here directly, he did and then Dulcan look at Henriethasia again, “I’m giving you permission to go out today.”

At first, Henriethasia didn’t understand what the king said, “Go out where father?” she asked and an idea came into her mind. ‘Could it be? impossible’

“Outside the palace walls.” He finally said, “Go out and shop. I know your thinking of what you have to give your mother as a present so I’m giving you per-”

He was cut off by Henriethasia’s hug and a kiss place on his cheek, “You’re not kidding right, father?”

Dulcan hug her back, “Why would I joke of something like this?” he said which make Henriethasia smile more.

He’s right. Why would the King joke of something like this especially involving her safety? Henriethasia was just surprised that her strict father who is always worried about her safety is giving her consent to go out of the palace walls today.

“Thank you, thank you so much, father.” She thanked him and let go of the hug.

“Yes but Robert will be your companion so that I don’t have to worry for your safety.” he said and looked at Robert, “Robert, please take care of my daughter okay?”

Robert bowed and nodded, “Yes, your majesty. You can trust me.”

Dulcan stares at her daughter, who is smiling so brightly, “Now Elize, be home before sundown, you don’t want to miss your mother’s birthday party okay?” he said, “And please do be careful.”

“Yes father, of course but I can manage too, you know.” She said and show her hands

“Yes you can but still Elize,” Dulcan said and grab Henriethasia’s hand while looking at her, “and also please avoid using your abilities outside the palace okay?”

“Yes sir.” Henriethasia playfully said while saluting.

“Good.” He said and patted her head, “Go now and change. Be sure to wear a cloak okay?”

“Okay,” Henriethasia stand up from sitting and waved to her father, “Bye-bye father, thank you again.”

“Yes, you’re welcome.” Dulcan responded with a smile and looked at Robert, “Robert, my daughter will be in your hands today.”

“Yes, your majesty. We’ll be going now.” He said and bowed.

They started walking and went out of the ballroom. Henriethasia is happily walking together with Robert. She can’t take her mind off from what her father said and the fact that she’s going outside the palace wall for the first time in her life makes her jump.

She thought about what she wants to buy and do. She won’t forget the present to buy for her mother though because that is the main purpose why she was given permission. She will also definitely visit the seashore. She can’t wait any longer. She was so excited.

to be continued...

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