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Chapter 10

How can such pain exist without physical harm?

I asked myself this Reader, time and time again.

My father sought the advice of a witch, who advised him to be rid of me once and for all. I wept, and I begged, but he made his mind up.

I was to live out my lifetimes as a human, who did not know real love. All I was to experience was pain and suffering.

Sounds like hell doesn’t it?

I blinked as Aro frowned.

‘So now you are back, that is what we will do, alright?’ He stood then, and gazed at me.

Why did he want me so much?

‘Aro. I can’t marry you.’ I shook my head as tears filled my eyes.

He closed his eyes then, before turning to the doorway.

‘So you have made your decision.’ He muttered quietly.

‘Don’t say his name, Jewel. For me. Please. I can’t bear it.’ he begged, his eyes brimming with sadness.

I nodded through my tears, knowing that if I did, he would be summoned and I would be party to a fight I had been banished to avoid.

‘Have a drink with me, Jewel. Then I think you should leave.’ His voice sounded so low I could barely hear it. I nodded numbly as he turned to fix the drinks from a beautiful glass cabinet in the corner of the room. He poured a clear liquid from a carafe, and I watched as the liquid swirled in the glasses. I couldn’t bear to look into his eyes as he handed me a glass, and sat beside me on the pure white sofa.

‘I’m sorry.’ I said softly, as he flinched.

‘Its really not your fault, Jewel.’ He murmured, running his finger around the glass. I sipped the liquid, and savored it as it slid down my throat, cooling my parched flesh.

I frowned at him, unable to understand the level of empathy he was showing me in the current situation. His eyes focused on me, and he smiled.

‘Long ago there was a prophecy.’ he began, his handsome face frowning as he concentrated. His violet eyes were dark, and I knew this meant he was descending into a darker mood. ‘A woman was to be born with a goodness within her so pure, she would be able to carry the God of the realms within her womb. The God would have unparalleled magic and powers, and they would rule the universes.’ His eyes shone then, and I smiled as he continued.

‘The woman could conceive by lying with anyone, for the power lay with her, not the father. The woman would be born without powers, and would divide her family with whom she chose to be with- her one true love.’

I stared up at him, a sick feeling in my stomach.

‘My parents made sure your father did not hear of that part.’ His smile curled devilishly as he saw the look of horror on my face.

‘Drink up Jewel.’

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