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Chapter 11

I awoke to find myself in darkness, my head aching like I had been beaten to death. I wasn’t sure if I was dead, so I wiggled my toes to see if they moved.

They did.

I turned over to try to claw back some sleep when I felt a warm body next to mine. I breathed in the familiar scent before burying my head into his chest. The love I felt for him was beyond my comprehension. I had spent so many years wanting to find happiness with someone, anyone, when all along he had been searching realms for me. I started to nod off when he stirred, his lips finding mine in the dark. Instantly my body reacted, as I explored his mouth with mine, an ache stirring deep within me. His hands slid down as his fingers tugged at my underwear, his intentions clear. I laughed then and broke away, causing him to groan.

‘What sort of woman do you think I am? We will be married soon, and you can have your wicked way with me then.’ I giggled as he pulled me closer to him, growling into my neck.

‘Don’t make me wait Jewel.’ he begged, and I felt my resolve weakening.

Did it really make a difference? Whether we did this now, or as a married woman? Would it really matter? He kissed my throat then, and I slid my legs around his waist, my hands running down his back, pulling him closer to me. His skin was soft and firm under my fingers and I realised something felt wrong. I blocked it out of my mind as he turned me over so he was on top of me, kissing me deeply.

‘Jewel, I love you so much. Please....lets do this.’ my body was already accepting him as I kissed him back, wrapping my legs around his waist.

‘Aro, we have to wait until we are married. It IS tomorrow after all. Behave.’ I disentangled my legs from his as I snuggled into his arms as he groaned with intense frustration. I fell to sleep easily, the taste of him on my tongue.

I couldn’t wait to be his wife.


I know. I told you it was hard to believe didn’t I? I have to tell you everything, no matter how hard it is. Here goes.


I stood in front of the mirror, taking in my reflection. I couldn’t believe it was me, Jewel. I wore a floor length silver gown and my deep red hair was braided with silver flowers. My eyes were still pitch black, but Aro adored me as I was, he said.

Aro! I did a little twirl in the mirror as I squealed inwardly. Tonight was the night we had been waiting for, tonight we were going to become one. I bit my lip and giggled nervously. I had slept with men as a human, but not with a being as beautiful as Aro. There was no such thing as contraception here, of course, so a family was imminent. Everything seemed to be sliding into place. Aurora walked in, smiling as she fastened the back of my dress for me.

‘You look breathtaking. I can’t wait for you to be my sister!’ We both squealed happily and hugged each other tightly. Aurora and I had become so close recently, especially talking about babies and what not. I would have the first grandchild for Aro’s parents, and my heart did a little dance.

I gazed out of the window, over the ocean of glittering lights. It really was so beautiful here, having the wedding in my fathers castle had been Aro’s idea. My father was no longer with us, but as none of my family remained, it seemed fitting we would do it here as the castle was now mine. I watched a bird swoop high in the sky, elegantly and majestic, its large wings spanning far and wide. I watched dreamily as it soared higher, before disappearing from sight altogether. It was beautiful to watch, and now I felt sad that it was gone. Aurora appeared beside me, her brows furrowed as she stared outside.

‘What are you gazing at? Come and gaze into my brothers gorgeous eyes as you say I do!’

I nodded, and allowed her to pull me from the room, lifting my dress up as we made our way down the stone stairwell that twisted and turned, leading us out into a little courtyard.

Our guests all turned to me, smiling brightly, before I noticed them begin to whisper to each other, their eyes on me. Their smiles dwindled, worry etched on their faces.

Whatever was wrong?

I felt all my worries evaporate as I saw Aro in a crisp silver suit gazing at me with those incredible eyes, full of hunger. His eyes raked over my body and I blushed, knowing full well what he was thinking about.

‘My, my, quite the bride aren’t you?’

His lips brushed mine and I felt a shiver of excitement run down my back. We were interrupted suddenly.

‘Cake?’ Asked a servant, complete with a silver mask on. I glanced around and noticed all of the servants were wearing silver masks. How quirky!

I smiled then, and went to decline. She pushed one under my nose, the aroma bewitching me and making me snatch it from her hands. I devoured it and she smiled, as I asked her about the recipe.

‘It is top secret, my lady. Maybe one day I will share it with you. Have another, whilst no one is paying attention.’ I giggled then, feeling naughty.

‘I don’t want any on my teeth!’ I laughed as I bit into the next one, its delicious flavours bursting in my mouth, delighting my tastebuds.

The servant left then, rather abruptly actually, I thought annoyingly, as I would quite liked another of those things.

‘It is time.’ Called Aro, and I turned my gaze to him.

Something wasn’t right. I walked slowly up to him as I noticed the bird in the air again. It really was enchanting, the way it glided through the air like it was effortless. Suddenly, it seemed to be coming directly towards us at a rapid speed. I glanced around, no one seemed to have noticed it. As it got closer, I gasped at the beautiful feathers, a pure black that seemed to stop and blend into- WAIT.


The noise of the creature landing caused the stone walls to shake and people gasped around us in fear. Whispers were becoming high pitched as I heard the same words over and over.




I gazed at this magnificent creature/man as his head rose, his emerald green eyes seeking out my windows of darkness.

‘Jewel.’ He growled as the sky above us darkened. My heart thudded as he strode toward me angrily, moving people out of his way with his gaze. I couldn’t move, I just stared at him as he leveled with me, his face inches away from mine, my body trembling in recognition.


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