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Chapter 12

‘So you do remember my name.’

Who knew this creature was capable of sarcasm? His eyes burned a deep red, like the lava flames that licked the dark shores of Lleh. A deep voice broke the shocked silence surrounding us, commanding my attention.

’I don’t recall sending you an invite.′

Aro spat, his usually beautiful face contorted with anger. Knox turned his head to meet the dark violet eyes that burned into his.

’An invitation to what exactly? A marriage based on lies and deceit? And I thought I was bad.′

He chucked softly, and I frowned.

Lies and deceit?

A murmur broke out then amidst the guests, before Aro spoke,

‘You have no business here. This is a private event.’

His attempt at authority seemed to amuse Knox, who turned to him darkly.

’Aro, my dear, sweet boy. I know Jewel returned to you but for one day, to make up her mind. But you see, I played fair. I never play fair, but in matters of the heart, I thought it best that I did. Now it seems you decided not to. Do you care to enlighten our guests?′

Knox sank into a plush white chair, slinging his legs over the arm whilst popping some grapes into his plump lips, his eyes dark as he smiled. He was so effortlessly handsome, the air of danger that came with him was intoxicating. Being so close to him again was making my heart pound in my chest, my soul yearned to dance with his.

‘No. I wish to get married, if you will refrain from uttering another word.’

Aro held his hand out to me, his violet gaze on mine. I felt confused, I am sure less than ten minutes ago I was all for marrying this guy, so why did I not feel the same for him now? I felt his hand slip into mine as he pulled me to his side, whispering to me that we just needed to get it over with, and Knox would leave.

Get it over with?

‘No, I’m afraid that can’t happen.’

Knox stood then, casually walking over to us, his eyes burning into mine.

‘Give me one reason why not?’ snorted Aro, clearly frustrated with the situation.

‘She doesn’t love you, Aro. Ask her.’

Knox smirked, his slender fingers caressing my arm slightly, causing tingles to dance up and down my skin. I shuddered before meeting Aro’s eyes. I had a sudden memory, like a whisper in my ear.

Drink up Jewel.′

I blinked, as Aro closed his eyes as he became aware that knowledge was clearly hitting me like a steam train.

‘You bewitched me?’ I asked, my voice loud with anger. I stared at the floor, recalling the memory that I was going to go back to Knox.

Gasps surrounded me as it became clear what Aro had done, eyes turning to him for an explanation.

Knox however, did not seem at all surprised. He tutted as he smiled at Aro, who had cast his eyes to the floor, desperately trying to think of a way out of this new hell he found himself in.

’You drugged her, then you spent the night with her. Why, Aro? Did she not love you enough?′ Amusement danced in those dark red eyes, and I felt fear at the put of my stomach as Aro finally responded, his eyes the darkest violet I had seen them yet, a wicked smile on his face.

‘She loves me. But she chose you.’ He said this part bitterly as I closed my eyes, remembering him asking me not to say Knox’s name out loud. I thought I had been sparing his feelings..

‘But there is a reason I did what I did. If she marries me, we will have a child that will rule all realms.’

He spoke loudly now, addressing everyone. I stared at him in disbelief as I felt Knox tense beside me.

‘Its in the prophecy.’ He smiled, pleased with himself for finally revealing his master plan.

I heard laughter then, and Aro narrowed his eyes at Knox.

‘What? Why do you laugh?’ He demanded, stepping forward.

Knox gazed at him as he smiled softly, like a predator enchants his prey.

‘Aro, is that why you chose Jewel? Because she has no powers?’

He raised his eyebrows then, as he glanced at me. ‘For those of you here that aren’t familiar, there was an ancient prophecy that states a God to rule all realms unchallenged would be born to a woman who had a goodness so pure, so innocent that she would have the ability to carry such a child. It mattered not who the father was, but all we knew of such a woman was she would have no powers. It was also said she would divide her family with her choice of her one true love.’

His eyes flickered over towards me again, as though he was checking I understood.

‘It seems Aro so very badly wanted to be that father, to a child that would be a God.’

I fell onto a seat behind me, my head spinning. What was happening? Aro looked incredibly angry, his face was now a violent shade of pink, his fists clenched at his sides. I noticed people back away from the two men, and I wondered what was going to happen. The air felt charged with electricity, and I gulped. Both men stared at one another, as Know folded his arms.

’See let me enlighten you.′ he said darkly, before opening his palm to reveal a black orb swirling with hypnotic red ribbons within, as he dipped his finger into it deeply. Aro gritted his teeth as Knox poured the contents of the orb onto the floor, black liquid splashing onto the floor, ruby red flashes writhing through the thick black substance. This created almost a visual circle that rose from the floor, causing me to gasp in wonder. This became larger until I saw myself on screen, standing in front of the ocean in the human world. I remember this, I was feeling incredibly stressed after another argument with Robert, and I winced as I remembered the anger I felt. I had stood in front of the ocean, which calmed and soothed me instantly, as each wave took my troubles away, leaving me feel light and refreshed. I watched as on the screen that was being projected, I walked to the ocean, whispering words I had not heard before. I frowned, had I whispered anything? I cannot recall doing that, at all. Suddenly figures rose from the ocean, almost ghost like, their translucent bodies only just visible by their black outline. I watched in amazement as these creatures seemed to pull things from my mind, that looked like black clouds of fury, as they struggled to contain them. They seemed to put them in a chest that was slightly golden, before dragging the chest behind them and back into the water. The screen evaporated into a puddle of black on the floor, which Knox scooped up, before throwing it into the air, causing it to totally disappear.

There was a stunned silence, and I realised my mouth had dropped open.

‘Impossible.’ Whispered Aro, as he shook his head. ‘She has no powers, none. I would know.’

‘Actually,’ A faint voice drawled, causing all heads to move in the direction of the speaker; mine included.

‘You are almost right. When she was born, she had no powers. However, Jewel has more powers now than any woman in this land.’

I craned my neck to see who owned the voice that claimed to know so much about me, until the crowd parted and I saw a man standing in a tight white t shirt and silky blue bottoms, his grey hair was wet as though he had just showered, his eyes an enchanting green.

Who the hell was this?

I turned to see Knox watching the young man carefully, almost inquisitively. Suddenly he was by my side, his eyes searching mine as though time had stood still. His fingers laced through mine as he kissed my fingers, causing sparks of desire to race up my arm.

‘I am afraid you have been under many spells of enchantment since you arrived here.’ Said the young man softly, as he glanced around the guests, his eyes narrowing on Aro.

‘Especially you.’ He snapped his fingers, and silver chains wrapped around Aro’s hands and feet, rendering him useless.

‘Unhand me, right now young man. Do not meddle in business that is not yours.’ Spat Aro angrily, as he yanked against the chains unsuccessfully.

The man finally fixed his cool gaze on Aro.

‘But it is my business. Jewel is my mother.’

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