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Chapter 13

Jax’s POV

I watched as my mother was flown into the air, and away to safety. I had waited so long to meet her, but that would have to wait.

I turned my attention to the man before me, staring at me with a mixture of horror and intrigue.

‘You drugged her, with a love spell. For she did not love you. Not enough.’ I saw the truth as a vision, pages flickering before me as though it was an open book. I felt his anger, jealousy and lastly, his love. I cocked my head to the side as I walked towards him as his eyes darted around the sea of people who were watching in awe.

‘You did not know the prophecy had been fulfilled.’ I said this part softly, aware the prophecy was, me. I was directly in front of him now, as I studied him carefully. I heard a thud behind me and my heart steadied. My brother had arrived, and he may not be as calm as I.

‘Who is this infidel?’ He snarled as a bolt of lightening struck Aro in the stomach, sending him smashing into the wall behind him.

‘Sage, wait.’ I said softly, aware that this may well be a pointless exercise.

‘I have no tolerance for this cretin. I have no time for this, lets end this.’ I saw the fear in Aro’s eyes as he pleaded with me silently.

‘Sage.’ I repeated as he drew level with me, and I turned to face the polar opposite of me. His hair was blacker than the night, his eyes burned a dark red.

‘He drugged our mother. You want me to have mercy on him? He wanted to do wicked things, have you not seen?’ He spat as he growled deeply, his muscles becoming more prominent the angrier he got, sweat dripping from his glistening body.

‘I am aware, of course I am. But he is a mere lighthoarder. He wanted a taste of the almightly power.’ I gazed at Aro distastefully as Sage let out an deep laugh.

‘I will give him a taste of it alright.’

‘He will suffer enough. He will forever live with his failures.’ I murmured as I turned to face the masses of faces that had turned to see my mother wed.

‘Forgive me, for there will be no wedding today. Please, go about your business.’ I smiled, as I scanned their thoughts. They were confused, they had no idea who we were, and wouldn’t stop with the questions. I sighed as I held a ball of light above me from my fingertips, entrancing them with its beauty. It burned a wicked blue and white and I smiled as I walked along them all, their mouths open in wonder.

‘Sage, take Aro to Azer.’ I said as I increased the size of the orb in my hands. He grunted in response, grabbing Aro with invisible hands as they flew into the air.

‘Have you ever seen such beauty?’ I whispered, as I lifted the glowing orb to my lips. I blew on it softly, causing shards of blue ice to splinter into snowflakes, spilling out onto the guests, all blinking blankly as I moved backwards into the shadows.

They will not remember, I smiled as I took flight to join my family.

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