Dear Reader

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Chapter 14

Oh Reader. It sounds crazy doesn’t it? I wish I could tell you I were dreaming, as I once had. Sadly not. This was really happening. It was time for me to meet Sage and Jax, my boys.....

I blinked softly, my eyes appreciating the darkness. The walls were brick, with candles flickering softly, creating shadows on the floor and the ceiling. I felt a warm hand caress mine, and I turned to see the blond man from earlier smiling at me. Instantly I felt calm, as he spoke to me through his mind.

We meet again, Mother. Let me try to explain, for I can see you are confused.

I am Jax, and over there is my twin brother, Sage.

My eyes caught those of a deep red staring at the floor, his dark hair curling around the nape of his neck, his body bare except for thin bottoms that were ripped all over. His arms were folded and I saw he was incredibly muscly, his bronze skin glistening as he inhaled and exhaled slowly. It was hard to gauge how old he was, how old either of them were.

‘We don’t have ages. We aren’t human.’ Drawled the voice of Sage, and I gasped.

‘I don’t understand. How can I be your mother? I would remember, I would be older?’ My words tumbled out in confusion as Jax nodded as though what I was saying made complete sense.

He looked at Sage who rolled his eyes as he walked over to me, my heart racing as he placed his hand on my head, throwing me into another memory....

‘This is an outrage, and I won’t allow it. Never have I heard such things. You will not see him, I forbid it.’ My father loomed before me, speaking as though Aro wasn’t standing there at all. ‘Come, we need to speak privately.’ He cast a glare in the direction of Aro who released his hands from me, stepping backwards. I followed him outside gloomily, ready for the onslaught that would be my father ripping me apart verbally. We walked side by side wordlessly until we came back to the beach, where we sat beside one another. My father told me he would not be able to allow me to be with Knox, but that he would allow me to bid him farewell. He said I could not cause a civil war, and that he had told Knox the same. He was to remain with Nova. My heart broke then, the thought of never seeing him again killed me . My eyes caught on him, lingering by the entrance to the cave, his face beyond sad. I ran to him then, my feet kicking up sand as I reached him I fell into his arms, his mouth on mine instantly.

‘I don’t want to leave you.’ I cried, my tears falling onto his hand as he stroked them away.

‘Your father is thinking of the world we live in, rather than what we live for.’ He said, his voice dripping in anger.

‘So I won’t go. He doesn’t love me. He thinks I am an embarrassment, I have no powers-’

He cut me off then, his mouth on mine. He tasted of smoke and fire, yet I couldn’t get enough of him. My skin burned as he pulled me into his arms, the desire taking over.

‘I will find you. I will find a way to fix this. Just, be with me once, before you go. In a way only a woman can please a man.’ He muttered, his lips on my throat as I gave in, his hands on my full breasts, causing me to moan with urgency and desire. I didn’t want him to ever let me go, his strong arms lifting me easily against the wall of the cave as he slid into my essence as I cried out. I knew then that I wanted to be with this man for all of eternity.

Sage moved his finger from my forehead and leaned agaisnt the wall sighing.

‘Such a lovely memory to have to watch, our creation.’ He muttered sarcastically as he stared into the darkness moodily.

‘Knox?’ I whispered as Jax nodded.

I leaned back on to the pillows, my mind swirling with confusion.

‘So when did I....when did I have you?’ I asked incredulously. Jax smiled then, as though this was by far his favourite part.

‘Before you left, Azer told our father you were with child, and told him of the prophecy. She cast a spell to speed your pregnancy up, I suppose thats how humans would refer to it. You didn’t go through labour. We were taken from you in your sleep, you had no idea. Father kept us hidden until you were to return. But that took longer than we anticipated.’ He sighed and I gazed at him open mouthed.

’How could I not know I had children?′ I hissed angrily and I saw Sage smile slightly. The door opened then, and my heart stopped as Knox walked in, his eyes on mine.

‘Leave us boys.’ He commanded, as the candles extinguished as he walked past them. His wings were making their familiar rustle on the floor as he sat beside me on the bed.

’This is just crazy, Knox, we had...we had children?′ I stared at him, my cheeks burning as I recalled my memory of us in the cave.

A smile curled on his lips as he tilted his head to look at me.

‘Not just children, no no. Gods. To rule the universe. Unparalleled. Aren’t they magnificent?’ He breathed, and I nodded slowly.


He licked his lips then as he took my hand in his, and I looked down to see how small my hands looked in his.

‘So much has happened to you. Too much. I never knew of the prophecy, and I fell in love with you the minute I saw you. I am sorry I broke your family apart.’ His voice was almost inaudible, causing me to catch my breath.

‘It is all because I had to have you, I am afraid. You fell in love with a devil, of sorts.’ His eyes rose to meet mine and I found myself responding without thinking.

‘I don’t care if I fell in love with a devil, as long as that devil loves me the way he loves hell.’

His eyes glimmered then, as he pulled me onto him.

″The devil was once an angel, don’t forget.′ He murmured into my hair, the vibration of his voice causing me to shiver as his fingers slid down my neck.

‘He was beautiful and used to be the Gods favourite.’ I mumbled as our lips met, explosions of fire and chaos surrounding us. I saw into his heart then, saw that it had been blackened , despite once being pure gold. His demons crawled out of his soul and began to dance with mine, the walls around us melting into lava, his wings flapping powerfully as he carried me into the air, the screams and cries of the tortured souls beneath us no longer my concern. I was to be his Queen, for all of eternity, and I knew it would not end well.

But this was only the beginning.

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