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Chapter 2

"We need to move my lady, quickly before they see us," he hissed, his eyes darting around the surrounding forest.

I nodded as he slapped the horses back, causing it to break into a gallop. My horse did the same, my thighs gripping it tightly between my legs, the wind rushing in my hair as I kept my head low, the branches overhead becoming lower. I heard nothing behind us, but he kept checking behind him like he was terrified of someone. Or something. I followed him for a while, until I saw a wall in the distance, so high I my eyes couldn’t see the top, which was enveloped by mist. The man before me stopped, placing his hand against the wall, his eyes closed as he murmured something I couldn’t quite make out.

Now Reader, I know what this is going to sound like. I do. But, I promise you I am quite sane, albeit a bit weird, but certainly sane. Just keep an open mind, if you can..

I felt a low rumble and my horse began to neigh in alarm, and I reached out to stroke his mane softly, calming him in a soothing manner. Suddenly the bricks of the wall began to shake, as an entrance formed before us.


The horse the man was on trotted in happily, and my horse followed suit. I turned to see the wall closing behind us, like the bricks were overlapping one another- (it really had to be seen to appreciate) and it was then that I turned around to see what was behind the wall. There, beyond me, lay what could only be described as a city, but not as we know it. In the distance there was a building not dissimilar to a castle, surrounded by a crystal clear body of water that shimmered from the lights beneath it. I know, beneath it. This was surrounded by a powdery blue substance that seemed to be moving. Beyond that were large white washed buildings, with tall arches for entrances no doubt, and everywhere I looked were horses. They were the most majestic of animals anyway in my opinion, but even I had to bow down to these creatures. They were pure in whatever colour they were- glittering gold, silver, green- you name it. People stroked them, brushed them and mainly gazed at them in awe. My attention was taken away from these visions of beauty when I felt a wooden bowl being thrust into my hand, as I looked over to see a beautiful older woman with long white hair that was twisted into a braid smiling at me encouragingly, nodding at the bowl.

‘She wants you to eat it.’

I heard a voice at my elbow, and I saw my companion smiling at me broadly. I glanced into the bowl and saw it was pure liquid, swirling around like I was stirring it- which I was not. The woman tugged at my arm as she urged me to lift it to my lips- clearly they did not use spoons. I felt it would be rude not to, as I brought it to my lips with trepidation. It tasted of absolutely nothing, and I tell you now Reader, I was disappointed. Upon the watchful eye of the lady, I gulped it down.

‘Where am I?’ I finally spoke and his eyes met mine with interest.

‘Well, now we are in the land of Icee.’ He cast his hand around as he spoke, ‘As far as the eye can see, is Icee. Where we were was the Enchantment.’ I gazed around me, suddenly able to see much more than I had previously. There were men and women everywhere, but everyone was absolutely breathtakingly beautiful. Like the horses, there were shades of the rainbow as far as skin and hair went and I found myself gaping at them.

‘So who are you? Why am I here?’ I asked softly, unable to take my eyes away from the beauty that surrounded me.

‘I am Zed, do you not recognise your home my Lady?’ His eyes showed sadness as he shook his head. I lifted my eyes to his in alarm.

‘My home? This, this is not my home.’ I stammered as glanced around again.

‘Come. Let me show you.’ He slid off his horse and guided mine through Icee, my head shaking in amazement at how happy and beautiful everyone seemed. We reached the powdery blue sand and Zed helped me down from my horse whom I stroked with gratitude.

‘This way.’ He led me across the blue sand and past some of the white houses until he came to one with a large glass door. We walked in and instantly I felt my body relax, almost like I had just woken from a deep sleep.

Zed moved and held his arm out for me to go ahead of him. I walked into a room where three ladies sat, drinking out of bowls similar to the one I had sipped from earlier. They nodded at Zed, who smiled and left, as I watched him leave in panic.

‘Hello. My name is Aurora, do you remember me?’

I turned to see a woman with deep violet eyes and skin the colour of ivory. Her hair was silver and cascaded all the way to the floor, trailing behind her like a veil would follow a bride. Her dress clung to her like it was sprayed on, a deep silver encrusted with diamonds.

I shook my head, and she smiled wisely.

‘No matter. We need to get you dressed.’ She murmured, and took me into another room. I gasped- honestly- this place was too much.

It had floor to ceiling windows for three of the four walls, and hovering in mid air was the most beautiful dress I had ever laid eyes on. It was a simple mint green dress, that shimmered without light. What was it with this place and light? Aurora led me to it, and told me to touch the dress. i did so, and screamed out loud when I felt it wrap itself around me, my old clothes out of sight. I glanced down to see my feet sliding easily into shoes that seemed to be made of glass. I am certainly no Cinderella, and this was beyond my comprehension. Suddenly the shoes disappeared and I gaped at Aurora.

‘They are still there. They are just no longer visible.’ She smiled.

I heard a commotion and Aurora clapped her hands excitedly.

‘They have arrived! Let us go, quickly.’ I followed her, still not able to understand why my feet felt like they were in shoes that were invisible. Aurora stopped and I saw a man stride towards her, his chest broad, his skin the colour of whipped warm cocoa. His head was bald, his eyes luminous blue. He gazed at her before sweeping her into his arms lovingly. I tried to avert my eyes as I noticed he wore only white trousers, leaving little to the imagination.

‘Jewel?’ The voice spoke softly, almost musically, the disbelief in it evident. I looked in the direction of the speaker to see a male version of Aurora staring at me. I moved uncomfortably under his penetrating gaze, his violet eyes blazing with curiosity. He wore a white shirt with a silver silk scarf at his neck. His skin was eerily pale, his silver hair styled into a quiff at the front, shaved underneath. His lips pursed as he continued to gaze at me as he strode over, walking around me inquisitively.

‘You have certainly grown up.’ he murmured into my ear, causing an explosion of fireworks deep in my belly as I turned to meet his gaze.

‘You are going to be late.’ he said, his voice distorting with each word. I frowned at him as I realised everything was fading away.

‘Jessica. You are going to be late.’ The voice was exasperated now, the element of music gone from it, replaced with annoyance.

‘Why do you feel the need to sleep in every day? Honestly. We aren’t eighteen anymore.’

I felt my eyelids flutter, as I sat up with a gasp. Robert was doing his tie in the mirror as he glared at me, his pond green eyes narrowing.

Oh Reader. See, this isn’t just a tale of my dreams. How do I know this? Because in my hand was a silver silk scarf.

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