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Chapter 3

I sat at my desk, staring out of the window. The office buzzed around me, phones ringing, people gossiping, machines printing. I couldn’t bring myself to operate machinery, so to speak. My dreams were so vivid, I couldn’t discount them any longer.

What about the scarf? I know he had it around his neck, the one who called me Jewel. So how had I ended up with it in my bed when I woke?

‘Jessica?’ A voice interrupted my thoughts, and I turned to see my boss, Mrs Vander watching me thoughtfully. I tried to focus on her words, but my mind was too busy. I made excuses, and hurried out of the office. I knew Robert would never understand, he was a cynical man at the best of times; he would never entertain the idea of my dreams becoming reality. I needed answers.

I needed to sleep...


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