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Chapter 5

Oh I know. I know what you are thinking. What is with the Jewel name? I hope it will become clear now. So where was I?

Ah yes.


Aurora stepped forward, pulling me away from his loving embrace as my eyes met his, the desire pumping through my veins.

‘How?’ He asked quietly, as he walked closer to me.

‘Lord, she knows nothing. She needs to remember.’

His eyes widened as his lips curled into a smile.

‘I do not believe that, did you not see the reaction to being reunited with me? She remembers.’

Auroras voice grew icy as she said ‘No, she doesn’t. She is mortal.’

He stepped forward, his hot breath on my cheek as he whispered in my ear.

‘Who are you then, woman of no memory?’ As he walked backwards I noticed his wings, black and sleek resting on his back. I instantly reached forward, desperate to feel them.

‘No. Answer me.’ He commanded and immediately I felt shame rising through me.

‘I’m Jessica-’

‘AZER!’ He roared, his eyes not leaving mine.

I heard a slow rumble deep below us and he looked at Aurora. He walked over to her, whispering softly in her ear.

‘If she remembers, she will not leave with you. You realise that, don’t you Lighthoarder?’

I frowned as Aurora sighed, glancing at him from the side of her eyes.

‘That is for her to decide. If she stays here, he will come for her.’

He laughed then, a deep roaring sound.

‘Let him come.’ he snarled, before turning back to me.

‘Azer will be able to help you. Take her to Azer.’ He commanded, as two skeletal beings walked over to me in an unnatural manner, hooves instead of feet causing their knees to bend in distorted directions.

He turned to Aurora.

‘You may wait, or leave.’ He walked back into the darkness then, as I felt bony fingers wrapping around my elbows, guiding me forward towards the shadows.

‘How do I know you will give her back her memories?’ She asked quietly as the voice tutted from the shadows.

‘Because, my poor, senseless friend, it is in my interest to do so. She needs to remember for my benefit.’

I cast a look at Aurora who nodded at me finally, her eyes showing signs of defeat, then she was out of sight.

I was lead down a corridor similar to the one we had walked through on the way, but this time it was cooler, to my relief. A door was pushed open and I walked in to see the most beautiful room I had ever been in, the ceiling was covered by mirrors, the floor was made from black stone which was lovely and cool on my warm feet. There was a bed in the middle, with silk black sheets and black ribbons attached to the four poster wood that surrounded it. By the window was a chaise lounge, in deep black. The window view continually changed, and I found myself enchanted by it, one moment I was looking at forests and rivers, the next a stormy night with the wind howling.

‘It shows you whatever you want to see.’ Said a quiet voice from behind me.

I turned to see a thin, frail woman with kind eyes staring back at me.

‘Oh, its beautiful. Magical.’ I breathed and she nodded.

‘Welcome to Lleh. Did you come through the torture entrance? I do apologise. It is quite the scene in there. These are the living quarters for the rest of us, who aren’t damned. I’m Azer. ’

She shuffled over, sitting on the chaise lounge and beckoned for me to sit beside her, which I did.

‘Who am I?’ I asked curiously.

She smiled softly, taking a small jar from her woven bag.

‘When you drink this, you will no longer be mortal. You will be back here, in the land of Icee, or Lleh, depending on which path you choose.’ She raised her eyebrows as she sighed.

‘Long ago, your father made a deal with Lord of Lleh. He could reign Icee without challenges, and Lord of Lleh could choose any of his daughters as his.’

I knew where this was going, and felt my heart sink.

‘He didn’t choose you, oh no. He chose your sister, Nova. Nova was an Icee, so was naturally stunning, you’ve probably seen that for yourself up there. Icee does not allow imperfection.’

She stared at the floor as I realised she must have fell into the latter category.

‘Nova fell madly in love with Lord of Lleh, but refused to live down here with him, she couldn’t bear to be around imperfection. One day, the Lord of Lleh agreed to come up to the surface, just to see her once again. But instead of seeing her, he met you.’

My eyes flickered over to her, and she nodded.

‘It was a catastrophe. You were sworn to another.’

‘Aro.’ I whispered.

‘Indeed. But you didn’t understand why the Lord of Lleh didn’t live in Icee, as he was so perfect.’

I understood that bit, at least.

‘So your father decided that he would not have a Lord of darkness and a Lord of light fighting over you, so he made you mortal and sent you to the other realms.’

Her voice was sad then and I waited with bated breath.

‘It was anarchy here. Your sister threw herself into the lava lake in despair, determined if she couldn’t have his heart, then she wouldn’t live. He couldn’t save her, as he was searching for you. As was the other. It appears, Aro found you before the Lord of Lleh did. So you were brought here to me. To remember who you are.’

I sat back, my mind reeling.

‘So if you drink this, my love, you will never return to the realm you come from in your sleep. You will remain here forever, and the love triangle will continue. I cannot see a way it will work, whoever you choose. For there will always be light as long as there is darkness, and vice versa. They need each other to survive.’

This is where I must leave you for now Reader.

I will be back very soon.

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