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Chapter 6

Forgive me, Reader.

I didn’t mean to leave it so long.

So it seemed I had a choice, a decision to make. Do I drink the potion Azer offered me, knowing I would not return to the mortal world I called home? What would become of me? It was dreadfully confusing, not to mention exciting.

I had not felt ‘normal’ as a human, ever. I found life fairly boring, but accepted that was the way it was to be. Part of me wondered if this was my descent into madness, my dreams actually an extension of my growing insanity. But if this was the case, then why hadn’t I woken up in so long? I was starting to believe there was great magic at work here, and I needed to know more.

It seemed Icee was for the perfect- and Lleh for the imperfect. In my human world, I always backed the underdog, the imperfect, the poor. But their wit, their charm, their humour- was much more me. These were my people. I resonated with them more than those that were blessed with superficial perfection, their stunning bodies, breathtaking looks and riches, these people seemed to live under a lucky star for no wrong ever seemed to fall on them.

So it seemed clear to me that I would want to stay in Lleh, but the darkness that resided there terrified me to my core.

I needed to know more.

So come with me, as we walk among the damned, the imperfect and the monsters of our nightmares that feast on our flesh and devour our souls. We go back to Lleh.

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