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Chapter 8

‘Do you know where you belong?’

His voice was soft and enticing, and I studied him, through different eyes now. He was breathtakingly perfect, like he had been carved by an angel. I knew I was in love with this man, but not wholly. He moved wordlessly over me as I lay back onto the bed, his breath hot in my ear.

‘I didn’t get to make a decision.’ I said, my fingers touching the soft feathers of his wings I adored so much. He slid my dress up easily, and I felt myself finding his mouth in the dark, as his arms lifted me off the bed and against his body. His strength astounded me, yet somehow I knew it was one of his many talents.

‘As soon as I saw you again, I had to have you. I have waited too long.’ He murmured into my ear as he bit my shoulder softly, causing me to yelp in pain and desire. Suddenly a voice sounded, almost like it was in the room with us.

‘Just promise me, you will come back to me no matter what.’

His green eyes were centimeters away from mine as he stared at me.

‘Are you considering going back?’ His eyes flashed as he held me closer, his lips on mine once more. This creature, this man, whatever he was, had me wrapped around his little finger. If I wanted to move, my body would not cooperate, its desire to be close to him was too strong. I responded to his kiss, my body suddenly slammed into the bed with one flap of his wings. I could sense the danger, but it was thrilling. I knew we had not done this before, that this would be a first.

‘Why me?’ I whispered, my fingers entangled in his thick hair.

‘Because you are perfect. I need to have you now.’ Without saying another word, his head buried itself in my breasts, causing me to call out.


He stopped, his eyes meeting mine in disbelief.

‘Not yet.’ I pleaded.

My body screamed in protest as he moved away from me, as I stood, my legs shaking.

‘I made a promise. I know that I have a decision to make, Knox. Please allow me to make the right one.’ my voice was a whisper, and his eyes narrowed.

‘I don’t fucking share.’ He growled, and he slammed me into the wall with ease, his hands on either side of me.

’I know, but you have to allow me to choose. My father sent me away last time, because he didn’t want a civil war here. Will you let me make my own choice?′

‘Then I will come with you.’ He said, causing my eyes to widen.

‘How can you be trusted to make a decision without both choices present? Surely you have to consider every option.’ His voice was almost hypnotic.

I knew I could not win this argument, but I also knew deep inside, if Aro and Knox were to meet again there would only be war.

‘One day. That is all I ask. I will return after one day. Then I will make my decision.’ I pleaded with him, my fingers on his cheek and he kissed my hand fiercely.

‘Either way, you will rule. Whichever one of us you choose will make you Queen. But if you don’t choose me, I will not be as accepting as he would. It is written in the stars that you and I should be together.’

He reached for me then as I sank into his kiss, wondering why I was even bothering to fight something so strong.

‘I need to leave.’ I whispered into his hair as he kissed my throat, growling with frustration.

‘One day.’ He muttered, his fingers running over my lips.

‘One day.’ I repeated.

I felt sick at the thought of walking back over the bodies in lava and shuddered. He gazed at me and smiled.

‘I will take you up. When you want to come back, just say my name and I will come.’ He took me into his arms, and I heard his wings flap, wind soaring past my ears as I clung to him tightly, terrified to look around me. Suddenly I felt brightness of what could only be the sun, and I buried my head into his shoulder, afraid to feel the sting of sunlight on my eyes. He breathed slowly and I slowly let my eyes adjust to the light. We were not far from the entrance of the cave, and I heard footsteps behind me, as Knox spoke.

‘Here we are, Icee. The land of perfection.’ He muttered bitterly, his eyes locked onto mine as he stroked my face. ‘You have twenty four hours.’

I watched as he leaned down, touching the floor with his hand before vanishing before me, leaving no sign that he had been there.

‘Jewel, Jewel!’ my name was being called by the familiar voice of Aurora. I turned slowly, as she reached me, embracing me tightly.

‘You came back.’ She murmured as I inhaled her sweet smell. She held me back as she gazed at me, a look of concern on her face.

‘What happened to your eyes, Jewel?’ She gasped as she stared at me in wonder.

I frowned then, realising I had not seen my reflection yet.

‘Jewel?’ The musical voice was back and I turned to see Aro watching me nervously, his eyes widening when they met mine.

‘Your eyes...’ He stared at the floor then in anger and I turned to Aurora.

‘What is wrong with my eyes?’ I demanded.

Aro and Aurora exchanged a look before Aro walked forward, his face etched in concern.

‘Nothing. Absolutely nothing is wrong with them, they are just....different to when you left. I have missed you so much. Come with me, we have much to discuss.’ His tone was formal, and he glanced around before hurrying me off to the nearby house. This one was different to the one we were in before, and I saw a mirror at the end of the hallway. I strode towards it as I heard Aro try to catch me.

‘No, Jewel-’

It was too late. I stared at my reflection, noting how my hair was now a deep red, falling in curls around my waist, instead of the mousy brown I was used to. My skin was shimmering like the others, a beautiful ivory colour that made my curls stand out perfectly. My once normal eyes, however, were now a deep black, absent of any colour. I looked strange and absolutely terrifying. My hand flew to my mouth as Aro’s arms slid around my waist, his head close to mine as he stared at my reflection.

‘You are still perfect to me.’ He whispered as I felt tears slide down my otherwise perfect face.

The words left unspoken were clear.

Not for Icee though.

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