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Chapter 9

I felt Aro hold my face to his, despite us being in the dark he seemed to study me intently. He kissed my eyelids softly, before he kissed my nose, then positioned his mouth above mine.

I can’t.

He tensed then, as my hands held his. I turned my head, allowing his arms to surround me, providing me with the comfort I so desperately desired. There was no burning desire when I was with Aro, and the realisation saddened me. It could only mean one thing.

I would choose Knox.

See Reader, I bet you thought earlier that Aro was the obvious choice. I certainly did. Why would I fall for the Lord of Darkness when I could have the Lord of Light? Who wouldn’t want to spend the day gazing at beautiful sunsets, watching horses play in sky blue sand? Aro was breathtakingly beautiful, but I had to be truthful. Knox excited me. In a way I cannot explain. Also, he hadn’t mentioned my eyes, not once. Just saying.

I digress.

‘What are you thinking about, Jewel?’ Aro asked, as though he already knew.

‘Nothing.’ I lied, because it was easier.

Suddenly the room was lit up with light and I blinked rapidly, shielding my eyes. Aro paced the room, his hands shaking with frustration. I gazed at the floor, wondering how far beneath me Knox was.

All I had to do was say his name.

‘So I assume you got your memories back?’ Aro demanded, before sitting in front of me, his eyes blazing into mine. I nodded and he frowned.

‘All of them?’ he said, his eyebrows raised.

I glared at him then.

‘What memory am I missing Aro?’ I was tired, and frustrated. In more ways than one.

‘I am here now because I made a promise to come back to you.’ I exclaimed, closing my eyes in exasperation.

‘Do you remember we were to be married?’ He said quietly, and I was hit with a memory so intense it made me gasp.


‘But I don’t want to marry him! I want to be with someone I love.’

My father glared at me then, his eyes a furious amber colour. ‘You will marry him, or you will be banished from this kingdom, never to meet anyone you will deserve. You should be grateful! Of all of my daughters you are the one with no powers. No talents. But he chose you, so you it shall be. You aren’t even beautiful.’ His voice shook with anger and I felt hot tears running down my face. He was right. Aro was more than suitable and I should feel lucky. But I didn’t.

My father arranged the marriage, and I duly went along with the plans, afraid to displease my father anymore. My sister Nova was living in Lleh, and I missed her terribly. She was by far the most beautiful of us all, but whenever she was around my father would be in a wonderful mood. She wasn’t supposed to leave Lleh, but one day before the wedding I got word that she was coming back and that the Lord of Darkness would be returning shortly after, just to see her one more time.

I envied the love they must have, for the Lord of Darkness hated our land, and apparently he wanted to destroy it and all of its beauty for he loved ugly things and destruction. My father made a deal with him, that he would reign in peace, if the Lord took one of his daughters. I remember the fear I had, that I thought it would be me, but apparently Aro had already claimed me through his parents when I was to come of age. Nova was chosen, and she lived in Lleh for some time.

One day I was walking by the cave when I noticed a man watching me, but I could not see him as he was in a hooded cloak.

‘Nova....’ I heard him say, and I shook my head.

‘No. I am Jewel. Nova is my sister. She is in the castle.’ He slid his hood back and I remember my heart pounding as his green eyes met mine. It was almost like he was pulling me towards him, and I didn’t try to walk away. Words were not exchanged, as he walked around me, his fingers running through my hair. He brushed his lips with mine, and I felt like everything made complete sense. Then his eyes flickered behind me to see my sister Nova, sink into the sand onto her knees as she sobbed, realising that her love had fallen for another. Her sister.

I realised then, who he was. It was too late, my heart was his, and his was mine. Our hands entwined as he kissed them, telling me he needed to see my father urgently. He held Nova in his arms as he flew her to the castle, leaving me staring at him in wonder and awe. Why did someone so beautiful not live in Icee? How could he hate beautiful things?

Soon after Aro ran to me, his eyes wide with fury.

‘Tell me it’s not true, Jewel. We are to marry! You are mine!’ He grabbed me by the arm roughly, and dragged me to the nearby house. He threw me into the wall in anger and I began to cry.

‘I’m sorry Aro......’ His eyes met mine then, and he held my face in his as he kissed me, hard. I reluctantly kissed him back and felt him relax. Suddenly, our attention was drawn to a figure standing in the doorway.


Memory over. That caused me physical pain, going through that again. Give me some time Reader, my mind hurts and my body aches.

I need to rest, before I continue.....

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