The friendship mission:The Magic Jewel

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Abby is a girl who finds two best friends.Then one day they each find a small white animal who helps them with their mission and when they were alone purple smoke took them to a magical world with flying unicorns and more magical creatures.They then find out that they have a mission to solve and they cannot leave the world until there mission is solved.And then they find out they have all kinds of powers and uniforms.

Fantasy / Adventure
Moonlight Shine
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Chapter 1

Today is a school day.My first day of sixth grade.Ugh.

I walked downstairs to the kitchen.My brother Jack was already at the table eating his cereal real fast.

“What’s your hurry?”,I asked.

“Today is the first day of second grade and I don’t want to be late”,he said,with a mouthful.

I rolled my eyes and was about to go out the door when my mom called me“Where are you going?Arent you going to eat breakfast?”

“No,Im not hungry bye”,I called out of the door.

“Wait for me!”,Jack called from the kitchen.He came running up to me,dragging his bookbag on the floor and wearing untied sneakers.

“Tie your sneaker,you’ll trip and fall”,I said.

“What kind of clother are you wearing”,Jack said.

I lokked down at my clothes.I had on light blue jeans.A short pink skirt and a colorful sweater.

“Let’s just go”,I said,pushing him out of the door.

We went to the bus stop and waited for five minutes.

Then five minutes again.

And again.

“When is the bus coming?I don’t want to be late on the first day go school!”,said Jack.

“Lets just wait a little....Oh,here it is it’s coming ”,I said pointing across the street.The bus pulled over and me and Jack climed in.We sat down in the front.The driver was an old man.

. . .

When we were in front of Haral School.It was huge!Then Jack ran and called“See you later Abby!”

I went in and climed the stairs looking for room 31.Im actually new here so I don’t really know around.I kept looking and looking until I found It.

Room 31 Ms.Oval.

I knocked two times until a girl with black hair opened it.She smiled and moved out of the way to let me through.I went straight to the teacher with all the kids eyes staring at me as I walked.

“Hello,my name is Ms.Oval,”she said as she took me in the hand and took me in front of the room.

“Children,this is Abby Choles she will be in our class this year so please give your respect to her”,she said.Then she put me next to two girls.One had black hair who was the one who opened the door for me and the other one had brown curly hair.They both smiled at me.I smiled back and took out my text book.

We worked for an hour until the bell rang.

Math class.Oof thats my next class.And the same two girls were in my math class just like my ELA class. Then lunch came but I wasn’t very hungry so I went to recess and the same two girls were there.They both ran to me.

“Hello my name is Allison”,said the brown curly hair one.“And this is Ariana”,she pointed to the black haired girl that was next to her.

She smiled and said “Want to be friends?”she asked,holding her hand.

I took It and smiled,“Sure!”I said smiling.

“Great!”,they both said.“So that means your part of us”,Ariana said.

“What do you mean?”,I asked.

“Well...”,Allison started,“We have this seceret tree house in my backyard and nobody knows it only me and Ariana so now you know it to because your now our friends,but you’ll have to keep it a secret okay?”

“Okay,but don’t your parents know about it?”,I asked.

“Of course they do they made it for her”,said Ariana.

“Oh”,I said.

. . .

When I got home after school my my dad was sitting in the kitchen table reading the news paper.

“How was school?”,he asked.

“It was fine”,I answered.

I went straight to my room.And flopped on top of my bed and I guess I went to sleep because I don’t remeber having dinner when I woke up in the middle of the night.

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