The Secret Witch

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Lauren Starfall is a secret witch who causes bad luck were ever she goes. Will she be able to survive High School without making a mess of things?

Fantasy / Children
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Ch. 1-Hello!

Hi! My name is Lauren Starfall. And I’m a witch, 2 weeks from now I’ll be going to Oakland Wood High, mum says that I have to keep my whitch status a secret. Which is going to be hard because honesty is my weakness. I used to go to Black Salem Academy for girls, it was a harsh school. Mum says I need to not wear so much black or people might be mean to me. Enough about school. Your here to learn about me!

I’m 14 years of age and my favorite color is purple. You might think my favorite animal is a cat but it’s actually a penguin. My favorite sport is broom riding, my favorite subject is potion making. I think that’s enough about me! I think we should start the story now!
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